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  1. agreed Slats. Similar to my post in that is the purpose and he is being paid for the physical punishment he is sure to take.
  2. I agree with your 'point about someone to help. my issue is who. McCown has never played a full season and his greatest experience seems to be losing. dont know how much he will help . particularly on the sidelines injured. If he plays the first few weeks so Hack or Petty aren't decapitated as the off learns a new system, he will have at least served a purpose.
  3. it is absolutely insane when you think about it. Dallas supposedly offered him 2m to be a backup. I really believe both are in over their heads. but worst of all is Woody is too and I think he fully buys what they sold him. unless they go winless or at best 2-14 think both are safe.
  4. good deal for who? McCown and no one else. regardless of starter or backup besides the jets, his value was nowhere near 6m. if the jets wouldn't have panicked they could have gotten him for less or better yet not at all. if he wanted to be a backup in D then so be it.
  5. yes yes he was tonight. not sure if it is permanent.
  6. it certainly looks that way. it was funny watching the colon, westie and Lucas agree with the picks and how the D picks and 2 safeties would finally allow Bowles to call the D he did in AZ.
  7. bang on. Furthermore, if you can build the roster and get important need positions filled, it is alot easier for a rookie qb. whomever it maybe. Prescott was successful in part bc of the quality of the Cowboys team. And with players like elfein we trade out for a late round pick. he could be a starting c for the next 7-8 years.
  8. I agree and just finished posting the same thing below. Aspects of moneyball or his approach make sense. Recently read the book and certain aspects translate to many business and the nfl is one of them.
  9. I agree that most GMs don't think long term and hence why the same teams do well and the same teams don't during the draft. If ever their was a year for the jets to accumulate 1st rounders, it is next year. When the nfl averages approx 25% (from a cnnsi article I read before the draft) success rate on 1st rounders over the last decade, you want as many as you can get. that is where aspects of the moneyball approach make sense. It still amazes me that most teams use a version of the draft chart and that is as moneyball as you can get.
  10. That's exactly how I feel. it is not about each pick as much as the body of work over 3 years. when I take a step back, it seems he is lost with no comprehensive plan.
  11. you could try the real sports bar.....across from the ACC leafs will be on but , definitely will have jets game too.
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