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  1. No, the burden of proof is on the people who want to take the rash action of dumping our 3rd year QB like its nothing with out exploring all options first.
  2. Our offense was "good enough to win" the last two years, and yet everyone bitched and complained then.
  3. Bill Callahan, Tom Moore, Norv Turner, Todd Haley if he should get fired. All would be improvements over Shotty.
  4. 11 games into the season Favre threw for 2,443 yards and 20 Touchdowns. He wasn't setting the world on fire, especially compared to what he did the year before and the year after. 11 Games into this year Mark Sanchez has 2,513 Yards and 18 Touchdowns. See the difference? I don't.
  5. Prove he wouldn't. Your one of the ones that doesn't want to give him a shot so since you're so damn sure he can't play period prove its worth moving on to the next question mark, you're way seems a lot more severe than mine.
  6. Predictable/stupid play calling causes all receivers to be covered, putting Sanchez under pressure, forcing him to quickly throw into traffic. Just look at the interception in the last game. A one WR passing play from our own endzone. Brilliant.
  7. I blame the system for those struggles. We've seen this same struggles from other Quarterbacks for 6 seasons now. The slow starts to games, the low scoring, the lack of a decent passing game. When we had Favre before he got hurt, he had these same problems. Favre didn't throw for 300 yards once with the Jets. In 2007 with Green Bay, Favre was an MVP candidate, in 2009 with Minnesota, Favre was an MVP candidate, but in 2008 with the Jets, Favre was average at best. In fact, in 2010 Sanchez became the first Jets QB to throw for 300 yards since 2006. When you go that long, something is very wrong with the entire system. That is why I think in a new system, Sanchez would be fine. But certain Jets fans, who pegged Sanchez as a bust from the second he was drafted, want to dump him and continue down the same damn path, just with someone else at Quarterback.
  8. Then whats with all the dump Sanchez talk? A lot of people on this board what to pin majority of the blame on him when it is CLEARLY Schottenheimer. Multiple different Quarterbacks, including a Hall of Famer in Favre, same result. Low scoring, under achieving offense.
  9. Some Jets fans want Sanchez to fail just so they can say they were right about him. Its obvious with a few posters on here. Thats why they don't want to give Sanchez a chance without sh*tty and continue to act like he isn't the problem. The Jet fan base isn't a very good one and it never has been.
  10. Damn, just two and a half months ago they were joking about this with him at the Charlie Sheen roast.
  11. I think we win next week, but the Chiefs game has me nervous.
  12. Wow, Dwayne Bowe just totally quit on that one.
  13. So this team is worse than that abortion they put on the field in 2007?
  14. How the hell was it his fault they lost? And he was right, the Denver offense wasn't good. They scored 10 points. It was our offense and their defense that won the game for Denver.
  15. Really getting tired of this "Tebowtime" crap.
  16. Possible tie coming up in San Diego
  17. So he's not allowed to have one off day every couple of years?
  18. I think I had a heart attack seeing him there open
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