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  1. Did you mention Christian Hackenberg as a good draft pick? Lookout and duck. Oh, missed one word THAN . Makes Hugh difference.
  2. ashawn Bower DE Ankle FP FP FP (-) Dalvin Cook RB Hamstring FP DNP DNP OUT Everson Griffen DE Not Injury Related DNP DNP DNP OUT Danielle Hunter DE Groin (-) DNP LP (-) Jaleel Johnson DT Ankle FP FP FP (-) Linval Joseph DT Ankle/Knee/Shoulder DNP DNP LP QUESTIONABLE Kevin McDermott LS Hand FP FP FP (-) Riley Reiff OT Foot DNP DNP DNP OUT Andrew Sendejo SS Groin DNP DNP DNP OUT Stephen Weatherly DE Rib FP FP FP (-) New York Jets
  3. Zimmermann said Dalvin Cook was OUT.
  4. I believe you have to transfer Dad's ticket to his phone. Otherwise you have procedure correct. Just watched this and it says they can be on one phone. https://www.newyorkjets.com/faqs/mobile-tickets-faq
  5. edscuba

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    AS announcers said last night Eli's passes are mostly short connections making his stats look better but not much down field threats. Plus they were 0-15 on third down trys before getting one last night. Probably like 4-10 last night. Good news for them is a good OB is coming out of Oregon.
  6. edscuba

    Sammy Savior Szn

    JETS even have ex-players making bold statements after one game. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000000961166/Aqib-Talib-says-Patriots-must-beware-of-Jets
  7. I think Bates has been holding back the bombs to Anderson and Pryor........Bombs away. Jets win.
  8. edscuba

    Jet specific transactions.

    Will Jets be 3rd or 6st on waiver wire?
  9. I guess we can stop speculating about a trade Bridgewater plus, plus for Khalil Mack.
  10. You can leave out the Brady/ Belichick part and we'll have a chance IF we get everything else EVERY game.
  11. edscuba

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    OMG! I must be dreaming.
  12. Now that I have heard from all our "experts" I'm convinced Mayfield will be GREAT! Just joking or my Irish superstitions kicking in.
  13. When the coach has to remind you to not be late or think about getting in early. I like our pick better so far. Plus we would have idiots like that cheering him too. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-hard-knocks/0ap3000000945410/Hard-Knocks-Jackson-s-advice-to-Baker-get-in-earlier

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