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  1. Oh all the ‘muricans and cowboys out here are gonna LOVE him[emoji19]
  2. GuitarJet

    Third overall pick is...

    Not in the least. Who needs a FQB. We have Josh McCown. He gives us the best chance to win. [emoji849][emoji849][emoji849] I can’t watch.......
  3. GuitarJet

    Do we, at least, all agree we need a QB?

    I don't post much but......it seems to me that, since the Jets have many needs including a Qb and the QB class this year is week, focus the 1st and 2nd on BAP that fills the other holes, O-line, secondary etc. Move around in the draft to get the right players if necessary. Build the team with young fast ballers (Atlanta anyone?) Hire a real QB coach, play Petty and or Hackenberg and if one emerges, lather rinse repeat next year. If not, and the QB next year is stronger, go for broke and get a QB. The Jets aren't winning anything anyway this coming season.
  4. GuitarJet

    Dog and frisbee

    How's about a Jet Quarterback throwing touchdowns to a Jet wide receiver..........oh wait!
  5. GuitarJet

    Anybody Else Getting Sick Of The NFL?

    The whole NFL experience is becoming annoying. First, starting with the incessant commercials and TV timeouts. Next, replay which slows the game down almost to a baseball like pace. Third, other than NE, AZ, Carolina, the rest of the league is flat out boring to watch. Crappy QB play, uninspired defense and constant penalties make the game a drudgery. I have taken to recording games I am semi interested in and DVR'ing my way through commercials, penalties, replays and touchback kick-offs to watch, oh about 45 minutes or so of actual Jets or Cardinals football.
  6. GuitarJet

    The Jets Are Not Good

    They really aren't very good or are not playing well. There is no fire or heart in this team. No emotion whatsoever
  7. GuitarJet

    Picks Week 3

    Trent Dilfer the game manager, er....I mean Ryan Fitzpatrick leads the offense to 23 points. The Ravens, I mean Jets, D holds Philly to 17. Is it just me or does this feel like the 1999-2001 Ravens? Jets 23 Beagles 17
  8. I'll tell ya neither defense scares me at all. Not much of a pass rush and Tyrod Taylor and co. put up 30+ on the Pats. Bills D allows 450+. I like the Jets' playoff chances this year
  9. The Jets are an 7-9 win team. But one thing impressed me. Cleveland is clearly a bad team. Past vintages of the Jets would "squeak by a team like this. Overall, they dominated. 5 turnovers 4 penalties and 31 points. Did they have their moments of suck? Yes, but they remained disciplined, focused and physical. I haven't seen a Jet team look like that in years.
  10. If the Jets can play mistake free and balanced like they did on Sunday the will beat Indy. It will be interesting to see if the Bills can mount a pass rush and slow down Pats receivers at the LOS.
  11. The Patriot defense doesn't scare me at all. 382 yards in 3 quarters. Pittsburg should be winning this game
  12. Their offense is picking up where they left off last year, even with three rookies on the OL. sh*t!

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