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  1. When did that happen? I've talked with Geiger for over a year on twitter, so I said it was nice to meet him.
  2. I mentioned other things about practice and about fans... really? It was one sentence in the whole story.
  3. Hey Jets fans!! I had an awesome time at practice today. I also met up with a bunch of fans. It was pretty cool. I talked with Keller and Sanchez briefly today as well as asking Coach Rex Ryan a couple questions too. Here is the link, http://prointerviews.org/forthefans Hope you share your thoughts below! Tomorrow is my last day at camp! Thanks so much for letting me share!
  4. That's what I do on my full length interviews, for example, http://prointerviews.org/EricSmith But I understand. I think more of the problem with sport media is that it's headed to player driven, and not organization run. That's why twitter is so popular, because it's sport media by the players.
  5. I see what you're saying. I'm not about writing articles and putting my perspective into it. I'm putting the players' perspective on the map and showcasing that. I'm not news. I"m player media.
  6. I don't think it's my place to add commentary. I'm trying to showcase what the players think.
  7. Hey Jets fans!! I talked to a lot of people on the defensive side of the ball today... Jim Leonhard, Darrelle Revis, Kyle Wilson, Mike Pettine, Carlton Powell, Antonio Cromartie, Donald Strickland... http://prointerviews.org/StartingToFlyAround Feel free to share your thoughts below. I look forward to hearing from you.
  8. You can send them here too. It's all good
  9. Here is the link: http://prointerviews.org/APlayADay What do you think of the article? Hope you share your thoughts. I'll be back here tomorrow to share the 8/9 practice. If you have any suggestions of what I should ask, who I should interview, tweet me @ProInterviews
  10. http://t.co/auqpjP8 - Did you read the newest article? "WELCOME TO FLORHAM PARK!" #Jets #TeamJets #NYJ #JetsNation #GangGreenNation
  11. Hey Jets fans, Check out my article from yesterday at practice. I'll keep posting articles throughout the week. I write about practice as well as some quotes from interviewing players, and I hope you'll check it out. http://prointerviews.org/WelcomeToFlorham Follow me on twitter for updates and photos throughout the week. @ProInterviews You can also submit questions for me to ask players here.
  12. Remade the one collage of @DomCurry_15 , also remaking @AFan66 , @Brian_Robison and C.J. Mosley. #NFL

  13. Three more interviews to post to YouTube... Are you subscribed? http://youtube.com/user/prointerviews

  14. Please enter the contest... here is the link, giving away signed chad pennington photo: http://on.fb.me/hVluWR

  15. Wouldn't it be more fun to say BDubs instead of BTW.

  16. Wow. I used to always fall asleep to Hallelujah. I hope that it'll work for me tonight

  17. Going to be working on the BLOG section tonight, plus some other stuff. It's a perfect night to work on graphics for next couple hours

  18. Frozen Mango - WINNER!

  19. New Interview 12:01 AM EST! with @JConner38 :)

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