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  1. Zach not being signed doesn't impact my belief in him, JD, our direction, etc. All are positive. But as a Jets fan with renewed optimism (after 2-yrs of crap) I was amazingly excited for the start of camp, fresh content, more news about the progress of our team, specifically our QB. And he no-shows. So f'in typical of being a Jets fan. Go through pain, get a glimmer of hope, be disappointed. This is entertainment and I'd like the full show to start...damn.
  2. Like many, I've got all the "feels" as it relates to this team. I am a big fan of JD, love the Salah hire (and coordinators/staff), like our draft class, FA additions, etc. Basically I've been completely re-energized as a Jets fan and literally can't wait for more practices to discuss, pre-season, etc. That said, I was with a Bills fan yesterday who feels the same way. I called my nephew (Miami fan) and friend from Boston and they both feel the same way. They feel their teams have upgraded, are better, etc. It got me thinking...if our division rivals all believe they got better
  3. Agree with many in this string. Maye a good guy, good story, good soldier...but not a cornerstone type player. Again, I continue to be impressed with JD. Sentiment, public perception, etc. doesn't sway this guy. He sticks to his principles. Many options with Maye. Why lock up? Good move JD.
  4. Sending my most positive thoughts as your wife kicks cancers ass once again!!
  5. Did Gase really say...I'm rich as @#$%
  6. Just watched all four...WOW. Of course it's curated and is basically a marketing/propaganda piece but it is very well done and left me with great confidence in the team we have working to make our team better. The collaboration and unity jumps off the page. Compare that to the disfunction we've had recently and it's a breath of fresh air. The consideration given to player talent and scheme fit. Will surely help our younger players make an impact sooner. And then there's the difference between Salah and Gase. Salah is incredibly inspirational, personable. Gase a downer.
  7. Amazing that there are people who post to this site that have an enormous amount of posts and all they do is derail and kill threads. Of the thousands of posts my guess is 80%+ are thread killers. Just go away and kill someone else's post. As for the uni's - I saw a pic of Darnold in the Panther uni next to Zach in the Jets uni and couldn't believe I thought the Jets was nicer. I genuinely believe I couldn't stand the uni's because of how bad the team looked. And someone posted earlier or in a different thread that the team just feels, acts, etc. differently now. Could you imag
  8. Can you guys take your little sideshow which has nothing to do with this thread somewhere else please. Contribute to OP or take your personal conversation elsewhere. Thank you
  9. Is this the culture JD always refers to? I'm really enjoying following this team this year. Gase was an abhorrent individual/leader and representative of the team. I couldn't be happier with the people in charge. Thank goodness we are no longer living in a universe where we have to deal with ineptitude on a daily basis. With each day it seems we're making progress in one area or another. That's building...
  10. Is it possible that with young, exciting players that our uniforms actually look better? I saw a bunch of media day pics and actually thought the uni’s looked good. I hated them last year.
  11. This is one of the best posts I have ever read. Well done SAR. I know I give you a hard time but I literally spit out food laughing.
  12. As Parcells used to say - you gotta go by what you see. We're finally seeing TL and Zach, and commenting on it. It's newsworthy. I get it's early but what else are we to base our opinions on? These guys are getting on the field and some look better than others. If things change so will the commentary. Jags org looks like a mess. Jets look more stable - right now. Things could change but going by what I see (as limited and early as it is) that's how it seems to me.
  13. Been following Jets for decades. Todd, O'Brien, Boomer, O'Donnell, Chad, etc. In what has become a passing league, in recent years we have not had a natural thrower whose skill set fits with today's NFL. Recent highly-drafted QBs simply didn't progress to be natural throwers (Sanchez, Darnold). Zach Wilson seems to be a great fit for today's NFL. ANd yes, all the reports are completely different than ANY in years past in how well Zach is throwing the ball. This has me overjoyed. JD is building a team for today's NFL. Finally!!!!!!!!
  14. You are a thread killer that add's nothing. Really mean this - I love this board. But the more you post the less I like it. I'm all for someone with a different opinion but you're unbearable. This place would be better off without you.
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