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  1. Some of the info. They've done nothing.
  2. I was curious to learn more about Chris and Woody and what, if anything, they've ever done on their own that was successful. I started to do a quick google search and oh man...the Johnson family is a complete mess. These guys literally have done nothing but inherit massive amounts of money and be a part of one of the most dysfunctional families I've ever heard of.
  3. Looking for reliable info on status of our GM search. Anyone have any suggestions on where to look?
  4. The guy is an absolute lunatic. As nutty as it sounds this could be true. Can you imagine being CJ and now having to deal with this? This is comical and what you get when you go all in on a psychopath.
  5. This is most likely crap. But truth be told, with what's happened around Gase recently I'd say there's a 50/50 chance this is true. This is what you get when you have a psycho as your HC. You never know what's fact and fiction. Imagine having to follow this guy. Just remember - Gase has done nothing other than be Peyton's caddie. As a HC he was a disaster. Alienated all his talent. Doing it again here.
  6. How about they prove it first. Speculating that Macc's draft picks will be good has a terrible track record.
  7. You don't get it. Too bad. It all starts at the top.
  8. Do you really believe what you just wrote or are you just trying some type of reverse psychology type of approach? Go take a look at the Jets record since this ownership group purchased the Jets. It's abysmal. They average a shade over 7 wins a year, have made the playoffs 6 out of 19 years, and haven't made the post season in 8 seasons (being over .500 1x). Again, shouldn't we expect more from this franchise? I guess you're happy with less than mediocre results.
  9. If you're going to handle the Macc situation this way...you have to have a deal locked up. At least that's what legit operators do. With this crew...who knows. It will be classic when we don't get our guy.
  10. Jets fans aren't morons. We're stating the obvious. Macc sucked and needed to be fired. That's great. Darnold is our future. But why give the keys to Gase? Why let Gase, with a questionable record himself, be involved in the hiring of the next GM? Why let Macc run the draft? Why poke at Bell and Mosley?
  11. Macc firing was long overdue. He sucked monumentally. It's Gase that's showing to be an issue now. The guy is nuts.
  12. You think all is well with our team? No issues with Gase? No issues with CJ? Nothing to see here. Expect more.
  13. It's comments like this that make me shake my head. It's more than reasonable to have the opinion that what just took place with our team is utterly absurd. Gase has done nothing in his career to justify the control and input he is having. Our ownership has done nothing in their lives and have been showing us at every turn that they are clueless and keep making the same mistakes over and over. This was an easy one. Fire Mac and Bowles together. Go get a GM first, let them hire the coach. The job would be amazingly attractive (young QB, lots of cap space). Instead they do this. We're complaining because of the incompetence. What are you so positive about? Gase has already rubbed our two best players the wrong way (Bell and CJ). He was fired for his ineptitude as recently as last fall. And you're jumping for joy. I think you've got this thing so wrong and I can't understand it. Wake up brother. We deserve better. We haven't been to the postseason in 8 years and have one of the longest stretches of missing the postseason of any team in all four major sports. And all is well in your world right now? Raise your expectations. Geez.
  14. Get this guy out of our building. Nothing good follows this guy around.
  15. Our owners are an embarrassment. They have no clue. I believe more than ever that one of us could do as good a job or better than our current ownership group and front office. I've seen this so many times in my professional career. Some people just absolutely suck...and somehow get promoted to a big title.
  16. Think about this for a second. We have a potential franchise QB. We have $100 Million to spend. We have the third pick in the draft. We have the chance to clean house and bring in top, top candidates to be our HC and GM. With a starved fan base that would immortalize anyone who brings us a title. We have a job that would have been amazingly attractive. Instead - our ownership group does what it just did. Truth is the jokes on us. So long as our moron owners own this team the best we can hope for is to get lucky. Absent total luck it doesn't matter who coaches or who the GM is. I'm convinced that our ownership group is so inept that it won't matter. As I've said many times before...this team never lets you feel good.
  17. From a head coaching perspective, what has Gase done for you to be so supportive? Do you approve of him simply because he's the head coach of the Jets? The guy has had an interesting last few months to say the least. He got fired from his role as HC. He had an insane introductory press conference. I think it's fair for the jury to be out on him. He hasn't done anything to prove to me that he's going to be successful.
  18. Macc's record as GM - Macc's free agent record as Jets GM - *The only players still on the roster are McClendon and Beachum. Everyone else is gone. Everything going on with the Jets is Macc's doing. It's his team...and we stink and have stunk to the tune of 14-34 over the last 3-years. My point is that I expect better results from the leaders of this franchise. It's a bottom line business as we have been terrible since he got here. Time for someone new.
  19. What has Macc done in his 5 years at the helm for you to be such a patient supporter of his? What specifically are you pointing to to have such hope? He passed on Mahomes and Watson as QB's. He got us Sam, but had to trade a lot of capital to get him. He's drafted the best player available at the top of round 1 (but the team still stinks). His draft record and his roster building has been atrocious. But you defend him. Why? This year he drafted a guy that tore the same ACL 2x in the last 2-years and played 5 college games at RU. He also drafted a guy that just had 3 shoulder surgeries at a crowded position. The Macc patience is unbelievable here. He sucks. Plain and simple.
  20. Cimini has a new podcast out and it's very good. Highly recommend it. One caveat - it's depressing as hell. We are a very poorly run team. Macc is terrible.
  21. This. Macc is horrendous. The faster we can get him away from our team the better we will be.
  22. Why are you defending Mac? He's never been to the playoffs. He's 14-34 in his last 3 years. His drafts are terrible. And this is the guy you want to defend? I can't stand the incompetence anymore. I would lose my mind also if I worked for the Jets. Get rid of this guy. I buy this completely. BTW - Manish is a Mac shrill.

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