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  1. I’ve always thought JD was better when he could spend time with a prospect. Wilson was a Covid era QB. No meetings w teams in person, etc. wonder if that plays into this miss
  2. Offense goes as OLine goes. The right side of our line is atrocious
  3. This team genuinely seems like a collection of players that can bury the “same old jets” BS. One way we’re not the same is our talent is young, our coaching staff is young, and they’re home grown.
  4. Moore is showing no toughness at all. These players erode what it takes to win a ring in this league. He is simply not that good. Training camp doesn’t mean crap. If I’m the coach we will go to the game with someone else. He can rot. Teach him a Lesson coach. He’s a joke, summer time super star that hasn’t done anthing
  5. Are we watching different games? Zach has been running for his life most of the time. We are not ready yet. Big strides. But losing Breece and AVT with Elija acting out is a lot to ask. We’re on a good path but I expect inconsistent performances
  6. You could have won a third way - pats money line. I won three ways today. Too many injuries, Bellichick great against young teams. Fellas - we’re not there yet. Zach will be inconsistent. This was easy money
  7. Only hope is this team has been so bad diagnosing injuries that maybe there's hope it's not as bad as it seems. Cmon!
  8. Fellas. The Jets are so banged up and Zach is running for his life on each play. What in the world do you expect. Again in the 4th quarter he led drives that killed clock and made smart plays. Enjoy the win fellas.
  9. Do you morons on here not see Zach running for his life??? What’s wrong with you people. Go away
  10. This is nothing close to SOJ. I’ve see. bubby bristled lose 33-0 in Denver. The place is impossible to win in. We’re ahead. We’re injured. Let’s hang close and win in 4th. On the road in Denver with key guys out (including elija). Let’s see what we’ve got here
  11. WowOhWow

    Our DC

    I've been extremely critical. Riding Ulbrich hard. Riding Salah hard. They've done a terrific job. I'm eating crow. I'm owning it. They are proving me wrong. Our defense was sensational today. Absolutely sensational.
  12. Tax rates aside there are still tremendous media opportunities post football for those that perform in NYC area. The opportunities post career are better here...that's a counter point to the tax issue. I think we'll start to land more of the FA's we covet...which will only accelerate the trajectory of improvement we're on. And - if Zach hits...watch out.
  13. For years we've heard that agents use the Jets to get better deals for their clients elsewhere. There is such a positive vibe and such a plethora of young talent on this team that I wonder if now we'll start to get some of the top tier FA's to join us. As opposed to overpaying for mediocre talent we start to pay fair amounts to top talent. Imagine if that happens...and JD keeps drafting well. BTW - I believe not being able to personally sit with, see in person and interview prospects hurt JD during his initial draft. That's my take on the root cause for the bad draft on a whole.
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