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  1. 15 hours ago, SAR I said:


    We're not winning the Super Bowl this year, but we're on our way.  We actually are.

    SAR I

    I feel like this is the most balanced, rational way to describe where we are right now.  Shoulda, woulda and coulda means nothing.  Last year is over.

    As a long long time fan and observer of this franchise we are in as good a position, maybe better bc of Darnold, than at any time I can remember.  No Brady in our division.  GM that is really, really promising. Draft capital. I'm not sold on Gase...but I trust JD.

    I'm in and excited to watch up grow.  Totally agree...we actually are on our way.  It's good.

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  2. 2 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    And this off season has been the biggest throwing up of the white flag I can remember.  
    We actually took the worst roster in the NFL and made it worse. 

    And the fan base is glorifying the GM for it. That’s how bad Jet fans have been beaten up. 

    very sad. 

    We were 16-32 with Jamal.  What in the world are you up in arms about?  We beat teams in the second half of the year last year that were rolling out second stringers.

    We can completely suck without a guy that is a total immature jerk. Odell, Brown.  These guys don't change.  

  3. 4 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    I think the only thing that knocks it down is that for 2020, the Jets are not as good of a team as they would have been with Adams.  Had the trade somehow included a player like WR Tyler Lockett that would help the team immediately it might have been a win-win for both now and the future.  As it stands today the Jets clearly got the better of this deal....but it's more like 1 small step back (downgrading the D in 2020) to get 3 steps forward in 2021 and beyond.

    we were 16-32 with adams on the field.  he averages 5 wins a year.  why are we all so worried about the fact that we're not as good of a team.  We HAD a GM who drafted safeties, nose tackles at the top of the draft, and who passed on watson and mahomes.  we now have a GM who will build a well rounded team.  this is a great deal and great time to be a Jet..and Jet fan.  16-32 fellas.  the prez didn't help us win.

  4. i literally could care less about adams now.  good riddance.  whether you think woody is a total clown (i do), whether you think chris is dreadful (i do) and think gase is not good (i do)...what he has been doing is cancerous to a football team.  16-32 with you.  we'll be better without you. book it.

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  5. 13 hours ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:

    Good article from Jason Whitlock, who IMO, has been on a tear lately


    Twitter Newspeak Defines Woody Johnson's Revolutionary Truth as Systematic Racism

    Today I will not quote from the Bible. Instead, I’ll use the prophetic words of a celebrated and brilliant atheist to prove the danger of labeling New York Jets owner Woody Johnson a racist because he thinks black fatherhood is a “real challenge.”

    The Fritz Pollard Alliance, the NFL racial diversity watchdog, issued a statement Wednesday stating the organization is “deeply troubled” by allegations that Johnson made insensitive remarks about race and gender while serving as U.S. ambassador to Britain. 

    According to CNN, the State Department investigated complaints that Johnson commented on the attractiveness of women, said women worked harder and cheaper than men, wondered why black people celebrate Black History Month and opined that the absence of black fathers in the home was a real challenge. A source told CNN that an official who overheard the black father remark was “stunned” and immediately reported the incident.

    I’m “deeply troubled” that a State Department official was “stunned” by Johnson’s comment on the importance of black fathers. I don’t know a single black person unconcerned with the general state of the black family. Seventy-five percent of black children are born to unwed mothers and raised in homes with an absent father.

    Johnson’s “real challenge” statement is as controversial and insensitive as observing water’s ability to produce wetness.

    But somehow Johnson is being analogized to disgraced and bigoted former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. ProFootballTalk founder and NBC Sunday Night Football contributor Mike Florio, who has never hired a black contributor to his website, raised the possibility of Johnson being forced out of the NFL.

    It’s Orwellian. As in George Orwell, the famous atheist writer/pundit from the 1940s. Orwell wrote the dystopian novel 1984 and popularized phrases such as thought police, thoughtcrime, Big Brother and Newspeak.

    In the book 1984, Newspeak is the language invented by the totalitarian government to get people to embrace English Socialism. Newspeak reduced complete thoughts to catchphrases. It dumbed down communication. Newspeak changed the way we referred to political organizations. For example, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union became Politburo. 

    The goal of the language was to inhibit freedom of thought, expression and identity.

    Twitter is modern-day Newspeak. “Systemic racism” has been turned into a catchphrase that news organizations dependent on Newspeak/Twitter can use to define any communication or action that might make a minority group uncomfortable. 

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” — George Orwell

    By demonizing the truth and glorifying lies, the mainstream media intentionally deny black people liberty. The media limit free thought and expression. The media act as the enemy of black people. 

    It’s racist to regard 75 percent of black pregnancies ending in children being raised without a father in the home as a real challenge. But it’s righteous to regard less than .0001 of police encounters ending in murder as proof of systemic racism.

    “Power is in tearing down human minds and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” — George Orwell

    Our minds are being deconstructed by Newspeak/Twitter. We’re being programmed to desperately fight to avenge the lives of a dozen ex-cons who resisted arrest while ignoring thousands of lives taken annually by street violence, hundreds of thousands taken annually by abortion and millions of lives compromised annually by parental neglect. 

    Woody Johnson is the racist? What does that make the architects of modern Newspeak? What does that make the media manipulators toying daily with the emotions of black people? What does that make the New York Times?

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” — George Orwell

    The New York Times 1619 Project that reduces America’s entire narrative arc to slavery is an Orwellian rewriting of history. Every organized and unorganized civilization on the planet has history with human slavery. And every racial group has been a slave and enslaver. But we’re supposed to believe America is the lone country defined by that history.

    “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” — George Orwell

    Black people, we’re being set up and used. We’re pawns in a global political game. The attack on Woody Johnson is really an attack on Donald Trump. Johnson’s real crime was allegedly asking a British official about the possibility of The British Open Golf Championship being played at Trump’s Turnberry golf resort in Scotland. 

    Johnson is a Trump supporter, and Newspeak/Twitter has reduced Trump support to “systemic racism.”  Anti-black racism is now just a political ploy used by white liberals to grab political power. It’s the Democratic Northern Strategy. 

    Trust me, the purple-haired white liberals holding up Black Lives Matter signs and rioting in Portland and Seattle don’t give a f–k about black people. Those aren’t George Floyd’s friends or family members. Those are people chasing power they were denied in junior high and high school. Only a fool would think they’re going to share their new-won power.

    “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.” — George Orwell

    Should Roger Goodell and the NFL take action against Woody Johnson, banish him from their ranks, punish him for insensitivity? Hell no. And especially not for racism.  Johnson’s concern about black fatherhood makes me view him as a revolutionary ally more than a foe.

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell 

    Thank you for sharing this article/perspective.  Greatly appreciate it.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

    At a competitive disadvantage as the US based business will be saddled with higher Taxes.  The socialistic ideals the liberals in this country are pushing disguised as social and moral caring is creating disadvantages for US based businesses. 

    are we a football board?  what is this...

  7. One thing everyone should keep in mind - remember...Woody has literally screwed up everything he has ever been involved with.  The fact that he is an incompetent Ambassador is a surprise to no one.

    We need the team to revolt against his racist remarks...and for this to lead to the sale of the team.  I believe it happened in Charlotte and Houston.

    This may be the best chance we get to rid ourselves of him..

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  8. Really interesting how JD plays this.  Seems like he's doing all the needed due diligence.  If the package coming back is strong he takes it.  If the package coming back is weak he shows it directly to Adams.  No lose.  No reason to panic.  This situation will play itself out and with an adult in the room we can actually leverage an asset that hasn't helped us win squat.  JD is no fool.  Adams can be doing us all a solid with his antics.

  9. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:

    It's too funny.

    Everything you accuse of Adam Gase of doing-  being arrogant, running things his way, being inflexible, being distant from players, being aloof, acting like a know-it-all......those are all the things Gregg Williams is known for.

    You should be shouting for Gregg to get fired if you want Adam fired.

    SAR I

    Not a fair comparison.  We actually experience with both and are making judgement's based on what we see/are experiencing.  Gregg has been very good here.  Gase has been very bad.  Gregg has been different than the things you say he's been known for...Gase has been everything he's been known for.


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  10. We literally haven't won a freaking thing with this guy on the team.  We can continue losing without him.  I would be in no rush to move him, but actively looking for a steal of a deal.  A 1 and 3 is not enough.  A 1 and someone's third best WR is not enough.  We have all the leverage.  

    If I'm JD I'd also be keeping an eye on whether this is another example of a talented player that just can't stand playing for Gase. Not saying Gase has anything to do with this situation but his history of talented players leaving is worth noting.  Need talent to compete in this league...

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  11. There is literally no case for Gase.  None.  But he will be our HC next year.  I don't think anything is guaranteed for him after this upcoming season and, in my opinion, will have to earn his 3rd year.  

    I don't see JD waiting on this guy if he doesn't produce this year.

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  12. My original premise is that it seems that JD really gets it and sees the obvious. He also had a lot to do this off season.  Not sure firing the coach was the type of disruption he wanted to take on.  That said, I firmly believe his eye is now on Gase.  

    There is no where to hide for him now. JD acted the part of someone that knows how to draft talent and put a team together.  One draft, but a good one in my book.

    We'll see if he has the other part of being a GM.  Getting the right coach to coach the team.  Next test of JD will be how he handles Gase - IMO.

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  13. 38 minutes ago, Embrace the Suck said:

    Seems more of a reality than a excuse. We'll see after this year if they make progress. Gase has been here one year with a poor roster. He seemingly forced out McCagnan to start year two. So with a poor roster, tons of injuries, and Sam mono the team goes 7-9 and he got rid of Coffee boy*. Where is the problem?

    Given the hand he was dealt how do you think Gase performed last year?

  14. JD went to school on our team and in my view, for the first time in ages, there's someone in the building that sees the obvious issues and works to address them.  Very good job on his part.

    It stands to reason then, since JD's clearly got a good handle on what our issues are, that he's now got his eye on Gase.  

    This is going to be a very interesting story to watch.  JD's going to remove the "players stink" excuse.  

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  15. amazing that it seems like the draft is completely coming to us.  wonder if it's just being fortuitous or if when you have a real, competent GM that understands the market, understands his team...that this is what competence looks like.  Been a long time since we've been exposed to it.  So far, JD acting like a real GM.  Good signs here...

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  16. Crazy deep draft for WRs.  Been hearing all offseason there's great value into 5th round.  

    Let's get the Hennessey kid and finally have an OLine we don't have to worry about.  Then load up on WRs.  

    One more Olineman Joe...then get the wideouts.

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