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  1. Do we want Browns or Pitt to win today? who else?
  2. 337 row k. Bought tickets to early. Went to some place called monkey something on the beach yesterday
  3. OH -MAN!!!! That SUX. You have been planning this for months. I hope you get some good answers tomorrow.
  4. Wheels up.. @ 34,000 ft, 470 mph. Put out a donation jar for parking, we will gladly donate. No need for you to cover all of us poachers
  5. Would like to meet up and see said RV, toss a ball around and drink beer. Again, we are a reservation of 6 if you can accommodate us. If not we will just walk around until we hunt you down. No need to worry about food for us if it's too much work.
  6. Pulled the trigger on 6 in section 337. Probably should have waited but oh-well. And sorry Max I forgot about your deal, I was on Vivid website, crap!! I'll bring extra beer for you at tailgate if we are still invited after this blunder...
  7. In for 6. Sister and brother in law are joining me and the 3 boys. Question on tickets, most of them out there are "mobile tickets" and you need to use your phone. Has anyone used these? Do I put all 6 tickets on my phone or somehow send them to everyone else going? Looking at the tickets for this weeks Carolina game they are going for as low as $27. and $44 for section 336 on the 50 yard line. may pay to wait another week.
  8. Flying down on the 9th with 2 sons from CT, 3rd son driving up from WPB and will be our chauffer. Sister has a beach house in Gulfport she is letting us use. Never been down there before but looks like a fun area. Return home Monday night. I'll ask if there is room for camper in driveway!
  9. I have been with the largest for 30 years. While it was fun to "win" a cruise to the Bahamas from fund companies back in the 80's those days are long gone and you should know that. The backdoor stuff has gone as well except for a learning seminar done locally now and again. While I do have some clients that would rather pay me by commissions, I did less that 200k in commissions last year, the bulk is fee based. I charge from 1/2% for accounts over 15mm to 1 1/2 % for a $500,000 account. I have thousands of funds I can use and it has not been "suggested" what fund I should use in over 10 years. The new DOL rule will have everyone doing business this way soon. Also, I cant swear to this but I think the company requires these new "kids" they hire to get their CFP within 5?? of years now.
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