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  1. Of course a crap shoot but here it goes. We were in most games last year and I expect that or better this year. 9-7 no playoffs. Need to win one of last 3 weeks and we don't. Lions W Fish W Browns W Jaguars L Broncos W Colts W Vikings L Bears W Fish W Bills W Pats L Titans L Bills W Houston L Packers L Pats L
  2. edscuba

    Jets vs Giants preseason tickets

    Yes, I know about that but was just asking here. Thanks.
  3. Is it too early to ask if someone has Jets vs Giants pre season tickets for sale? I'm looking for 3 seats. Thanks
  4. Thanks for best wishes. I have my winter house on Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach which is ground zero right now. May be heading there next week if we get damaged.
  5. Goff also having problems http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000670333/article/is-jared-goff-nowhere-near-being-ready-to-start
  6. edscuba

    Defensive fronts, snaps and Sheldons return

    Rotation. Keep them fresh.
  7. Manish Mehta ‏@MMehtaNYDN 20m20 minutes ago Jets blitzed Ryan Tannehill on 73 percent of his drop backs, per ESPN Stats & Info. A DB blitzed 22 times. 22!!
  8. Have Seattle run the ball for touchdown and SB win.
  9. Listened in on Fireman Ed and truly believe he is a diehard JETS fan. I wish him all the best.
  10. edscuba

    For what it's worth...

    Go back to sleep. LOL
  11. Jets 21 Pats 17 Insane thought is now JETS win 9 or last 10 games over lesser teams (six of which are AFC east division). A boy can hope!
  12. I was going to buy a copy but a free copy is better.