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  1. I’m town, but haven’t been following. Can I get a recap on claims and pivotal happenings?
  2. VA VA VOOOOOOM!!!! I’m here and so is my boner!!!
  3. Me neither. @The Crusher what did you do????!!
  4. Obviously not mirror man, or you’d realize the irony of this.
  5. Top 3 - @Sharrow - @Dan. - @Dandie Andie Doodle
  6. Yeaahhhhhjjj boiiiiiiii dicknounches for everyone except you Ken doll crotch!!!
  7. I'm down whenever you want to crack this game open. This is like a DM thumb twiddling contest, but with the added detriment of Pac playing. ******* goon face.
  8. You idiots should have just asked me to play. Whoever you jagoffs got to pretend to be me posts as much as Sharrow, but is as helpful as an anal fissure. Serves you all right.
  9. Truly hope he does. Truly. Like Steve Smith levels of chip on shoulder... but, Jace Amaro talked this talk too. Show me, Mims.
  10. Seeing how to do it and doing it are entirely different things. Anyway, this has nothing to do with my comment that their roster is loaded.
  11. Ravens just keep getting richer. They gotta win the SB eventually, team is loaded.
  12. The notion of needing to roster so many useless veterans as mentors is a loser's game. Why do we need Demarius Thomas as a "mentor"? That makes zero sense. Crowder is a vet. Enunwa is a vet. Doctson, Smith... all guys with multiple seasons under their belts. Hines Ward is a vet on the coaching staff. There are mentors all over the place on a football team. The roster needs to be guys that contribute. Anyway, look at the way teams are loading up their receiving corps across the league (except the Packers and Giants, lol). You cannot have too many contributors in that group. I'm hoping we
  13. + the Colts changed their D from man to zone, so all those players that Hogan helped scout and add, are no longer ideal for the system they run
  14. Doubt we trade for anyone until after we see who gets cut, tbh.
  15. No need. I just wanted to make it clear it’s not me.
  16. I figured since the self vote, it had to be you. Truth though: you don’t have the creative dexterity to be anything other than the hellspawn you are.
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