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  1. Parcels changed the trajectory of this franchise. Brought legitimacy and the results were good for a while. rex was a flash in the pan but for my taste was hard to stomach with the proclamations he constantly made. But no doubt he brought so many great moments. since then it’s been utter trash. in my very long time of fandom those were the only 2…and this group difference now is we have a young QB i really like this group and feel better about our outlook than at any point since early Rex really pumped forward this season
  2. Score on defense. I expect a high scoring game. If our D can help that will go a long way
  3. Based on what you've seen this pre-season do you believe it's more of the same? Better or worse? What's your opinion? My take is it's much, much better.
  4. There is so much to be interested in with this team this year it is great. I am finding the entertainment value from this team and group to be light years ahead of where it's been with previous regimes. Like previous years my expectation was not to win the super bowl, we didn't have the team for that. But I was always hoping to see development, progress towards that goal, young/exciting players with upside seeing the field. A team I can grow with and develop a familiarity with. We haven't had that. We've brought in retreads that didn't perform and saw the field a lot. Development was ha
  5. I was at that game. Worst Jets showing I’ve ever experienced (had season tickets for all of Kotites tenure). Absolutely no shot to win or even compete in that game. Stole my money
  6. How does the waiver process work? Since we're second in line do we submit our list of players and get them all? Or do we request one player and if no one ahead of us wants him we get him? Not sure how it works? And...do they have to then be put on our active roster?
  7. Gase knew he was in over his head.
  8. A great listen/watch. What a breath of fresh air. Really, really happy with the HC hire.
  9. With our youth, lack of depth and emerging talents we are in for an up and down year. Lots of great plays that get us excited...and lots of times when we get pushed around. The constant has been that Wilson seems to be able to make plays. That alone makes all the ups/downs worth it. Gonna be a fun year but one that will require perspective as this thing gets built.
  10. Not minimizing these injuries but now that we have the ability to be so plugged into each training camp rep it seems that teams are treating players much like baseball teams treat pitchers...extremely cautiously. So many players missing time. In and out of practices. Is this a Jets thing, a NFL thing...or are we just experiencing a lot of injuries?
  11. Is it reasonable to consider there Reps Wilson is getting vs. other teams 1's quality, game like Reps? Seems to me these practices are the best simulator of game speed.
  12. Better all these absences happen now than during the season. This sport is ruthless. You need depth (and luck) or you have no shot.
  13. So you disagree? From a Jets historical perspective these types of performances are commonplace? Not noteworthy? Give me a break. If you can't see the difference between this kid and all the others I can't help you.
  14. Tony Romo, Aaron Rogers, Nate Burleson, Damian Woody, etc. But Warfish isn't buying into the hype.
  15. no one is annointing him. We're commenting on what we've seen so far. Do you have an opinion on what you've seen, good or bad, or are you limited to only commenting on things that happen in a real game.
  16. We can only go by what we see. All we have is preseason camp and these two preseason games. No one is putting him in Canton. We're just commenting on what others are saying and what we've seen. The same can be said about the Jet coaching staff. So far they seem to be doing a very good job. The QB and coaching staff seem competent, in command. It's been eons since that's been the case.
  17. Going back to my original post here's another NFL pundit whose opinion I value summarizing my exact sentiment. I realize we haven't played games yet, some may have felt warm and fuzzy about Darnold, etc. With QB being the most important position it's great to see our rookie showing very positive signs. No more, no less.
  18. Name me another QB we've had in here that so early in his career, confronted with the same set of circumstances (pre season only, vanilla defenses, etc.) that has shown the capabilities Zach has? That was my point. He's an agile, extremely athletic, natural thrower. If you can't see that you're blind. Who else have we had in here with those characteristics that's displayed what he's displayed in the same circumstances? I can't predict the future. As Parcells used to say you gotta go with what you see. What I've seen is extremely encouraging and unique from a Jets QB perspe
  19. Are eating up the Zach Wilson tape. They love it. Lots of reasons to downplay his performances (against back ups, early in pre-season, etc.) but I've been watching this team for far too long (I'm likely on the older side of this board) and this QB is unlike any other QB we've had in here. He is literally built for the modern NFL. Quick twitch, great/natural thrower of the ball. And watching the play design is like walking from a log cabin to a penthouse in the city. What a difference from Gase's Neanderthal offense to this. Wow. Again...still expecting a lower win total but
  20. A death to one of the coaches. A season ending injury to best player in camp. Just another day in the park?? If that's not adversity what is?
  21. For a new regime with a young team we have had to deal with a lot of adversity already (Knapp, Lawson - not in the same class but very tough emotionally) and we're not even out of pre-season. This is a huge test for JD, Salah, senior team leaders. We are going to find out what we're made of with how we react to all of this. Hopefully this will pull this team together and they will rise. And not to be lost in all of this headline news is we really may have a player in Zach. There is a lot going on with this team. Lots tough to stomach...lots to be excited about.
  22. Becton is an issue. But we don't have unlimited resources. He needs to learn on the job and we need to accept the risks (at this point of the pre-season) that come with a young player not playing well. As a team we are not in the Pack's class. We are young, unproven talent-wise and in a huge learning curve. But these experiences are great. My expectations are in check. We are a young team, with improved talent, that seems to have a great mentality for the journey they are on - not complacent, hungry, coachable, together...and improving. Slowly, but improving. Run game looks go
  23. This type of competition is the only way a team really gets better during an NFL training camp. They get to see what "great" looks like and after the first week of seeing the same guys each day the level of competition goes to a different level. The coaching staff gets to see what they really have, what they really need, etc. Thrilled we're on the field with another team (that's great). As a team we need lots and lots of this stuff.
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