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  1. Salah has lost me. Ulbrich has lost me. LaFleur I’m OK with…not overly impressed but not a joke. JD is the one I love. But as I look at the sh*t in the field I’m starting to get a bit squirrelly. This is his team and it blows. Jd - this is a performance biz
  2. If salah keeps playing non competitive games he will get fired. Not sure he realizes it or not but I believe that to be the case. There is no improvement. No hope
  3. Completely inept. We are not well coached. A quality coaching staff and we have a chance. We have no chance with hype men like Ulbrich and salah
  4. Amazingly it will be the defense that gets Salah fired. Take control of the defense. Ulbrich sucks ass
  5. Our scheme is dog crap. Literally dog crap. No creativity at all. Ulbrich and salah spent all week to comE up with what game plan exactly??
  6. Imagine if we hit on the QB. Then we'll have a shot at being legitimately good.
  7. I think you're all missing the point. Didn't say the team was well coached. If anything - they basically got schooled all day long. What I said was it was a rare example of great coaching my Coach Austin. Not our DC. Not our OC. Not our HC. One guy - Austin. I give him props for actually having his head in the game. That is all jackals. Read the OP.
  8. Did you watch the end of the Raiders-Cardinals game yesterday? Fumble in scoring territory returned for the win. A turnover is possible in that situation. Just sayin'.
  9. Listened to an interview with Garrett Wilson and they asked him if he and his teammates actually believed they could win. Said as soon as Chubb scored his WR coach Miles Austin came up to him and his offensive teammates and said the Browns just opened the door and gave them a chance to win. In my view that's a coach that's fighting to the end and an amazing display of coaching. Didn't let the guys wallow (and didn't wallow himself). Kept his head, kept coaching and the Jets took advantage. Our young guys don't know losing. What an incredible lesson in fighting to the end for our young team. And kudos (to many) to coach Austin. Great job.
  10. We are so beaten down that our bar of what good looks like is soooo low. Nothing has changed with this team under this regime. PLAY THE GOOD PLAYERS. We overcomplicate everything.
  11. My view on what's really hurting our coaching staff in the eyes of the fans (not all, but a growing %) - they talk a great game but the reality is with the influx of talent to our team nothing has changed at all in terms of the product on the field. These guys talk very, very pretty...but nothing has changed. Until we see a product on the field that looks different than what we've seen the last 11+ years they are going to take more and more crap...and frankly be on thinner and thinner ice. Something has to look different. To date with this regime nothing has really changed.
  12. You're so right. Our coaches are the guys at work that are constantly using big words to let EVERYONE know they are the smartest in the room. So intellectual. So scientific. Get this kid on the field. It's obvious.
  13. Do you listen to his daily podcast? The sad truth is there's really no other podcaster out there that dedicates any time to the Jets that's remotely as insightful as he is. Can't Wait Podcast - OK. Turn on the Jets - brutal and I used to love Joe Caporoso. Cimini is actually good. Tell me who's better. You just don't like that he's been talking the truth about your team. And I can't fathom how in the world you could be defending this franchise. It's been 12 years man. We've been as irrelevant as they come. They've been stealing our money. Wake up.
  14. I'm not going to tell you who to like or not like. That's your prerogative. But if you don't think Mike F is an all-timer as a sports radio talk show host you simply are mistaken. He basically created the format and whether you like him or not it's hard to argue that he's been wrong about the Jets. The guy has a deep understanding of NY and what it takes to be successful here. Yes, he loves the Yanks. Loves the GMen. But he hasn't been wrong. The Giants won 4 super bowls in 25 years or so. The Yanks were dominant. He didn't love Rex even though the Jets had success but I can also understand that. The things that came out of his mouth were nuts. But he's worth paying attention to...in my view. And I tend to agree with him. I hope I'm wrong.
  15. Why do you always immediately jump to defend people for posting things like this? Do you not think Francesa knows what he's talking about? The dude has been in this town forever. The dude knows what winning football outfits look like and what losers look like. And the Jets are losers (whether it insults your rabbit ears or not). Until the Jets start to win they deserve everything they get. This is the big leagues. This is big business. If someone can't handle the pressure of NYC and the pressure of being a HC then opt out. I was a huge fan of the hire. I remain a huge fan of JD. I am getting concerned. Our DC shut me up this week. They played a hell of a game and I like what I saw. They gave the fans something to cheer about. But the overall team continues to suck. No one cares about anything else. It's about wins and losses. This team hasn't won a game in Sept since 2018. Think about that next time you react to someone not being pleased with this team, coaching staff, etc.
  16. what type of thinking? No one made you the arbiter of how people can think about this team. I've sunk enough cash into tickets for this team to say and feel what I want...when I want. You are no different than him and I thought the load of crap you took for all your ridiculous declarations would have quieted your down a bit...but I guess not. He needs to stop the rainbows BS (as do you) and call it like it is. Then coach well. that's the expectation for the HC of a NFL franchise.
  17. How about he put a knee brace on the twice injured knee? Just a thought...
  18. My view is Salah has not demonstrated the sense of urgency a HC needs to in order to succeed. He is now getting hammered publicly and I actually think him getting backed into a corner and feeling the weight of expectations will snap him out of his honeymoon and get him to crack the whip. I saw him screaming into a towel during the game. He's now taking receipts. A fired up and angry Salah could actually be a good thing.
  19. Not sure I understand the disdain for Mike F. Just because he's been really tough on the Jets doesn't mean he doesn't get it. We've deserved everything he's thrown at us. I haven't listened yet but this is the first sign of hope I've had since Woodrow took over.
  20. This is huge news. Does anyone, anywhere have any info to corroborate this? Please please please Woody sell the team. Please.
  21. What I actually like about this is it seems we have the beginnings of an "accountability on Sunday" culture. Joyner sucked - let's hope he's off the field. Mann sucked - let's hope they watch this guy for a few days and he's off the field. You perform...you play. You don't - you go. This is the next step for our young team...realizing there is no honeymoon in the big leagues. You gotta perform or you're out.
  22. Funny how now you have a sense of urgency. We’ve been complaining all summer and you’ve been taking shots at us
  23. In today's NFL you need to have mobility at the QB position. Brady is not fast but his mobility in the pocket is all-time great. Look around the league and QBs have to have "escapability" and the ability to make off script plays. OL play is not great across the league. The athletes and schemes on D are ridiculous. So QBs have to be able to move. Flacco literally can't move. I agree with this post. The team has better talent. My issue is that I didn't see anything "creative" from our offensive staff. I am concerned that our coaching staff is not a week to week scheme to beat the other team type of staff. My concern is they're so "self absorbed" with how amazing they are and all their buzzwords and slogans and fist bumps that they forget that they are allowed to create a plan to beat the other team. Not just rely on executing our stuff well. The more I watch the more I am agreeing with Francesa...this coaching staff right now is a hindrance...not a help. That's the calculation that JD is doing and the more time that goes by that JDs toys aren't being optimized the more likely he does something dramatic...which he hasn't done yet in his tenure.
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