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  1. YEAH, injuries were only knock on Jordan White, but getting the ball as often as he did, and taking all those hits...he should be fine, and looks to be at full strength and such
  2. With the 244th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select Jordan White, Western Michigan, Wide Receiver. Here is a really awesome interview with Jordan White. He talks about everything from who he'd compare his game to, to his route running, to his slower forty at the Combine, but what it really means to him. www.prointerviews.org/JordanWhite 2006 Redshirt during Freshman year. 2007 19 Receptions. 217 Yards. 1 TD. 2008 Granted as Second Redshirt Year. 2009 53 Receptions. 684 Yards. 4 TD. 2010 94 Receptions. 1378 Yards. 10 TD. 2011 140 Receptions. 1911 Yards. 17 TD. 2010/2011 All-MAC First Team Offense. 2011 First Consensus All-American in School History. @_JordanWhite
  3. Most recent interview with Jets LB/ST ace, Nick Bellore http://prointerviews.org/NickBellore What do you think of him as a player? Follow him on twitter @NBELLORE54
  4. Hey Jets fans, I'm here to share an interview with former OL, Chris Stewart. He was a member of the Jets during camp. He has such a great story and has such passion for the game, that I thought a full interview was worthy for him. I hope to see him back in the NFL sometime soon, even if it's just on a practice squad. Here is the link, http://prointerviews.org/ChrisStewart Hope you all check out the interview, it's pretty awesome. Thank you for letting me share, -Max Strauss-
  5. Hey Jets fans!! Since the bye week is going on... I thought I would make awesome and convenient post for all the Jets fans out there to share every interview I have done with a member of the New York Jets) http://prointerviews.org/AbeElam (Former Jets, current Cowboys FS) http://prointerviews.org/MarcusDixon (Current Jets DE) http://prointerviews.org/ErikAinge (Former Jets QB, currently retired) http://prointerviews.org/CJMosley (Former Jets DL, current Jaguars DL) http://prointerviews.org/MikePettine (Current Jets Defensive Coordinator) http://prointerviews.org/AFan (Former Jets G, currently retired) http://prointerviews.org/ErikColeman (Former Jets S, Current Lions S) http://prointerviews.../LeonWashington (Former Jets RB/KR/PR, Current Seahawks RB/KR/PR) http://prointerviews.../ChadPennington (former Jets QB, currently retired) http://prointerviews.org/JasonFerguson (Former Jets DL, currently retired) http://prointerviews.org/JohnConner (Current Jets FB) http://prointerviews...JamaalWesterman (Current Jets LB) http://prointerviews.org/NickFolk (Current Jets K) http://prointerviews.org/EricSmith (Current Jets S) Hope you enjoy the post and the links to all the articles! Please tell me which your favorite one was below!
  6. Check out this article.... There's information on how you can JOIN the league in the article! http://prointerviews.org/ericsmithfantasyfootball Maybe one of you will win a spot?
  7. Hey Jets fans!! I don't know if you've been paying attention to Eric Smith's twitter... @@ESmitty33, but he's hosting contests for spots in his fantasy football league. He's already given one spot away. There are eight left. The most recent contest is here... which ends at midnight tonight. http://twitter.com/#...777512465530880 Check it out!! http://www.nydailyne...eague-with-fans - Manish wrote a brief summary about the league. J E T S ! JETS! JETS! JETS!
  8. Name is Max Strauss, but all good. *LINK*
  9. Do I want to do graphics work? or... Do I want to write? #toughdecision

  10. I was at JetsCamp all last week, and asked players and coaching staff a lot of questions... If you are a true JETS fan, you'll LOVE each one of these articles... http://prointerviews.org/category/JetsCamp I got to interview and talk with players like Nick Mangold, Brandon Moore, Mark Sanchez, Chris Stewart, Rob Turner, Kenrick Ellis, Emanuel Cook, Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, Carlton Powell, Scotty McKnight, Plaxico Burress, Donald Strickland, John Conner, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, and Jamaal Westerman. I also attended the Rex Ryan press conferences, and other player conferences. I asked OC, Schottenheimer, and DC, Pettine.
  11. No, I'm not, but I wanted to focus on him... In my first articles, I kind of tried to focus on Scotty McKnight.
  12. Check it out http://prointerviews.org/PlaysandTechniques It was my last article and interviews from JetsCamp. What do you think? Leave your thoughts below!
  13. Anyone else going to be at #JetsCamp today. JetsShop at 1PM ! Be there.

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