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  1. There is literally no case for Gase. None. But he will be our HC next year. I don't think anything is guaranteed for him after this upcoming season and, in my opinion, will have to earn his 3rd year. I don't see JD waiting on this guy if he doesn't produce this year.
  2. Are the players and coaches on our team such snowflakes that they can't accept the fact that it's time to make the playoffs? We haven't been to the playoff since the 2010 season (see below). Yes, it's time. If now is not the time to place some expectations then when is?
  3. My original premise is that it seems that JD really gets it and sees the obvious. He also had a lot to do this off season. Not sure firing the coach was the type of disruption he wanted to take on. That said, I firmly believe his eye is now on Gase. There is no where to hide for him now. JD acted the part of someone that knows how to draft talent and put a team together. One draft, but a good one in my book. We'll see if he has the other part of being a GM. Getting the right coach to coach the team. Next test of JD will be how he handles Gase - IMO.
  4. It seems JD sees the obvious. If Gase is bad I'm confident he'll get rid of him (con man or not). With this as a backdrop Gase will either get good or get out. Either way I'm OK.
  5. Given the hand he was dealt how do you think Gase performed last year?
  6. JD went to school on our team and in my view, for the first time in ages, there's someone in the building that sees the obvious issues and works to address them. Very good job on his part. It stands to reason then, since JD's clearly got a good handle on what our issues are, that he's now got his eye on Gase. This is going to be a very interesting story to watch. JD's going to remove the "players stink" excuse.
  7. Sam had mono (in season) and played behind one of the worst OL in history. Our QB will be better. Our WRs had no time to get to get open and let routes develop. They will now have that time. Our WRs will be better. Our RBs had no holes to run through. They will be better Year 2 in Gregg's D, with a lot of young DL that played well last year (Sheppard, Foley), QW year 2, our All Pro ILB coming back, and young players in the secondary that can't be worse than what we had. Our D will be better. A better punter - Lach sucked. And this is in one off season with an adult in the room. We do this year over year and we will be competitive to very competitive every year. JD - man o man did he do a great job for us.
  8. amazing that it seems like the draft is completely coming to us. wonder if it's just being fortuitous or if when you have a real, competent GM that understands the market, understands his team...that this is what competence looks like. Been a long time since we've been exposed to it. So far, JD acting like a real GM. Good signs here...
  9. Crazy deep draft for WRs. Been hearing all offseason there's great value into 5th round. Let's get the Hennessey kid and finally have an OLine we don't have to worry about. Then load up on WRs. One more Olineman Joe...then get the wideouts.
  10. Been a while since a draft actually sets up nicely for our team. From what I've learned it seems this draft is very strong at OL and WR. Exactly what we need (in addition to corner and edge). With our picks, and I suspect Joe D will trade back to get more than we have today, we can come away with really good players at positions of need....without reaching. I think we'll get a LT, C, WR, WR, CB that will help us this year. That's big. Our needs usually don't line up with where the draft is strong. This year is different. This is a good thing. We have a chance here.
  11. I've been very impressed with how physical and interchangable our defensive front has been. Foley, Sheppard, Phillips, McClendon, Q, etc. There are a lot of dudes up there that are playing really hard every down.
  12. So now the criteria for being kept around is that the team hasn't quit. Jeez. Talk about having low, to essentially no, expectations. Expect more BM. Expect a winner. You're actually happy with what you're seeing. Whew...
  13. You do realize beating those teams means nothing. They are in worse shape than we are. C'mon...have some common sense. The teams were freakin terrible by any measure.
  14. I don't need to read anything. I simply need to watch the team. Gase has been terrible. Period. Getting wins against the crap teams we've beaten and thinking it adds up to anything is laughable. Gase is not good, nor is he long term for this role. Cut bait. Move on. For those of you advocating for not firing him you're basically agreeing with CJ and Woody. Good luck with that.
  15. Friend suggested I listen to Cimini with Rex on his most recent podcast. Whoa. Rex comes out and says what we're all thinking. Amazing that the insiders know Gase is a train wreck. The fans know (Cimini's take is that 9 out of 10 fans he interacts with want Gase gone now). Everyone but our boy CJ. It's worth a listen.

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