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  1. Most important lesson from this trip

    i think ill get a #7 nomeansno pitt jersy.....
  2. Most important lesson from this trip

    i was also at the game and felt very comfortable wearing my holmes jersey even as i had my life threatened...found it funny actually...
  3. no one filmed this?....can't beleive i slept thru this...i got some video of a steeler fan telling me how much he liked my holme jersey...
  4. Same here,i made the mistake of going to what i thought was 125 but was actually 126 where i was greated by a barrage of f*#k you's and suck this and even had my life thretned wich i found histerically funny as i went back and forth for a few before security came and took me to my proper seat,thanks sontonio holmes for all the love you brought me..all before the game started!....nevermind the mock sanchez lynchin' we drove by complete w/knife thru heart in case the rope round neck didn't work...real classy pittsburgh!.....am i the only one who got swatted every other second with a terrible towel?....i can now say that i saw a beer freeze right in front of my eyes......but yeah 125 was filled with animals....it was AWSOME!..now at least i know how to treat them should they ever come play in our house...and thank you bus driver for showin' us every possible view of heinz feild before figureing out witch of the 500 bridges was the one home...
  5. if i knew where the bus depot was i'd wait outside but it leaves from long is. so that's where i'm jumpin' in try to strech every second......
  6. when i went in dec. i had a parking pass however i saw a buch of guys selling parking passes all over the place,one offerd us a gold pass for $125 and that was the regular season...
  7. Yes sir, i am gonna save myself the 14 hr. drive and sit back,relax and enjoy the roadtrip into Jet history!....so pumped im ready to tailgate at the bus stop right now till its time to go tomorrow.....
  8. First post,first roadtrip with the "JetNation",second time to pittsburgh looking for that historic second W.....LETS GO JETS!.....as Bart Scott said,"Can't Wait!"...