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  1. Why are you so hesitant to say fire the coach? Your write up is spot on. Why should the coach of that team remain? He shouldn't and he needs to get fired. I have seen enough.
  2. But wait, I've been told by the smartest people on the forum that we need to give Gase the season. That no coach could win. Why point out the obvious - the guy is a loser as HC. Period. He loses by a lot to everyone. Get him out of here.
  3. I respect your opinion Pac but if you look at Gase's history (the only thing we can go by) this is exactly what every year is like with him. Tons of injuries, disfunction and chaos, and losses. Lots of losses by lots of points. Why so trusting of a guy that's done nothing to deserve it? Why not instead demand the team you root for have an amazing coach with an amazing track record and actually win games? We are all time bad and have been for a decade.
  4. This is where the fact that CJ has never had a real job in his entire life really shows. You don't undercut your GM/HC. You tell Jamal you'll be happy to meet with him after he meets with GM/HC (if it's still necessary) and if/when that meeting happens you do nothing but support your GM/HC. Our owners have literally screwed up everything they've ever touched in their lives. Yes, the valuation of this NFL franchise has gone up significantly, but certainly not because of them. All NFL franchises have grown in value. This is a terrible move by CJ and undercut Douglas. If I'm Douglas...I'd have a huge problem with this... And - get this guy out of here. I know - we can't be trading away good players. Get me a B+ corner and I'll happily trade my A- safety.
  5. Sorry if this is a duplicate post - Just saw that Adams declined to talk to both Gase and Douglas yesterday saying he's not ready to talk yet. GTFO. Are you freakin' kidding me. Adams, grow up before you lose the fans.
  6. Douglas said last night he brings deals to Christopher and Adam before doing anything. We've neutered the only hope we have with this set up. Douglas has to fire Gase, insist the next HC reports to him. Yet another obvious problem. Damn.
  7. What's your suggestion? Sit back and do nothing? In my experience that doesn't work so I usually take another course. I respect whatever course you choose. But truthfully...what value does your post bring? None. You're a thread killer that has no opinion but tries to ruin threads. Take your silliness somewhere else and ruin their threads. That's what you do best. Bring some value or GTFO.
  8. I'm open to any and all suggestions...and I'm in. I don't want to sit back idle while Adam Gase ruins us even more.
  9. We're in an endless cycle of crap and the only constant are the owners. The only leverage we have is to make it so uncomfortable and embarrassing for them that they are forced by the public outcry to change. We gotta boycott the games. Gotta stop buying tix. Gotta stop supporting them financially. CJ and Woody are atrocious and they need to know we are fed up and done. Until and unless we do nothing will change. Just stop for a second and literally think about how long it's been since we've literally been the butt of everyone's jokes. Even Rex, who won, was considered a buffoon. We deserve better. We have to do something to let our voices be heard and for the owners to own up and do something. We're a joke...again.
  10. What's your take on this? Can't tell from the tone of the note. Pro trade? Anti trade? Don't care?
  11. Holy hell I hadn't considered that. If our boy Douglas goes up there and defends Gase, rather than being coy and mincing words and dodging questions about his future and being non-committal, etc. I'm going to lose my mind. I don't expect him to hammer Gase...but I need to see a guy that looks torn and who is sending message that he's not going to sit back and watch his QB get killed, his team look unprepared, etc. Problem is...he's not the boss. CJ is. Today will be very interesting. Good point Phillyjet. I completely agree.
  12. I don't know why but I actually have faith that CJ would support firing Gase. I also hope Douglas makes major moves at the deadline. In addition to having no confidence in Gase I also don't have confidence in Leo, Robbie, Johnson. Make moves.
  13. Thanks for your contribution. This comment literally brings nothing to the table. Nothing. Stop wasting people's time. Start a thread. Generate some dialogue and discussion. Contribute to someone else's thread. The rules are pretty simple. Or you can continue to be a total @sshole and continue to do what you do. Bring something to the table please or go away and spend your time in another thread. Thank you.
  14. I respect SAR I's opinion. He's digging in on his point of view...as he should. I am in complete disagreement but so be it. He's not alone in supporting Gase, others on here are as well. My only counter argument to the ones he's making is to look at Gase's track record and try to use history as a guide for the future. Gase is a bad HC.
  15. Is this legit? Would appreciate it you would clarify. If so, very interesting.
  16. What in the world does this have to do with the OP's point? Stop killing these threads with nonsensical comments like this one. Bring something to the table...
  17. Clearly understand the OLine issue, injury issues, etc. And I'm clearly separating our Gase and focusing on him and whether he is the answer as HC to get us out of this mess. Jimmy was a spectacular HC in college. Parcells one of the best ever. Gase's track record gives me no confidence he has the stuff to get us where we need to go. I would simply prefer we go in another direction at HC. I don't trust him with this project.
  18. You're a thread killer, not even offering an opinion on the topic. Just being snarky and doing your best to kill this one too. Great job. I know guys like you...and I stay as far away as I can. Just go somewhere else please.
  19. Forgot to mention - if you do any sort of research into the Johnson's you will realize these two guys have literally screwed up every single thing they've ever engaged in, including the Jets. Don't tell me how much money they've made. They are amongst the worst owners in the NFL.
  20. This is dead on and I completely agree. They are ultimately responsible for this mess and for ripping off their customers. I am stunned there's anyone that's hanging in for this crap. I'm a die hard as they get and I am seriously questioning the time and energy I put into this team. They are not worth it.
  21. Is this the best you can add to this thread? If so, you're a joke. Read the post. Watch the games. We have serious team related issues. And this is your contribution. You and your fellow clowns ruin thread after thread. Do what you want but I'd prefer you just say nothing or go and read and destroy another thread. I'd prefer to engage with people that bring something to the table.
  22. Adam Gase's last 10 games as an NFL head coach 1-9, 8 total offensive touchdowns. Please explain to me why anyone wants this guy around? If someone can make a compelling argument I will literally change my tune and shut up and go away. The guy is 1-9. His offenses don't score. I said it in another thread that was ripped apart by the apologists...NFL offense has passed Gase by. It's been a looooong time since anything he's been associated has been good. Look it up.

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