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  1. I have no faith in Houston winning. At the end of next week, I thin Tennessee will be the #6 seed.
  2. So who was Sanchez supposed to throw to? No one is ever open and most of his throws are RB screens. He isn't the problem, Schotty and the crappy plays are. Put Sanchez into a competent system and he will flourish.
  3. The one positive: no way Schottenheimer comes back.
  4. Giving the Giants this game every chance we can.
  5. GIants trying to give us this game, but we'll have no part of that.
  6. Only way the Jets will win this game, if the Giants let us.
  7. We would need to beat Miami and have Oakland, Cincy, and Tennessee all lose. Provided we don't pull off a miracle today.
  8. Its just unbelievable how terrible this O-Line is.
  9. so yet again, we penalize ourselves into oblivion.
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