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  1. Thank you for the write up. I personally felt the game was close to unwatchable. Although the defense stiffened they did so after getting gouged in embarrassing fashion. The game was over early in the first half. The game was never in doubt and we were non competitive again. Thank you for finding silver linings and things the team is doing OK. Candidly, the things we're doing OK are table stakes items any professional football team should be doing. Unfortunately, we celebrate them. The teams terrible play all around is making it very hard to actually gauge whether a player/coach is worth keeping and progressing. My observation is that when we face any competition at all we are outclassed and the games are non competitive and I think the best course (although it won't happen, I get it) is to reboot and change the HC.
  2. Think about it. We wait all year to watch this. Just think about that. We wait, and talk, and get excited...for this. Why do we waste our time.
  3. I love how everyone gets excited about how good our run d is. It's a passing league and everyone throws all over us. Then we play a running team and we look like a high school team. We are so bad its laughable. We literally have no shot. And we're supposed to be a pro team.
  4. It's amazing that the Jets seem to not want to hit Lamar. A couple guys pulled up. WTF. Knock his block off. We have no pride. I'm embarrassed again. And - my son (15 years old) is completely out of his mind right now. He's so pissed he can't even watch anymore. What a shame. Team is ruining its fan base.
  5. I've got enough confidence in my history of being a Jet fan to share my thoughts on this, which I'm sure will come with ridicule and snarky responses from the usual thread killers. But here goes: Since the Miami debacle I completely changed the way I follow, watch and consume information on this team. I'll admit it, I actually de-prioritized the Jets. Stopped listening to Jet podcasts while driving to and from work. Stopped following all their beat writers on Twitter. Stopped reading news articles. Visited this fan site (which I love) much, much less. Haven't bought a ticket or any merchandise since then either. I stopped organizing my Sundays around watching the game (I have DirecTV, GamePass) and would watch the game on and off, without focusing on every play, etc. I stopped getting into long discussions at work about them. The time, energy, emotion put into this team was reduced by 95%. My family can't believe it. My wife, kids are amazed I did it. I was a nut for 40+years. And I can't believe how much better I feel. I'm not exaggerating. I actually feel better. and are much, much happier. Watching this team, following this team takes a toll, and when everything they do is a kick in the balls its amazing how much relief and how much better it feels to step away. When this team starts losing guys like me there are problems...because I used to spend. Not anymore...and I actually feel great. I guess I'm a p@ssy, huh.
  6. No. They're morons. Who in their right mind would declare you're not firing Gase after what we witnessed this season? There's just no need to do it.
  7. Truth is it's the facts on Gase that are of the greatest concern. He doesn't have a great track record to draw on. The facts on him are bad. He is every bit of 4-7. He's not 4-1. That said, things are trending better...and hoping it's the beginning of long term success. Not just beating up on the little sisters of the poor.
  8. The Jets have a legit chance to get to 6-7, and be on a 5-game winning streak heading to Baltimore. If you look at the NFL schedule the next two weeks it's not unreasonable to think the Jets could actually be in the hunt for a playoff spot (highly unlikely but a real possibility) if they can get to 9 wins. Many of the teams ahead of them play each other or play really good teams. Gotta give great credit to Gase. Kudos. The team has really looked good. But considering the competition we've faced I'm finding it hard to make a judgement on the state of our team. We're playing better and look like a professional football team. That in itself is an improvement. Sam looks great. The OLine is playing well (and doing a very professional job in lieu of injuries). The defense is solid. But is all this a mirage because we're playing crappy teams? It's not crazy to see a team go from being a laughingstock to getting on a run and having some success and going into the following year with momentum, confidence, etc. Is that the path we're on? This team...I can't figure it out. Would appreciate some viewpoints on this.
  9. SAR I - you're a joke. Plain and simple. What a f@@ckin fool and tool bag you are. You're the reason good people leave boards like this. Because of @uckin idiots like you. Go away you clown.
  10. Numerous articles (Link to numerous articles here) covering an interview the Carolina owner gave following a recent loss. This is the type of leadership I wish we had. Stubborn, obsessed with winning, driven. Ownership, GM drafting ability play such a huge factor in NFL success.
  11. Didn't see him in the game much? Did he injure shoulder?
  12. His strip sack score was one of the best plays I've seen a Jet make...ever. Well done
  13. Got it - you're the guy that decides who's right and who's wrong. If I knew that I wouldn't have offered my opinion. My point is that it doesn't really matter, what really matters is it's actually up for debate. Think about that for a second. We are on opposite sides of a discussion...about whether Gase is worse than Kotite. Not a conversation either one of us wants to be in and certainly not one you want to be associated with if you're the coach. Kotite was as abysmal as they come. No argument here. But from someone that was in the stadium for all of it...I actually believe Gase to be worse. The guy stinks.

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