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  1. WowOhWow

    John Dorsey

    Lots of huge personalities on that team. I get it there's a lot of talent but how many players on that team have won playoff games?
  2. WowOhWow

    Tru Johnson

    Bowles a secondary guy. Big ticket free agent. Totally sucks,. Why not have your high priced guy cover their top guy? Because he’s a dog. People just rip the Jets off. Get rid of them all.
  3. WowOhWow

    Franchise is a joke

    amazing how many people love to talk about who's a fan, who's not a fan. Who gives a crap. I know what I'm about and I don't need anyone's stamp of approval. Any neither does anyone else. I do know this. This ownership, this coaching staff and the players on this team are an embarrassment. What's even more amazing is that it seems like no one at One Jets Drive gives a crap. Darnold's healthy and we play a 39 year old QB that is unwatchable. Macc has a track record that is unbelievably bad and there's not a peep of accountability from ownership. Bowles' record rivals Kotites and he's still in charge. Bates, Kacy Rodgers. These guys are terrible. Fire them all. Start the search right now. Hire the GM first, he/she reports directly to Ownership. The GM hires a coach, who reports into the GM. I'd like Harbaugh (either one), McCarthy...and can probably get my head wrapped around an offensive minded young coach. We can't reward ineptitude. That's what we're doing.
  4. A flat out joke. Impossible to root for and follow. The ineptitude is at such a level I can't invest any more time following these guys. How ownership can't see that Macc and Bowles have to be gone now so we can get a head start on getting the best people in here is beyond me. Bye bye all. A total waste of time.
  5. Was no bigger die hard than me. I don't care any more. I have no respect for the franchise. The fact that there's no accountability for Mac and for Bowles is absurd. I find this franchise to be completely un supportable. What are they doing to keep us engaged. Freakin Darnold was healthy today. Unreal. Fire them all...I don't care. Only way to win me back is to start playing respectable football. This is a joke.
  6. WowOhWow

    Mike McCarthy fired in Green Bay

    Send a message to your fans Jets that you give a crap and fire Bowles. Unacceptable.
  7. This team is unwatchable and literally un-followable at this point. Incredible that we constantly find ourselves in this situation. I haven't missed a game in 35 years of adulthood before this year. I had season tix during and after Kotite. I moved to Philly and have watched every game either in a bar or on Directv. I have never been less interested. Can't follow this team. McCown. Really? The only freakin hope we have is Darnold. He's literally the only reason to watch. Fire this guy. Fire Bates. Fire Bowles. Fire Kacy. Fumigate the place. Start recruiting next coach. Get rid of Macc ASAP. He sucks. He has added two players that are remotely interesting - Darnold and Adams. Everyone else can leave. Chris Johnson, who I've been a fan of, has to show he's in touch with this. This is an embarrassment.
  8. WowOhWow

    Fans are outraged. Ownership...

    I am realistic. you gotta get these guys out of here. They are doing more harm than good.
  9. I'm amazed that the Jets are in the midst of an all time horrendous stretch under Bowles (Kotite-ian) and 8-straight years of no playoffs and all us die hards are fed up, frustrated and angry to the point of not taking it any longer. The beat and national writers are calling it like it is (fumigate it - Macc and Bowles must go). But ownership - nothing. No anonymous sources. No ownership press conferences. Nothing. Not a peep giving us hope these inept fools will be gone. Macc and Bowles and all coaches have to go. Fire HC, OC and DC today. Is there a heartbeat in Florham Park? C'mon Jets. You're driving away your fan base. I did the math - I hadn't missed a game since 1992. Couldn't watch today. Nothing worth watching. Literally...nothing. Darnold is the only player worth investing any time in. Adams is interesting, maybe.
  10. Fact that there's no easily identifiable interim coach tell us all we need to know. There is no coaching talent on this team at all. Period. Kevin Greene would at least bring energy. I vote for him.
  11. The more you think about the fact that the Jets played 3 games in 10 days with two being on short weeks on the road and you realize it's not a competitively balanced start to a season. Really not a lot of time to prep...
  12. Anyone else think Darnold hurt his knee early in the game (on the Myles hit)? I think it spooked Bates into being ultra conservative after that. I think Bates was afraid the kid would have gotten pounded had he not gone to screens, short passes, etc. OLine concerns...
  13. It seems that Jet ownership wants consistency and stability. It's becoming more and more apparent that Bowles is not a winning coach. How likely is it (realistically) that we get a new coach in here?
  14. WowOhWow

    Trademark Bowles Loss

    Bowles lost me tonight. Fire him

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