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  1. I'd love that! I'd gladly let B. Edwards and J. Taylor go to have the money for Kiwanuka and Hali. Edwards is good for 3 drops a game. Most likely, if the Jets are thinking of pass rushers, they'll probably only chose one. My guess would be Hali who has proven he has the speed and constant motor.
  2. In Mexico or Honduras (countries I've visited), a 17-year old girl is either a mother or engaged or married or employed full time or some combination. In the USA, a 17-year old girl is one year away (possibly less) from having lawful sex and four years away from drinking lawfully. An American 17 year old girl does both. If the dude its with is older than 19, throw away the key. Why? Because he's older than 19. But why? Um...because...he's older than 19. Upon the exact hour he turns 20, its "ewwww, gross, pedophile". Laws are laws but its not like she's 12. She's also over the age of consent (16). If she took pics of the inside of Sanchez's house, she probably thought it was cool and wants to prove it to her friends. Non-story. Sanchez will be fine.
  3. I really think that NT is the way to go. My first question is: Is Jenkins coming back? If he does, great - but no matter the answer, to me, NT is a huge need. 1) Jets need someone at NT good enough/big enough to take up a C and G on at least some plays. Pouha is a warrior but can be handled with 1 person. Sometimes he beats that person, but o-lines can usually contain him with way less effort than Jenkins. 2) We need fresh legs for that rotation. Rex's defense changes its fronts quite often and those guys are big. A Young NT in the Ngata mold will give an "extra heart and lungs" for the constant cardio that is the trenches. 3) The position isn't a high risk for failure due to thinking (Gholston, anyone?). It has more to do with motor and size than brainwork. I don't think you can find a timid, confused NT. Jets need their new Jenkins in this draft. Kris can help the kid adjust to the NFL - and if Kris plays as well, all the better. This takes tremendous strain off of the shallow rotation and the linebackers!
  4. Hey everyone! New Member here - Used to post at JInsider.

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      Lil Bit Special

      I hate this place. Nothing works here. Ive been here for 7 yearrss

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      The Crusher

      Wow,l i actually get that reference.. scary

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      Toss someone in a broom closet for 7 years with medication´╗┐ that doesn't work and you'd hate the place too!

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