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  1. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/08/eagles-carli-lloyd-hits-55-yard-fg-like-it-was-nothing?utm_source=smg&utm_medium=wasabi&utm_content=home-latest-news&fbclid=IwAR3Zrfl-cd7-XewaN6y4tWx82Flc2TR3u66brmUjdJOwmGGDUEwPwasu5Ho
  2. Hey Maxman, since tickets are mobile only now I'm guessing you will be able to transfer them over to our phones? I'm 66 and not from this computer age! Or do we have to hold hands as we all go through the gate? LOL
  3. Didn't Chris Herdon appeal his suspension? Did he ever get a result?
  4. Last minute drive by Sam the Man. 42-38
  5. Bottom tier to top tier? I'd be surprise/ ecstatic if he jumps to great.
  6. Maxman, Just bought two more Upper Prime with tailgate for friends. Will we be able to sit together? Thanks
  7. I'm loving this team and have high hopes but that being said the first two games scare the crap out of me. Jets can win both and should but my SOJ thoughts .....well we all know. Even if my fears come true I truly believe this team will grow from any losses and in the end will be a playoff team or be bounced the last week. The JETS will NOT lose to the fish...sweep. Win the first two games and we go 10-6. Lose one of those or both 9-7. It's soooo hard being a JETS fan.
  8. I purchased them around 6:30 PM. Me and nephew Tim will be there. Thanks. Go JETS
  9. I'm on board for 2 tickets in the upper prime and the tailgate. CAN'T WAIT!
  10. I'll be the first to apologize. I said yes to 1 seat and possibly two. My nephew is trying to get free seats but is procrastinating. I/we will definitely be doing tailgate and I will let you know ASAP. Thanks and sorry.
  11. I predict. This kid is going to come through BIG time for the JETS.
  12. I really think Polite and Q Williams will make a big impact.
  13. I'm in for 1 possibly 2 upper deck. Thanks for doing this.
  14. Same JETS shirt next week if they win. Different one if they lose.
  15. Well hopefully someone coach Williams will light a fire under their asses. Unlike Bowles.
  16. Think your right on with analyzes of all picks. I think Polite is going to turn out to be GREAT.
  17. Did you mention Christian Hackenberg as a good draft pick? Lookout and duck. Oh, missed one word THAN . Makes Hugh difference.
  18. ashawn Bower DE Ankle FP FP FP (-) Dalvin Cook RB Hamstring FP DNP DNP OUT Everson Griffen DE Not Injury Related DNP DNP DNP OUT Danielle Hunter DE Groin (-) DNP LP (-) Jaleel Johnson DT Ankle FP FP FP (-) Linval Joseph DT Ankle/Knee/Shoulder DNP DNP LP QUESTIONABLE Kevin McDermott LS Hand FP FP FP (-) Riley Reiff OT Foot DNP DNP DNP OUT Andrew Sendejo SS Groin DNP DNP DNP OUT Stephen Weatherly DE Rib FP FP FP (-) New York Jets
  19. I believe you have to transfer Dad's ticket to his phone. Otherwise you have procedure correct. Just watched this and it says they can be on one phone. https://www.newyorkjets.com/faqs/mobile-tickets-faq
  20. AS announcers said last night Eli's passes are mostly short connections making his stats look better but not much down field threats. Plus they were 0-15 on third down trys before getting one last night. Probably like 4-10 last night. Good news for them is a good OB is coming out of Oregon.

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