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  1. Except Miami gets to play against two weak teams in Jags and Bengals. Why?
  2. Wondering if the virus hit a team or two hard and they lose 20-30% of the players during the season what happens? Play on with who you have? Forfeit game or two to recover. Does league shut down. This could really get crazy.
  3. Love your optimism and hope you are correct. I see the JETS 9-7 maybe 10-4. Tying with Bills and winning tiebreaker. From there it is a crapshoot to go on. Hope you or I are right. GO J-E-T-S.
  4. I want JETS vs Pats at Gillette stadium and J-E-T-S win 35-20.
  5. You certainly don’t know Florida. Governor here said WWE was an essential business so it could stay open.
  6. Do the JETS keep both Huff and Zuniga? How do you see them playing? Together? Or one starter and other backup? Would getting and paying known pass rush like Clowney still be a good idea. Thoughts?
  7. First round one of the top 3 receivers . I know we need OL but love a scorer. Second or third round Id love Chase Claypool to become a JET.
  8. Go back to bed it’s the fever from covid19 effecting your brain.
  9. With all the Ol signings I say we go for WR and that looks likeJeury..
  10. Hey Sar 1. When was the last time you picked JETS to win division?
  11. Get well soon. Keep your family safe. All the best.
  12. Wife and dog get as far away as possible. Too much screaming at TV.
  13. What a ripoff. $73.74 for orange pass. $62.00 + fee.
  14. All the thanks go to you and your "staff" that keeping us crazy JETS fan under control, Also thanks for tailgate and game tickets. Hope you sold them all. GREAT job here.
  15. Pocket change for J and J. Plus they have insurance policies to pay for these things.
  16. My group of 4 is looking forward to the tailgate and game. Thanks Maxman
  17. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/08/eagles-carli-lloyd-hits-55-yard-fg-like-it-was-nothing?utm_source=smg&utm_medium=wasabi&utm_content=home-latest-news&fbclid=IwAR3Zrfl-cd7-XewaN6y4tWx82Flc2TR3u66brmUjdJOwmGGDUEwPwasu5Ho

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