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  1. Meh it is what it is. Doesn't really matter though. Of all people though cro shouldn't talk. If it comes from Revis ok but cro would get roasted by beckham as far as beckham complaining about double or triple team. I have not seen that once so I have no idea why he references saying randy moss never complained about being doubled or tripled
  2. hahah consistently best wr duos and great supporting cast. Ok buddy
  3. Eli the man who helped win 2 superbowls with his clutch play isn't worth the money yes he has a clunkers at times and makes some bad throws , however that's all people focus on. Not the other things he does late game heroics. Being clutch never misses games true professional who works his ass off still in prime of his career just had a career year with a make shift offensive line no Cruz and no running backs last year highest completion percentage had a great season TD to int ratio now comes into this season with hopefully a fully healthy Odell randle added Shane vereen who should be a monster Jennings who's healthy and In a few weeks should have Cruz back. Not to mention will have his second year in Ben mcadoos offense i swear some of you just trash Eli because he won for a crosstown "rival" in the Giants But that's ok that you can't appreciate good quarterback play cause I'm thrilled they resigned Eli the man who helped win us 2 superbowls
  4. no offense but you are dead wrong first off they are set to have possibly more than 60+ mil in free agency next year on top of that. Can you tell me all that talent Eli has had when they won the Super Bowl elite supporting cast my ass
  5. Giants are sitting with around 10-12 mil after cuts also they have somewhere above 70 mil after this season in cap space moving forward problem with the kam trade would be the Seahawks want a 1st and I wouldn't want Giants to give up a 1st
  6. See I could see it going either way for both teams I could see Giants make a playoff push but also see a top 10 pick same for jets, defense should be good and offense has some weapons control the game with the d and offense and enough weapons limit mistakes from whoever starts at qb and I could see jets winning 8-10 games however I really liked petty coming out and think he will pay off big time for the jets if they develop him properly
  7. Honestly that's the best joke you have I wasn't talking bad about jets no need for you to get uPset
  8. Haha I hope so. If the offensive line can play above average then I believe Giants offense can easily be top 10 which can cover up a ton all I want from defense is to be middle of the pack rankings this year
  9. haha safety is definitely major concern behre whom was presumed to be starter out since otas then comes back and immediately gets injured and had surgery yesterday likely ir bennet Jackson torn acl mykelle Thompson torn acl cooper Taylor toe injury Justin currie fractured ankle and fibula just praying we get out of this without injury
  10. Should be good to see some of The matchups with the talent jets have the Giants are missing a good amount of people for this game unfortunately. Was hoping everyone would be good to go
  11. Kenrick ellis to sign 1 year deal with giants per Mike garafolo
  12. Rumor has it giants talking to saints for trade of cameron jordan Saints seem to have a firesale going
  13. Art Stapleton retweeted Aditi Kinkhabwala ‏@AKinkhabwala 48s48 seconds ago Jason Worilds has clear idea what he wants. Both Steelers, Giants think that price too high. Told: "We're not paying $1 million per sack."
  14. Schefter today said he expects Giants to go hard after Suh
  15. Rumor has it giants have reached out to him to see if he has any interest in DC job for them
  16. This draft clas though was extremely loaded with talent at wr Especially for number 1 recievers Watkins Beckham Benjamin possibly evans Cooks, jordan matthews, Adams, Lee, robinson, Bryant, moncrief i was really wanting beckham so i was thrilled with pick but 2nd choice was benjamin, watched pretty much every game of his, he just has all of the things you cant teach
  17. I dont think going safety was a bad idea. it was a need and they filled it. The problem was not coming back in round 2 and grabbing a wideout.
  18. People in his thread bashed eli and said they would take geno over him no doubt All i was asking is do they still want geno
  19. Anybody still want geno over eli
  20. Your right teams like eagles cowboys Colts Seahawks 9ers. So cupcake. foster wasnt making a difference in that game. Your heavily underestimating the giants
  21. After the 1st week i did not think at all that cause the giants lost to the lions and jets beat the raiders that the jets were better
  22. You say it like the giants are a bad team
  23. Andy reid still absolute sh*t when it comes to clock management
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