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  1. The more you think about the fact that the Jets played 3 games in 10 days with two being on short weeks on the road and you realize it's not a competitively balanced start to a season. Really not a lot of time to prep...
  2. Anyone else think Darnold hurt his knee early in the game (on the Myles hit)? I think it spooked Bates into being ultra conservative after that. I think Bates was afraid the kid would have gotten pounded had he not gone to screens, short passes, etc. OLine concerns...
  3. It seems that Jet ownership wants consistency and stability. It's becoming more and more apparent that Bowles is not a winning coach. How likely is it (realistically) that we get a new coach in here?
  4. WowOhWow

    Trademark Bowles Loss

    Bowles lost me tonight. Fire him
  5. All we know is embarrassmenr
  6. Team is playing not to lose. Turtling. These are the Browns. Play to win
  7. Christopher Johnson gets it. Love what he brings to the org
  8. WowOhWow

    One Jets Drive (DET Game)

    Win or lose I love the personalities on this team. Say what you will but Adams loves freakin football
  9. can you dvr games via direct tv u or do you have to watch them live?
  10. I live in Philly and got rid of Directv. I'm now looking for a way to watch Jets games. I have family that lives in NY and their local channels are NY channels. Does anyone use Slingbox to watch NY tv if they live out of town? I'm looking for a way to watch Jets games and a long range antenna won't work. Thanks for any suggestions...
  11. WowOhWow

    Jets interested in Fowler Jr.

    Any chance Fowler gets cut?
  12. Thanks goodness we picked a QB that's not doing photo shoots like these.
  13. WowOhWow

    Jets Announce Uniform Change in 2019

    Any chance it's a completely new design? Or is it a foregone conclusion that it will have some historical logo, etc?
  14. WowOhWow

    Jamal Adams - anti-Revis?

    This thread is about the fact that Adams brings a vocal leadership style that this team has lacked for quite some time. Revis was amazing but was not a very vocal leader (my observation, something I wish he would have brought...a la Ray Lewis). Ray's enthusiasm and the way he energized his teammates raised their level of play (my opinion). I guess it's too much to ask to have one of your best players also be a vocal leader (Brady, Ray, Brees, etc).

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