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  1. Biggest question for me - how much of an impact will having a competent (notice I didn't say great, good, etc.) coaching staff and front office have on our ability to compete week in and week out? It's been so long since we've had a competent duo in those regards I literally don't remember the impact it can have on a franchises odds for success. Since 2000 these are our coaches.
  2. Would Parcells be considered a yeller? I'd say so and he was pretty good.
  3. Who cares what Kitchens says. It's time to get out of the talking business and into the performance business. Start beating teams.
  4. We have a new look (uniforms). New coaches. New front office. New playmakers (Sam, Bell). And I think it's safe to say we actually have a sense of optimism for the first time in a long time. Will all of this translate into a new atmosphere at our stadium? I understand we have to win, etc etc etc. and the atmosphere will come. I'd love to see the NY Jet crazies come out and have something to cheer for. We could be a living hell for opposing teams when we're legit and I'd love to get nutty again instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop... That would be the final piece...
  5. I expect our GM to make a couple moves with the teams he's worked in the past to address our glaring weaknesses. He'll get a corner from Philly (they have a bunch), he'll get an OL from the Ravens or Bears.
  6. I am admitting that I changed my opinion a full 180-degrees since Macc's firing. Only a month ago: I was convinced Gase was a conniving clown that players hate; The Jets coaching staff made up of a bunch of misaligned blowhards ready to knife each other; Chris Johnson the most bumbling of bumbling owners - literally an embarrassment. Since then: Gase has shown to be all about winning, someone the players enjoy, and someone I have confidence in (can't believe I'm saying this); We got Joe Douglas, someone widely respected in league circles and someone that I trust at least recognizes how to put a roster together (OL, CB, etc). The Jets coaching staff showing to have depth, experience on both sides of the ball. Cooter, Pollock, Williams, Vitt, Boyer, Gase. The Jets may have shown the rest of the league (whether intentional or by accident) a new and better way to hire a GM (this time of year). All that said, I believe the Jets may actually finally be a destination type team for FA's. We have a young offensive minded coach, a GM that seems to get it, stability and some interesting pieces. I can't believe how much faith I have in our GM and HC. What a change from a month ago...
  7. I understand everything is always lollipops and rainbows in the spring but I listened to all our coaches interviews and came away very impressed. I can't believe the difference. Every single coach gives straight talk. Very refreshing. I was as down and disillusioned by the hiring of Gase and the crap that went on the last month but I have changed my tune. We've had about as good a month or so as we've had in a long time. I almost can't believe it.
  8. First thing I thought when I heard Bakers comments were...mind your business. This is the NFL and there's a code. Duke gets respect. So does Baker. Mess with a guys money and it gets personal. When the league gets tape on a player it becomes harder. Baker went through the league 1x. Next year will be different. He struggles and that's when the issues begin.
  9. I watched the video of the Jets OTA practice and was impressed with the pace, tempo, etc. of the practice. I'm curious if the practices under the Bowles regime were the same. Has anyone seen both, and if so, would you provide a comparison? Thanks.
  10. We've gotta raise our expectations around here. Hard to be anything other than mediocre when you've only been available for a bit over 50% of the games played since you arrived. I'm a fan. I'm just pointing out that here's another player that is on a trajectory I don't like. Get healthy. Get and stay on the field. Start performing. You're a second round pick...
  11. Dude gets a lot of respect around here for someone who can't stay on the field. This is how last year started also. Little minor notes of him sitting out practice. He might be made of glass. Hope not.
  12. Gase said they're working on putting the job description together, and that it will be a bit outside the norm of a normal GM job description. So basically CJ fired our GM without a clear idea of the job description. And it appears as if it will be a non standard type of role. WTF are these guys doing? This is not that freakin hard. This is another big red flag. Fire the guy, comply with Rooney Rule, hire your guy (that you already had teed up). Not fire the guy...then start to figure it out. As for Gase - seems like a prick. Hope it works.
  13. I encourage you all to read up on the backstory of this family. If history is our guide we are literally screwed. Everything these guys touch turns toxic and if it wasn't for the family name they'd be a mess beyond words.
  14. Some of the info. They've done nothing.
  15. I was curious to learn more about Chris and Woody and what, if anything, they've ever done on their own that was successful. I started to do a quick google search and oh man...the Johnson family is a complete mess. These guys literally have done nothing but inherit massive amounts of money and be a part of one of the most dysfunctional families I've ever heard of.
  16. Looking for reliable info on status of our GM search. Anyone have any suggestions on where to look?
  17. The guy is an absolute lunatic. As nutty as it sounds this could be true. Can you imagine being CJ and now having to deal with this? This is comical and what you get when you go all in on a psychopath.
  18. This is most likely crap. But truth be told, with what's happened around Gase recently I'd say there's a 50/50 chance this is true. This is what you get when you have a psycho as your HC. You never know what's fact and fiction. Imagine having to follow this guy. Just remember - Gase has done nothing other than be Peyton's caddie. As a HC he was a disaster. Alienated all his talent. Doing it again here.
  19. How about they prove it first. Speculating that Macc's draft picks will be good has a terrible track record.
  20. You don't get it. Too bad. It all starts at the top.
  21. Do you really believe what you just wrote or are you just trying some type of reverse psychology type of approach? Go take a look at the Jets record since this ownership group purchased the Jets. It's abysmal. They average a shade over 7 wins a year, have made the playoffs 6 out of 19 years, and haven't made the post season in 8 seasons (being over .500 1x). Again, shouldn't we expect more from this franchise? I guess you're happy with less than mediocre results.
  22. If you're going to handle the Macc situation this way...you have to have a deal locked up. At least that's what legit operators do. With this crew...who knows. It will be classic when we don't get our guy.
  23. Jets fans aren't morons. We're stating the obvious. Macc sucked and needed to be fired. That's great. Darnold is our future. But why give the keys to Gase? Why let Gase, with a questionable record himself, be involved in the hiring of the next GM? Why let Macc run the draft? Why poke at Bell and Mosley?
  24. Macc firing was long overdue. He sucked monumentally. It's Gase that's showing to be an issue now. The guy is nuts.

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