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  1. Crapture the Flag Part 2

    Broheims. I'm ready to build upon the legendary Capture the Flag game I modded a while back. For this installment I'm going to award double voter status to the people who can tell me what month in 2012 I started to lose my hair and vests to anyone who can knows the most times in one day I've yanked it. (Hint: it's double digits) Who's in?!
  2. Imitation Mafia 2: The Sequel (Game Thread)

    Wow that's harsh broheim. When you bought me you wore me for 7 years without taking me off. You even slept with me tucked away in your anus on occasion. Never understood why but you said you liked me there. You're beat dude. Never forget where you came from.
  3. Imitation Mafia 2: The Sequel (Game Thread)

    Brosiah. I just got back from dawm patrol at Maroubra beach in Sydney, Australia. I spent every penny I have, but the Acid drops off the reef breaks are worth it. Who cares if I was caught in a fish net the whole time I was there. I'll play your game but if the waves call I have to fly broskie. Gotta know what's important.
  4. The Avengers Mafia Game Thread- Villians United!

    brahs.. got a date with a skank I picked up off backpage.com.. best $75 I've ever spent. Catch yall on the flipside.
  5. Battlestar Galactica Mafia - The Colonial Fleet Needs YOU!

    whoa. this is trippy.
  6. Full Metal Alchemist- Official Game Thread

    whoooahhh brah, someone needs to get laid.
  7. Fullmetal Alchemist Mafia Sign-ups

    don't let their insecurities bring us down brah. we know the real deal.
  8. Police Academy Mafia

    Happy Birthday Broheim. Don't bang anything I wouldn't.