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  1. I'm taking in all sorts of content (twitter clips, web, etc.) highlighting all the unsung great plays our defensive line has made so far this year (not just this game). One clip had Franklin-Myers tackling Henry by pushing an o-lineman back into the ball carrier. For seemingly the last 3 regimes we've had players that were miscast in our defensive scheme. Now that we're in a 4-3 it seems our talent is starting to show. Finally!
  2. Player arguments aside - what I find very, very interesting is the fact that for the first time I can recall a network actually started to put a chink in Belli's armor by coming right out and showing the facts...Belli has been way below ave as a HC without Brady. He's been a great DC. Literally great. But as a HC he's been average. I've been making this argument for years and now that Brady has won and Belli is struggling (even with tons of guys coming back) it's great to see the national media start to talk some sense.
  3. I love when these uber-successful college head coaches, who literally do anything and everything to recruit players, and who have so much more talent than 75%+ of their opponents each week (maybe more), come to the NFL and think they will just pick up where they left off. College coaches are treated like royalty. It's so different in the NFL. The playing field being level exposes these guys. Go back to college Urban...you never should have left. In that domain you are exceptional because you are a ruthless recruiter and egotistical control freak with the bona fides to back it up. In
  4. I realize he's not Jamaal Adams and that in itself is reason to think the guy is a good guy. But he has not been this angel some make him out to be. And he's not that good. Again, JD has played this situation really well. No need to overpay for this dude.
  5. I love the fact that someone at NBC finally wised up and actually put that statistic out there for all to see. Huge rating/audience for that game and basically the network said...it's Brady folks. Not Belli. It's Brady. Essentially what we've known as Jet fans since Mo did what he did.
  6. Zach is an electric talent that has the ability to generate excitement (via eye popping big plays) every time he has the ball in his hands. That's the type of player that attracts fans and gets the stadium rocking. Zach Wilson can be a game changer from an atmosphere perspective. The dude is electric.
  7. How many years would we sit through games and watch the Patriots let teams go up and down the field on them (while their offense was struggling or trying to figure things out) and yield only field goals? The other team would be in complete control but not score a lot of points. Then the Pats would get it together and be in the game. That's what this Salah defense has been doing a terrific job of. They don't give up TD's and give our boys a chance. Kudos to the Jets defense and when our offense figures it out we are going to have a fun team to watch.
  8. Parcels changed the trajectory of this franchise. Brought legitimacy and the results were good for a while. rex was a flash in the pan but for my taste was hard to stomach with the proclamations he constantly made. But no doubt he brought so many great moments. since then it’s been utter trash. in my very long time of fandom those were the only 2…and this group difference now is we have a young QB i really like this group and feel better about our outlook than at any point since early Rex really pumped forward this season
  9. Score on defense. I expect a high scoring game. If our D can help that will go a long way
  10. Based on what you've seen this pre-season do you believe it's more of the same? Better or worse? What's your opinion? My take is it's much, much better.
  11. There is so much to be interested in with this team this year it is great. I am finding the entertainment value from this team and group to be light years ahead of where it's been with previous regimes. Like previous years my expectation was not to win the super bowl, we didn't have the team for that. But I was always hoping to see development, progress towards that goal, young/exciting players with upside seeing the field. A team I can grow with and develop a familiarity with. We haven't had that. We've brought in retreads that didn't perform and saw the field a lot. Development was ha
  12. I was at that game. Worst Jets showing I’ve ever experienced (had season tickets for all of Kotites tenure). Absolutely no shot to win or even compete in that game. Stole my money
  13. How does the waiver process work? Since we're second in line do we submit our list of players and get them all? Or do we request one player and if no one ahead of us wants him we get him? Not sure how it works? And...do they have to then be put on our active roster?
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