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  1. That's what the MNF crew was referring to him last night over and over. Wake up. That's his reputation. He's the QB whisperer. Offensive guru. More like a cult of personality that needs to get fired, get an OC job, show that he can do the job.
  2. He's not. Here are his rankings as a HC. And you can also see how he did as an OC (with Peyton and without). We bought a lemon people. We gotta get him out of here. He's not the guy.
  3. This is literally the best thing Gase has done as a HC since he became a HC. He stinks but folks around here are going to give him a pass bc he got rid of Macc. IT CAN BE BOTH PEOPLE. HE DID US A SOLID BUT HE ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. HE ALWAYS HAS. NEVER A GOOD HC.
  4. So you guys (Joejet, Jetster) believe that Gase is the guy to lead the turnaround? I understand how bad it's been. I get it. I still don't believe in Gase. Face it. Sometimes guys suck as head coaches. Gase is one of them. And - the guy is not an offensive genius. Can we stop please.
  5. Peace - c'mon man. stop. gase has never been a good HC. never. i know - he's an offensive guru. cmon. he's trash.
  6. He's got the perfect excuse. If not for the injury we'd be focusing on one and done. Instead, he'll get a pass. Gase is not the answer. I am seeing nothing from this team to believe in him. One and done. Please
  7. Good for you. You realize you're allowed to want nice things. You don't have to accept this. He's terrible.
  8. But our coach is an offensive genius. he's a clown.
  9. I'm convinced you are simply taking the other side of this Gase issue. You can't really like what you see. Gase is such a bad coach it's laughable. He gave away three points. So stupid. He's about to lose his 5th in a row. he's well below .500. And you're defending him. Good for you.
  10. Can't wait to hear Mr. Talk Big (Gase) defend how he handled the end of the half. Middle school coaches know better. Guys - we've had such bad football the last decade. It's unreal. He literally gave away 3 points. Go away Gase.
  11. Gase is the latest addition to Macc's hall of shame. The guy is a train wreck. Think about Gase's tenure with the Jets. About as weird an introductory press conference as you can have - weird eyes. No where to be found on draft day. Rumors swirl after day 1 of draft of major rift between Gase and GM. GM canned. Gase implicated as ring leader of coup. Coaches horrendous game 1. Post game presser a disaster. Gives away three points before halftime. Inexcusable and inexplicable. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. 13-20. About to lose his 5th straight. The guy sucks. OK - let's have it holier than thou crowd. Defend him blindly He sucks.
  12. We will find a way to win tonight. These are the types of scenarios our team actually brings joy to us at times. A nice little surprise just when all hell has broken loose. And wouldn't it be nice to beat the Browns and really send them into hysteria. I can think of no crueler fate than to lose to the Jets tonight on MNF. Let's go boys.
  13. What's your great contributions to the fun armchair discussions? Being snarky at other posters?
  14. neither. it's my observation. if you don't like it go visit another thread. that's fine. you're entitled to your opinion. i don't need to feel better or smarter. i'd like the team i've rooted for my whole life to put a product on the field i enjoy watching and to have people in the positions of decision making authority to be people i believe in and who have a track record of success. i'm sorry if you'd prefer something different.
  15. Sorry to all the folks that are surely to criticize my point of view but I actually believe Sam's illness benefits Gase big time. This is the cover and excuse he needed. If they continued to play poorly and lose early this season all the focus would be on Gase and whether he is the guy for the job. He now has Sam not being in the line up as cover. As a Jets fan this is not good news. Significantly reduces the likelihood that Gase goes one and done. More bad news for guys like me who are of the opinion that Gase is not the right guy for this football team.
  16. I believe the Jets will play an inspired game Mon. There's no way Gase, Williams don't have this team on high alert and playing with a huge sense of urgency. My concern is how explosive Cle is. Can we keep up with them for 60-minutes? I think we literally need a big play in all three phases to win. A home run shot to Robby. A pick to change momentum. A big return to flip field position or for points.
  17. And here come's the holier than thou crowd. Why don't you all just manage all the topic threads and we'll just go along with what you suggest we talk about. How about this. Let people do what they want to do. If you don't agree or prefer to participate - don't. Visit another thread. But stop with all this holier than thou crap. People are entitled to their opinion. Even if it doesn't reach the amazingly perfect level of yours.
  18. Good answer. Do you have anything meaningful to add to this discussion? If not, please go away. I'll be happy to read and try to understand your point of view if you have one. If you don't, please don't try to turn this post/discussion into a name calling exercise. I've got an opinion that our HC is not right for our team. I don't believe in him. And nothing he has done up until this point has changed my mind.
  19. What's the end game here with all the be patient posters? Is the hypothesis that once Gase and JD get "their" guys in here we'll be better? Can't be worse than Mac (I'll agree with that). I have confidence in JD because of what I've read and living in Philly the reports have been that he was integral in selecting many of the current Eagles. Until proven otherwise I give him the benefit of the doubt. Where I'm extremely concerned is with Gase. There's literally nothing I can point to that gives me confidence this will improve.

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