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  1. I want those tickets sooo bad ..... I already like your Facebook page but I don't think you'll be able to matchup my Facebook to my jetnation account cuz I don't wanna reveal my identity on here lol .... But if I win I'll message you on here with all my real info so you'll be able to verify it on Facebook and send me whatever I win lol
  2. I don't believe this at all ... Buffalo is just a marginal team as always they will fall off like they always do .. Miami is who I'm scared of which is why I don't want them to get on a roll...
  3. I'm praying the Bills take this one because we all know the Bills aren't much of a threat but Miami could be a problem if they start rolling
  4. Ian Rapport says there seems to be something there but it would cost the Rams big because Sanchez has been playing for the Eagles
  5. Why not trade Mike Vick to them for a starting cornerback? Even though I really like having Mike Vick backing up Geno since in case of injury he can play just like him and we won't miss a beat but if we can't defend the pass it doesn't matter unless we think we can win shoot outs lol
  6. http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-randylangeblogfb/Jets-Release-6-to-Get-to-75-Players/fc2c2417-2519-4cda-a766-1d798d6d92df Jets Release 6 to Get to 75 Players Posted 14 minutes ago Randy Lange Editor-in-Chief, newyorkjets.com @rlangejets Blog: Randy's Radar WR Jacoby Ford Among Moves as Team Reaches Roster Limit Ahead of Tuesday Deadline The Jets today released six players to reach the NFL's 75-player roster limit. On the list are WR Jacoby Ford, the unrestricted free agency signee from Oakland in March, and former New England second-round choice CB Ras-I Dowling
  7. Geno and Vick's stats look about the same when you factor in the drops (which could be due to Vick playing with 2nd string WRs or his balls being harder than Geno's) ... Geno's two sacks tells me that Geno might be waiting to long to get rid of the ball which we saw last season
  8. He won't wanna be here!!!! Cost too much of a cap hit for Houston to trade and for that reason the would try to get a 1st and more which is too much for Idzik to give up anyway
  9. How's everybody doing?!? Last year we heard good things about Richardson and Geno ..... Haven't heard anything about these rookies
  10. I said it once and I'll say it again AJ doesn't want to be here because we aren't just one player away from the SB besides even if he did and although we def can afford his contract I just don't see Idzik giving up a 1st or 2nd rounder for this guy which will be the min asking price...
  11. wild card contender yes (but will be very difficult with our schedule) .... Super Bowl contender No
  12. Doesn't sound like he wants to be on the Jets..... So who cares
  13. I like how 3/4 of our QBs are black when most NFL teams don't even have one ..... I hope Boyd becomes a steal and develops into a very good QB who can start or back up Geno and when we need him in we don't lose a beat
  14. Do you guys think that this pick could have been encouraged by the NFL..... I kinda expected the Jets to draft him in the 7th or pick him up as UDFA because of Sheldon Richardson but am very happy that media circus is not coming to NY
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