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  1. neither. it's my observation. if you don't like it go visit another thread. that's fine. you're entitled to your opinion. i don't need to feel better or smarter. i'd like the team i've rooted for my whole life to put a product on the field i enjoy watching and to have people in the positions of decision making authority to be people i believe in and who have a track record of success. i'm sorry if you'd prefer something different.
  2. Sorry to all the folks that are surely to criticize my point of view but I actually believe Sam's illness benefits Gase big time. This is the cover and excuse he needed. If they continued to play poorly and lose early this season all the focus would be on Gase and whether he is the guy for the job. He now has Sam not being in the line up as cover. As a Jets fan this is not good news. Significantly reduces the likelihood that Gase goes one and done. More bad news for guys like me who are of the opinion that Gase is not the right guy for this football team.
  3. I believe the Jets will play an inspired game Mon. There's no way Gase, Williams don't have this team on high alert and playing with a huge sense of urgency. My concern is how explosive Cle is. Can we keep up with them for 60-minutes? I think we literally need a big play in all three phases to win. A home run shot to Robby. A pick to change momentum. A big return to flip field position or for points.
  4. And here come's the holier than thou crowd. Why don't you all just manage all the topic threads and we'll just go along with what you suggest we talk about. How about this. Let people do what they want to do. If you don't agree or prefer to participate - don't. Visit another thread. But stop with all this holier than thou crap. People are entitled to their opinion. Even if it doesn't reach the amazingly perfect level of yours.
  5. Good answer. Do you have anything meaningful to add to this discussion? If not, please go away. I'll be happy to read and try to understand your point of view if you have one. If you don't, please don't try to turn this post/discussion into a name calling exercise. I've got an opinion that our HC is not right for our team. I don't believe in him. And nothing he has done up until this point has changed my mind.
  6. What's the end game here with all the be patient posters? Is the hypothesis that once Gase and JD get "their" guys in here we'll be better? Can't be worse than Mac (I'll agree with that). I have confidence in JD because of what I've read and living in Philly the reports have been that he was integral in selecting many of the current Eagles. Until proven otherwise I give him the benefit of the doubt. Where I'm extremely concerned is with Gase. There's literally nothing I can point to that gives me confidence this will improve.
  7. I love the classic posters around here that beg for patience, shame OP's for offering their opinion, and generally give off a holy than thou, I know better than you attitude. I am a proud impatient Jets fan. When a coach comes in and talks big and then walks small I call it out. The team is on an unbelievable run of putrid management and on field performance. I have not missed a game is 30+ years. I pay and support this team. I've put my money where my mouth is. I'm entitled to my opinion. In the last 50 years they've had 13 winning records. They've been to the playoffs 12 times. Spare me the geezuz remarks and holier than thou it's one game remarks. Gase has been coaching in the AFC East now for 3+ years. There's a book on him and it isn't good. The guy is 4-10 in his last 14. 13-20 in his last 2+ years. We lose a game we should win and he takes no responsibility. This is a bad guy and a bad coach. That's my opinion and it's backed up by facts. But go ahead...be patient.
  8. So you're a Gase guy? Help me understand why I should get on board?
  9. You know, the self promoter. Climber. Person that will say or do anything to move up the ranks. Who throws others under the bus to save his/her behind. Who everyone knows is crazy and full of it and a culture killer/cancer...but for some reason is the favored son. Yea - that's our HC. Who would want to play for this guy let alone be around him? He did this crap in Miami. He's doing it here. Never his fault...always someone else's. Spare me the "it's only one game" crap. He's been a jerk since day 1 in Miami and he's doing it again here. But hey, he got rid of Mac for us and got us JD. This guy is bad news. 13-20 and it's never his fault. What's unreal is that posters in this forum could have handled the last 5-6 drafts better than our paid professional GM's and could have handled the Bill's post game better than our HC. Take the blame for the kicker. For the conservative game plan. Move on. But nope...shred the players. He's a joke.
  10. That's not what people are upset about. Gase has done nothing in his HC career to act like such a douche. Parcells can say whatever he wants because he won super bowls and turned around crap teams taking them deep into the playoffs. Gase is a new age self promoter who talks a huge game but delivers crap. Check his record as a HC. He's a 6-win a year guy.
  11. When a coach is in over his head that's what you get. He talks huge about those practice battles against "a Gregg Wms defense" but those are scripted. When the lights are on and he's the head man...he's a losing HC. Period. We as fans should expect better. We hired a re tread with a losing record who just lost his team. But at least we got rid of Macc.
  12. If we're being honest with ourselves - the only reason any of us like the Gase hire is because he got Macc fired and got us Douglas. He's 13-20 in his last 33 and has now lost 4 straight. He is not a good HC. But he got Macc canned (thank goodness) and brought in Joe D. He's a loser HC. But he got Macc fired.
  13. Let me help you here. The NFL is a coaches league. A good coach makes such a massive difference in an NFL game versus other sports (NBA, baseball, soccer). Williams, our defensive coordinator, is playing with complete garbage on that side of the ball. 4 takeaways and points. Gase - the HC and offensive genius (you gotta be kidding me) put together a game plan that was mind-numbingly conservative and ineffective. Remember, opening day always brings surprises and fresh formations, etc. You see any of that yesterday? I am amazed at how Jets fans will do and say anything to avoid facing reality. Gase is 13-20 in his last 33 games. That equates to about 6 wins a season. Is that what you're happy with? You're going to defend that? How about this - how about you deal with the facts. The Jets had a 99% chance to win that game yesterday and blew it...and Gase was the HC. The only redeeming quality of Gase is that he got rid of Macc. That's it. Other than that he stinks. That is literally the only reason any of us like Gase. Because he's such a self promoter and mad man (who went into a shell yesterday like a baby) who got rid of Macc. The guy is a loser HC until he proves otherwise. I'm interested in hear your thoughts...
  14. Play him at TE until Herndon gets back. He's not a reliable option as a WR. Man were we exposed yesterday.
  15. Amazing what this franchise can do to its fans. As I've said many times before this franchise simply does not give its fans any time to enjoy anything. This season is less than a day old and already I feel like crap. If you've been a fan long enough you know that anytime the score is off a bit (up 6, up 13, up 20) that we're going to find a way to lose. It's amazing. It never fails. It is literally the same sh*t, different year. Problem is...I don't believe Gase is the guy to get us out of this. Douglas maybe...but Gase, I don't believe so. The guy simply doesn't win games (look at his HC record). We need a proven winner in here (a la Parcells) to turn us around again. Not a college guy. Not a loser from within our division. A proven winner. Problem is I can't think of one that can shake free...
  16. i literally can't find them. trying and believe me all i want to do is figure out how to get the games.
  17. Does mywifitv give you access to the nfl sunday ticket? i'm out of market. thank you. also, how do you download onto the firestick? thank you.
  18. Biggest question for me - how much of an impact will having a competent (notice I didn't say great, good, etc.) coaching staff and front office have on our ability to compete week in and week out? It's been so long since we've had a competent duo in those regards I literally don't remember the impact it can have on a franchises odds for success. Since 2000 these are our coaches.
  19. Would Parcells be considered a yeller? I'd say so and he was pretty good.
  20. Who cares what Kitchens says. It's time to get out of the talking business and into the performance business. Start beating teams.
  21. We have a new look (uniforms). New coaches. New front office. New playmakers (Sam, Bell). And I think it's safe to say we actually have a sense of optimism for the first time in a long time. Will all of this translate into a new atmosphere at our stadium? I understand we have to win, etc etc etc. and the atmosphere will come. I'd love to see the NY Jet crazies come out and have something to cheer for. We could be a living hell for opposing teams when we're legit and I'd love to get nutty again instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop... That would be the final piece...
  22. I expect our GM to make a couple moves with the teams he's worked in the past to address our glaring weaknesses. He'll get a corner from Philly (they have a bunch), he'll get an OL from the Ravens or Bears.

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