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  1. WowOhWow

    Jets minicamp day 2

    Stunning. Haven't seen the word "stunning" used positively in conjunction with any of our QB's since Farve's 11 games. Been a long ass time.
  2. WowOhWow

    Jets minicamp day 2

    Hard to not notice how different the tone is from the beat writers about this team versus others in recent past. There are actually good football players scattered throughout the team. We somehow start hearing stories about a good punt returner and I think we'll all faint on the spot.
  3. WowOhWow

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    Been ages since our QB's played well. I literally don't even remember a time when our QB's weren't a complete liability. Certainly not news but I think we'll all feel very differently about a lot of our players as our QB play rises to even the average NFL level. When you have no QB you have no shot. If our QB's actually play well our Sundays will be so much more enjoyable.
  4. WowOhWow

    Jets OTA’s - 5/29

    Been following Jets forever and it's been a long time since a player openly discussed how ownership "gets it". Christopher Johnson is doing what he needs to do to win the players hearts.
  5. WowOhWow

    Jets OTA’s - 5/29

    Can't underestimate the value of having multiple professional QB's in camp for Darnold to emulate, compete with, etc. It's one thing to make progress when the progress is measured against JAG's. It's another thing altogether to make progress when you have to outshine competent, and in some cases very good (Bridgewater) QB's. Such a better environment for Darnold to grow in.
  6. Don't quite know exactly how to say it but it sure seems like the impact Chris Johnson is having on the Jets is much more positive than Woody's. He seems plugged in, assertive and someone the players want to play and win for. Makes one realize how unlikable and unrelateable Woody is.
  7. WowOhWow


    Agreed. There’s no reason to pay a dime for this. In any other aspect of your life you would not pay premium dollars for such a crappy product. This regime is turning me into someone that doesn’t care. it’s too bad
  8. Years ago I learned that just because someone has a big title at work not to assume that they actually know what they’re doing. I worked for an EVP of a Fortune 500 company that was inept, plain and simple. Took the company 2-years to figure this fraud out and they fired him. All we did was triple revenues after his departure. What’s happening with the Jets is deja vu. At some point you’ve got to call it like you see it. Mac and Bowles are inept and if we’re to be honest give us literally no hope for success in the short to intermediate term. McCown. He’s a joke. Fitzpatrick. He’s a joke. The plan was to capitalize on our large cap space and draft capital to improve our team. Name me an impact player we’re in on right now? As a consumer what am I to get excited about? QB is the most important position in all of sports. Do everything you can to get one. Mac is doing the opposite. The guys he’s picking are about as bad as you can get. Is he serious? We have to acknowledge it. He’s got a big title. He does not know what he’s doing. Get him out. Now. I can’t take another hopeless year. Time is better spent doing other things. This guy is a franchise killer. Plain and simple.
  9. WowOhWow

    Catch-22 year

    First, I'm a huge fan of the board. Thanks to all. Been a die hard for years. Haven't missed a game in well over 35-years (live or via TV). This is the single most confused I've been as a Jets fan my entire life. We win - I'm happy. We lose - I'm happy. We start doing Jets things (McCown INT at end of 'Phins game, Kerley muff) - I'm happy bc we get a better pick. We play well (faster defense, competent offensive football) - I'm happy because finally it's football worth watching. I was mentally prepared for a 2-14 season and getting a QB high in the draft. Now that we're playing better I don't know how to feel. Anyone else with me here?