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  1. Haven't researched it myself yet but just saw someone tweet that if the Jets lose by 14 pts or more today Gase will have lost 1/3 of the games he's coached by more than 14 pts.  17 of 52 = 32.7%.

    Get this guy away from us.  He stinks.  We deserve better.  C'mon people.  Let's expect more.

  2. On 9/20/2019 at 8:21 AM, Jet Nut said:

    Yes I did.  Perhaps someone should look at the team he had and how he somehow got to the playoffs once, contended a second time, both without his starting QB

    His other jobs that you referenced were extremely successful.  

    You may have heard, I know I did, a NFL season isn't done, win loss totals finished, story complete after 2 games.



    The blind loyalty to the idea of what someone is versus the reality amazes me.  When I take a look at Gase's track record it really is not that good.  He went to the Super Bowl with Manning but I am of the opinion that Manning was more of that than Gase.  Maybe others differ on that.  But without Manning Gase is mediocre to bad at best.  

    I just don't get why it's so hard to go by what you see versus what you want to see.  The reality is he has not been a good HC at all

  3. 12 hours ago, Peace Frog said:

    Too much plot. 

    Can someone summarize?

    PF - I've noticed that all you do is make snarky remarks when someone tries to start an interesting dialogue.

    It's a free country and you can do and say what you please.  But I find your contribution to be annoying as can be and wish you'd even try to add some value.

    Read the post.  It doesn't take long...and is actually a great thought.

    Or go away...that would work for me too.

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  4. 13 hours ago, JetsLife said:

    In places like our next opponent - one bad play is a failure. Read the recent online Men's Health mag profile of Tom Brady - this man grinds as hard as any other human being I've ever heard of in any discipline. Because his standard is being the last one standing. 

    That's my standard, too. I think it's the desire of most of us in here and the Jets. But are they doing the things to get them there? Is their head coach/offensive coordinator?

    I get it: even I am semi considering giving Gase a pass due to Maccagnan's ineptitude. Then again, I am not.

    Each game is upwards of 6% of the season and represents an enormous swing win or lose. 6% = 10 losses in a baseball season and by definition 10 losses in a row. Does anyone think that isn't a huge swing in a baseball season? Does anyone think this incessant 3 & out machine this Jets offense is, scoring 11 points total over 8 quarters - is anywhere near any kind of standard? Other than the standard of being one of the most futile scoring offenses in modern NFL history through two games?

    If my negativity rubs some the wrong way, so be it. I like to win and win now - as Parcells did with us in '97 after Kotite's 4-28. A former boss of mine who as a very young man was a huge business success through sheer willpower, hard work, and brain power man once remonstrated to me when I asked about stock options in his company: "I like to focus on results." Meaning: perform, and then we'll see.

    Results say it all. The second in life you start making excuses is the second you are BS'ing yourself. 

    Our next opponent doesn't abide excuses - does Gase? Publicly and outwardly sure he doesn't. But his results don't match up to his mouth and they haven't for more than 2 years now. In the NFL that's a lifetime. 

    I hope Gase proves me wrong, I really do. I'll happily admit to being the first one wrong if so. But as another successful person aka as my father once told me: one of the biggest mistakes he made in business is holding on to a losing strategy well after its expiration date. Gase's expiration date is nearing for me - for that week 1 offensive fiasco alone. 

    *Remember: Gase walked in to this job with everything to prove and nothing proven as a HC.* He'd been a recent failure offensively with everything to prove. Thus far he has proven nothing to me on that side of the ball.

    awesome post.  thank you for sharing.  balanced, reasonable.  I feel the same way as you do.

  5. 4 hours ago, Jet Nut said:


    Most here hated the Gase hire.

    We're 0-2.  Makes no difference that we should be 1-1 if not for out kicker.

    Or any other roster related issues.

    It automatically becomes Gases fault so that those who whined incessantly in the off season can now try to tell everyone they were right.  

    Congrats all around.  

    You are aware that we are literally one of the worst run franchises in the history of the NFL right.  We are not whining.  We have high expectations.  Always amazed when fans accept mediocrity or worse.  We all want the Jets to succeed.  

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  6. 1 hour ago, Integrity28 said:

    And Gregg thanks you, for starting another redundant thread full of your self-absorbed weirdness.

    why do you do this?  if you don't like the thread go read another one.

    who died and made you the thread police.

    candidly, i wonder what you bring to the forum but do i feel the need to take a shot at you every time you attempt to express your point of view.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Losmeister said:

    was gonna say...   has anybody, any ONE poster actaully called Gase a "guru" or a "genius" ever?

    I cannot recall that.

    What I recall was people being happy the HC wasnt a DC. With hopes of developing Darnold.

    That's what the MNF crew was referring to him last night over and over.  Wake up.  That's his reputation.  He's the QB whisperer.  Offensive guru.

    More like a cult of personality that needs to get fired, get an OC job, show that he can do the job.

  8. 1 hour ago, freestater said:

    He got rid of Macc. I'm willing to let him show us what he's got for the next 14 games before I toss the baby out with the bathwater. That said, I was not impressed with clock management last night, nor the long leash given to #55 last week. 

    This is literally the best thing Gase has done as a HC since he became a HC.

    He stinks but folks around here are going to give him a pass bc he got rid of Macc.  



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  9. 37 minutes ago, sirlancemehlot said:

    It's not the talent. There are free runners everywhere. That's not getting beat, that's not knowing your assignments. These guys are lost. And the scheme is bad to boot. I used to coach OL.  These guys going unblocked on the edge? That's by design.  But you cant do that with nfl speed. This team needs to figure out what it wants its line to do, add a fullback for Bell, and get a real blocking TE.  otherwise it's a muddled mess til December. 

    But our coach is an offensive genius.  he's a clown.

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  10. On 9/12/2019 at 10:30 PM, Jet Nut said:

    This HC is two games under .500, went to the playoffs one of his three seasons, then lost his starting QB the next two seasons.

    The Dolphin owner is a train wreck.  

    The Dolphins last week make Gase look like Lombardi.

    Im sure everyone who hated the Gase hire were waiting to pile on after one loss.  In a game they should have won.  Easily.

    But wait, you painted yourself as a football savant, Gase blew a 16 point lead.  Too bad he also missed those two kicks, got called on a horrible roughing the passer penalty that gave the Bills 3 after they were stopped on 3rd down because they would have won 

    Always the HCs fault.  Well the ones we screamed sucks all off season.



    How you feeling about your boy Gase?  

  11. Gase is the latest addition to Macc's hall of shame.  The guy is a train wreck.  Think about Gase's tenure with the Jets.  

    • About as weird an introductory press conference as you can have - weird eyes.
    • No where to be found on draft day.  Rumors swirl after day 1 of draft of major rift between Gase and GM.  GM canned.  Gase implicated as ring leader of coup.
    • Coaches horrendous game 1.  Post game presser a disaster.  
    • Gives away three points before halftime.  Inexcusable and inexplicable.  Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.

    13-20. About to lose his 5th straight.  The guy sucks.

    OK - let's have it holier than thou crowd.  Defend him blindly

    He sucks.


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