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  1. SAR I - question for you. Even the top coaches in the league will identify areas of their coaching that they need improvement. In your opinion what does Gase do well, what does he need to improve?
  2. Explain to me exactly what gives you any hope that in three years we'll be happy with Gase? What in his track record (facts, not emotion) gives you any confidence? While we're at it, let's spend a minute on our ownership. The same group that let Macc run a draft only to fire him, and hired Gase after he gutted Miami. Rebuilding the hard way is defined by having a coach that is incapable. That's what you're missing. Gase is an incredibly odd hill for you to die on. Good luck with that. This is a league where coaching and GM ability make a huge difference. I believe we have the GM. I believe our coach is a huge impediment to our rebuild. Buy hey, seems like you're bought into CJ and his ownership and Gase and his coaching. There's a sucker born every minute...
  3. no one ever said anything about the #1 pick - read what was written. Let me remind you of how the NFL draft system works. The worse you are, the better ALL your draft picks are. When this dismal season is over the Jets will have a very bad record. That means they will get high draft picks in each round. They also have additional picks to work with. That's a good situation. A situation that is exactly what you mention in your thread.
  4. Not sure if you answered my question in another thread - are you a Jets fan? If not, and all you're doing is trolling and stirring the pot, then I have to seriously question whether anything you say is actually what you really feel or what you really feel will fire up Jets fans. Kinda odd that someone who's not a Jets fan would always have these outlandishly counter-arguments. I'm starting to think you're a fraud.
  5. Let's assume Gase gets fired and the team is very bad. We will have a ton of very high draft picks next year. A ton of cap space. We could have a LT that is the real deal. We could also have a QB with a lot of potential, starting NFL experience and who is still very young. A GM who seems to know what he's doing. I think the Jets job would be about as attractive an opportunity as it's been in an extremely long time. The key thing here is to fire Gase and get him as far from Sam as possible. There's hope here if we get rid of this clown. If we don't fire him this year and we go into next season we will have squandered a huge opportunity...
  6. Watched his press conference. He thinks we moved the ball. He also had those same bug eyes he had during his intro press conference. Why is it that there is a decision (to fire him) that is so easy and yet the Jets will keep this guy around. Not only is he a terrible coach but i'm starting to really believe he's a full on freak. there's something wrong with him.
  7. About to happen again. He is not playing to win. He is looking for excuses. This guy is a flat out cancer to a team and must go. He's going to quit on us again and start playing even less (believe it or not) competitive games. Not worth the price or time we're putting into this garbage.
  8. I don't think people realize. Replacing Gase and the team gets better. He's that terrible. Get rid of him.
  9. It's 10 years gone and our team is a complete joke. Gase is horrible people. We deserve better. There is no reason why this clown should be our coach Monday. Fire him now. CJ is a joke. Offensive genius. Are you f'in kidding me
  10. You, like many others, say the same thing over and over. It's only one game. Can't judge until see how it plays out. C'mon man. Stop with the excuses. In the NFL coaches play a huge role in the performance of their teams. More so than in any other sport. We're not asking for Super Bowls. We're asking for the team to not be a complete embarrassment. It's not looney tunes to think Gase sucks. He's sucked everywhere he's been without Peyton. I just don't get all the folks that want to constantly make excuses. It's been a decade. How long until you finally get fed up and want heads to roll?
  11. I hear this a lot from fans of this team. C'mon people, have some backbone and demand more from this NY franchise. NY franchises used to have unrelenting fan bases than expected excellence from their team. If not, bags on heads. Nowadays, we all justify how crappy we've been by saying we can't fix what was broken in xxx years. Give me a break. Get the right guy in here and you'll see how much better we play. This guy is a joke...and we all know it. Except CJ.
  12. I agree completely with the OP. Support your coach with a vote of confidence. No problem with that. But to try and convince us that he is an offensive mind is embarrassing and we've been through enough embarrassments with this franchise. Imagine what the other owners, coaches are thinking when they hear that from our owner. They must laugh their asses off at how ridiculous it sounds and how easy they have it. Chris is an absolute entitled, know nothing, sperm-lottery baby with no real credentials to his name. Fire Gase. Even though it's been 17 games it's way overdue.
  13. I understand publicly supporting your coach (who I think is dreadful in every way BTW). But to insult our intelligence and suggest that Gase is some kind of offensive wizard is pure arrogance and stupidity of the highest order. They were basically dead last all last year and are putrid right now. I'm telling you all. The only way to make an impact is to boycott the team. Stop paying money. No tix. No hats. No parking. Cut it off. What Chris Johnson just said out loud is laughable. What a freakin moron. Also, while I'm at it, remember that the Johnson family (Chris, Woody, etc.), not their grandparents, have done nothing and have essentially FUBAR'd everything they've been associated with. Do a few Google searches if you're so inclined. These guys screw up everything they touch.
  14. SAR I - why are you dying on this hill? Why don't you expect more from the team you root for? Below is an image of the head coach you've defend so completely. The guy has been bad for a long time. Serious question: just how bad does Gase have to be for you to jump ship? Does he need to go four consecutive years in the AFCE without reaching 8 wins? What criteria makes you say...yup, time to move on?

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