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  1. Listen for yourselves. Here's the audio. Happy we won but I agree with Mike. https://wfan.radio.com/media/audio-channel/mike-francesa-jets-sam-darnold-return
  2. Just asking...wasn't Falk Gase's guy? Didn't he spend a year in the system? If he was so terrible why in the world would Gase keep him around? Falk stinks but why absolve Gase?
  3. You do realize if you are a Gase supporter you are in the minority. Mike F said it yesterday and it resonated with me because I kinda felt the same way.
  4. Found a comment Mike made on Gase very interesting yesterday. I felt the same way but couldn't quite put my finger on exactly what it was that I saw in Gase that bothered me so much during the games that Sam was out. Mike was commenting on the Jets win, very complementary of Sam and what he brings to our franchise. At the end of his statement he commented on how Gase was pouting after his QB's got hurt and really let the franchise down. Literally didn't even try to compete. Mentioned the players stayed together (credit to Gase) but thought it was very telling that there is a "lot of quit in Gase". I felt the same way. I felt like he literally quit when the going got hard. Rare to see in a NFL head coach...who are usually the type to grit their teeth and fight through anything. Gase didn't and it bugged the crap out of me. Go ahead and kill the messenger but although we won a game and Sam showed the world what a difference a competent QB can make...but man, Gase is just not the type of coach I believe will last very long here. It's hard in the best of time in NY... Go ahead and tell me I'm not a real fan (can't wait).
  5. Oh, I get it. You're the "true fan" police. Guess high and mighty Jetster doesn't think I'm a true fan. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep. I could care less whether you think anyone is a true fan or not.
  6. I'm right here. Jets got a win and I'm very happy. I'm actually capable of thinking two things at the same time - that I'm happy the Jets won and played a better game, and that I don't believe Adam Gase is the answer for us as HC. I'm not completely irrational. His record is what his record is, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. You and all your "just imagines". How about you take a look at what has actually happened and formulate an opinion...as opposed to the fantasy land you create in your mind to make yourself feel better. The Jets are 1-4. Gase has been bad. He is now 1-7 in his last 8. Let's throw him a parade.
  7. Quality win. Team looked way better. Bent but didn't break. Handled their business. Man it was good to see Sam.
  8. Credit where it's do. Good game Gase.
  9. Great idea. The only way to get our owners attention is to stop going. That place needs to be empty and they'll get the picture.
  10. The team you mention always competed and looked like they knew what they were doing. This team is non competitive. Why are you so eager to give Gase all this time? He's 0-7 and his offense has scored 4 TD's in his last 7 games. He's not good.
  11. We can overthink this all we want. Dude is 0-7 in his last 7 with 4 total offensive TDs. This is exactly what it looks like when you are in over your head and are done. He's done. He'll take a year off and then come back as an OC. He's done. I'm convinced he's done.
  12. Spinaz - I've been to more Jets games in person than you probably ever will. Go F*** yourself. I have every right to say what I said. this is not a stale agenda. You should be upset too. Our team is at it's lowest point. There is likely never a time when the team was this bad. Ever. And go look it up, we're one of the worst franchises in the history of the NFL. Why don't you man up and expect more from your team. Only one person safe. Douglas. Everyone else can go.
  13. Serious question - why not? Why do you feel it's necessary to defend what you see on the field? Gase was bad before he got here. He's now lost 7 straight. What is it you like?
  14. The Linc. Great home field if you're an Eagles fan. The fans - they love their team. Great energy in the parking lot and in the stadium. Everything we want to be but aren't. Will I ever go to a game where the energy is off the charts, the fans are fired up and believe we can do it. The last time I felt that way was when I walked into Mile High against the Broncos in the AFC championship game. Rex was gimmicky and a blowhard (even though he won). I have had to defend this team so hard for so many years I literally forget what it's like when the freakin product on the field does the talking for me.

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