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  1. LOL. That'll teach me to work on a paper when there's a game to be played. VOTE SHARROW It's kind of unnecessary now, but Slats came back face.
  2. Well, it looks like Sharrow is the GF. I hope you all choose correctly between Slats and Song. Sorry I couldn't get one right for ya. I suck at this game.
  3. SOrry. I keep a tab open with the game all day. I check in every couple of hours, but haven't had much to say. The only thing that works right now is to lynch AVM. If he flips town for some reason, we know that Sharrow is godfather. Easy lynch the next day and then it is down to slats and song. I certainly hope that Sharrow is not the godfather, because if he is, I;m dead and won't have a chance to investigate Slats or Song. I do feel that if Sharrow is not the godfather then Slats will be filling that role, but I have been known to put on my blinders in games and I've been feeling bad about S
  4. So, as a vig you purposely shoot townies? How does that help at all?
  5. I've felt that Slats play has not been town and I have voiced those thoughts before. With two people claiming Doc, we cannot lynch either of them. To me that leaves us with JC and Slats as viable lynches today. Slats has claimed bullet proof, so it would be unwise to lynch him today. That leaves me with only 1 option... UNVOTE VOTE JC The information from his lynch should help us in determining tomorrow's lynch as well.
  6. Investigating them destroys the "one face one heel" pair theory. I think it was well worth the investigations.
  7. Dan and Pac both came back "face" VOTE SLATS That's my choice for the day. I really didn't like the way you wanted me to reveal who I had checked before night was over.
  8. He only saw names, which tells him nothing about roles. Our doc is still safe and you are seriously getting your panties in a bunch to know who I checked last night. Knowing now won't change anything. Everyone is already talking about a godfather and how even if I see someone as town it won't clear them. Even if I do get taken out tonight, we have enough info and numbers to win without me revealing who I viewed.
  9. I see what you mean, but I'd rather deal with that later. If I hit scum tonight, great. If not, I'll release both names and we'll take it from there.
  10. I didn't check CTM as he was a sure lynch.
  11. Same in DM. I just don't see the info helping town at night at all. I'll give out names in the morning when it will be helpful to narrowing down the voting pool.
  12. All right, but you do realize that is a death sentence for the person named. The scum team will just sit on their thumbs until I name the person I checked and then put in their NK. I'd prefer waiting until morning to reveal a scum or two innocents
  13. Time for a speed lynch CTM Let's take out CTM and see if I hit scum tonight.
  14. LOL. You'll be in the dead thread bitching about this soon enough CTM. I cleared another townie. I won't say who unless you all want me to, but it seems like painting a target on their back.
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