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  1. Yes I agree, Sanchez would have been better. There is no way Sanchez could play any worse than Geno.
  2. Who else saw Hill fly open on the other side? Gene didn't even look his way.
  3. That bomb that the rookie caught was a showing of pure speed. Exactly what I though Hill would give us.
  4. Do it now Rex! Just do it, if we go down with Simms I can live with that. Geno is definitely having one of those days, I can feel it.
  5. Return game sucks this year. The one good thing Joe McNugget was good for.
  6. Can't forget about Ivory. Think we finally found a bell cow. That's how you ground and pound
  7. Exacto. I bet if someone does the stats, passing game is more efficient with Tone out.
  8. First full Seahawks game I've watched. Now I see why they call Lynch "Beast Mode".
  9. Pete Carroll is just an azzhole. I hate anything that has to do with USC.
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