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  1. Wouldn't it be more fun to say BDubs instead of BTW.

  2. Please enter the contest... here is the link, giving away signed chad pennington photo: http://on.fb.me/hVluWR

  3. Three more interviews to post to YouTube... Are you subscribed? http://youtube.com/user/prointerviews

  4. Remade the one collage of @DomCurry_15 , also remaking @AFan66 , @Brian_Robison and C.J. Mosley. #NFL

  5. http://t.co/auqpjP8 - Did you read the newest article? "WELCOME TO FLORHAM PARK!" #Jets #TeamJets #NYJ #JetsNation #GangGreenNation
  6. Anyone else going to be at #JetsCamp today. JetsShop at 1PM ! Be there.

  7. Do I want to do graphics work? or... Do I want to write? #toughdecision

  8. I'm on the air at 8:45. "Living with Sportz" hosted by LivingwSportz on #BlogTalkRadio http://tobtr.com/s/1507984 -- Follow @LivingWSportz

  9. New Interview 12:01 AM EST! with @JConner38 :)

  10. Frozen Mango - WINNER!

  11. Going to be working on the BLOG section tonight, plus some other stuff. It's a perfect night to work on graphics for next couple hours

  12. Wow. I used to always fall asleep to Hallelujah. I hope that it'll work for me tonight

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