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  1. Ty Johnson with his one cut speed and explosiveness gonna be a good fit in this offense. Stretch run plays behind Becton, with a player like Mims blocking CBs. A staple to begin with.
  2. Would you enjoy working with Gase and having to pretend to the media that your HC is any good. The happiest guy on the planet right now is Darnold.
  3. IIRC this board has been up in arms about the reporting structure for years. Bowles and Gase were horrible eras in Jets football. Let's get the HC reporting to the GM who reports to the Owner and move on with our lives.
  4. You think they'll announce at the intro new conf that they've changed the structure (just to put a nice little cherry on top)? Sure seems like JD hired Saleh, would be great if he reported to him.
  5. You only take a QB this year if the QB you take this year is someone you believe is a better prospect than Darnold. That's for the new coach and Gm to decide. Whatever side of this debate you're on there are legit points. I would be happy with both scenarios. Move on I'm good. Keep I'm good. My personal rationale is I believe Gase is that toxic and that terrible that Darnold instantly got better by him leaving.
  6. He has a massive ego. You turn the Jets around you've basically climbed the mountain. If ever there was a time in recent memory to take this job this is it. You don't like Darnold...go get another QB. You like Darnold, go build with the abundance of resources. Plenty of reasons. Khan is crazy. He wants to be the GM. His son is also heavily involved. Chargers are a great destination. No doubt. But dealing with Mahomes every year makes it very hard. AFC East is at least wide open. That's why he'd be interested. His $12M price tag is why we might not be interested.
  7. Urban is now linked to Jags and Bolts. Why not us? JD, ton of capital, QB to mold, a huge challenge to suit his ego? I'd love to see him get an interview.
  8. Do you actually believe this comment brings anything to the table. Why don't you actually try to make a point instead of wasting everyones time and killing threads.
  9. I actually thought your were going to predict that next yer our injuries go way down, which I would have agreed with. Everyone was hurt with Gase.
  10. Great post. Campbell/Lewis. That would be ideal. BTW - @Phillyjet...I live in Ambler. Not many Jets psycho's out here.
  11. I am actually shocked that Chris hit on all the right tones today. For years we've wanted this team to not make things more difficult on ourselves. We've had poor timing of HC relative to GM. We've had weird GM situations (Steinberg living off campus back when the Jets were at Hofstra). We've had a weird reporting structure. Weird hires everywhere. And owners that didn't address the issues in public. Chris just did that. I give him props. I'm actually optimistic. Add in the fact that I like all the candidates being discussed and this is a good day. Macc, Gase gone. Draft capital. Good QBs at top of draft. A GM that at least knows what we need. Let's go!
  12. Watching even mediocre teams play today it's amazing how different of a game the Jets played this year. Literally no creativity on offense at all. In the first drive of the Washington game they've showed more motion, misdirection, etc. than I saw all year with our offense. Our players literally didn't have a chance this year. Our coaching hurt this team enormously which is actually a positive considering they're gonna get fired tonight/tomorrow. Sad.
  13. We will hopefully have a HC we believe in. Will have 9 new players drafted (5 in top 90 picks). We will have clarity on the QB role (Darnold yes or no or someone else). Will hopefully have played a full year of games that are interesting where we feel we're building on or for something. Amazingly different than this year. Bottom line - we have a lot to look forward to once Gase loses his head.
  14. At the end of the day with so much up in the air it seems it all comes down to this - do you trust JD to make the right moves? Not 100% of the time (no GM does) but to hit more than miss and have a great plan. Get a good coach, good staff, find good players, put a quality/competitive product on field every Sunday. Get us back to playing some meaningful games and on a winning trajectory. I believe in JD. I like what he's done so far and from my experience is the most trusted resource this franchise has had in a very, very long time. I trust him. That's what I'm hanging my hat on. **Only disclaimer - If Gase stays I take back everything positive I ever said about JD. Macc/Gase back to back combo platter of ineptitude the worst of the worst as a fan of the Jets.

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