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  1. Guy has issues but worth a shot. Not like this team is full of talent at TE. He could help if he straightens himself out.
  2. He can take Amaro with him on the way out the door.
  3. Nice find. Anderson had a tremendous pre season.
  4. Hopefully Hack develops. He obviously needs a lot of practice and coaching. I'm going to reserve judgement until this time next season.
  5. At this point, I don't even want the guy anymore. It blows my mind that he hasn't signed the deal. He's a journeyman QB who had a career year last season. He didn't even get the team into the playoffs! If I were the GM, I'd move on. He's not going to get a similar deal like this one from anyone else.
  6. Goodbye Fitz. Nice knowing you! You had a career year. Before that you weren't anything special. Good luck getting close to what the Jets were offering from someone else.
  7. Great point. Do you guys really see Mo Wilk singing a long term deal to play for the Browns?
  8. It's going to happen. This is a business. Fitz has priced himself out of the range that Jets want to spend. They'll get Hoyer on the cheap and have him compete with Geno and Petty for the starting job this season.
  9. Just throwing this out there - Mo Wilk and pick #20 to Tampa Bay for pick #9, Glennon, and their third round pick. Does anyone think that this would be a fair deal?
  10. Great job Maccagnan. This guy has clearly upgraded our team. Marshall, Harris, Carpenter, Powell, Skrine, Revis, Keep it coming!
  11. I was simply asking what should the Jets do next. They filled a number of holes with these signings/trades. Which direction should they turn next?
  12. How much of this do we need to sign draft picks?
  13. Marshall, Harris, Carpenter, Skrine, Revis. What's next?
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