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  1. Kringle McKringleberry....... No its really Mark.. Nice to meet you!
  2. Just my .02 and YMMV..... Of course it's rigged....All one had to do was watch the Chargers Raiders game a couple of weeks ago where, miraculously and against all odds, both teams were playing for a tie right up until the end of overtime which would have seen them both in the playoffs and the Steelers out. It heightened the drama, Big Ben's retirement, potentially bounced from playoffs, blah blah blah, kept everybody watching right till the end and increased the real time betting opportunities for Fan Duel, etc. Then, all of a sudden San Diego, for no real good reason, calls a time out???? Yep its rigged. But in all honesty, we all still watch it... and will continue to. The action, the strategy, the really great plays and the bone head ones...... its better than almost all the crap on TV these days. Do I miss the old NFL, sure......... But this one's better than nothing....
  3. So you are the coach, with a multi-million-dollar salary, of a billion-dollar NFL franchise in the 2nd biggest media market, with a billionaire ownership and your family is living in a hotel. Either this story is complete fake news (probable) or the GM and owners are completely and totally clueless, and the coach is a pussy for not sticking his hand up and say "help me fix this mess" and find me a rental within a 50-mile radius of Atlantic Health. OK so maybe it is true
  4. Is there a record player in that unit and quadriphonic speakers as well?
  5. I gotta laugh. 61 years young here with no VCR's, well Ok 1, still in the houseI shudder to think what this board would be like if we had Todd and Robinson now. The drama would be endless. Todd shoving Steve Serby into a locker would have blown up this board, let alone ESPN and the internet....... Then the Robinson SprainedThumbGate..... destined to be an internet classic!! Quite honestly, I thought Todd/Ryan was a bigger controversy. Todd was frustrating as hell to watch. Games like the Miami game where he lead a two minute comeback in a late afternoon at Shea on one ankle were great, then the AJ Duhe disaster in the AFCCG in Miami broke your heart.
  6. Best of luck with surgery. I did both knees last year, at 60 as well. It was nothing short of life changing for me. Make sure you follow your surgeon's directions for recovery to a tee. Keep lots of ice around, consider investing in an ice/compression machine. Breg is the one I had. Also do all the PT you possibly can. Flexibility and strengthening are key. PM me if you want anymore info. I'd be glad to share.
  7. Great update…..Question for you….Does camp feel different from 2 years ago, in terms of structure, intensity, quality of reps?? Just curious Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. Thank you for putting this together. Donation sent. Wishing Phil and Laura all the best and a speedy recovery!
  9. Max: Prayers up.. wishing you and Lauren all the best.
  10. Seems all the suits like the pick [emoji19] Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. As much as I want to pick the Titans, and I think they match up well with Baltimore, the Ravens will overpower them. The Chiefs??? I'm still not convinced Neither Seattle, San Francisco (at this moment) nor Minnesota scare me. Green Bay and Rogers have it going and their defense is strong. Baltimore and Green Bay in the Super Bowl.
  12. Jets were up by 16 and Buffalo came back. Buffalo up by 16 and Texans get em. Karma. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. Hmmm a fitting end to Buffalo would be up by 16, now down by 2. Karma is a bitch! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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