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  1. All hail to our Captain Jet engine 1 from Stuart, Florida.........WHAT? Can you even see the games down there? I'll be joining you in Nov.- May in Port St. Lucie.
  2. It's unbelievable how much smarter we are then these so called experts. LOL
  3. 9-7. Win division over Buffalo by tie breaker. One playoff win. Sam has monster season.
  4. Lots of teams are having injuries. Some much more serious like season ending. Be grateful and hopeful,
  5. 12/13/2020 Right after Sam Darnold and JETS receivers burn his ass all day.
  6. Maybe we can all give you our Adams shirts and you can sew them into one? LOL
  7. Nailed it. We have a GREAT GM.
  8. Is it normal to give a rookiie a fully guaranteed contract?
  9. Logan Ryan is still available
  10. Yes. I don’t see why anything would change. I also think there will be no suspension against QW unless he is convicted, which I don’t think he will be.
  11. Except Miami gets to play against two weak teams in Jags and Bengals. Why?
  12. Wondering if the virus hit a team or two hard and they lose 20-30% of the players during the season what happens? Play on with who you have? Forfeit game or two to recover. Does league shut down. This could really get crazy.
  13. Love your optimism and hope you are correct. I see the JETS 9-7 maybe 10-4. Tying with Bills and winning tiebreaker. From there it is a crapshoot to go on. Hope you or I are right. GO J-E-T-S.
  14. I want JETS vs Pats at Gillette stadium and J-E-T-S win 35-20.
  15. You certainly don’t know Florida. Governor here said WWE was an essential business so it could stay open.
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