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  1. He missed one from less than 50, the other three misses were 50, 52, and 62. Every once in awhile a kicker will miss a chip shot, they all do. A lot of kickers miss from over 50 yards, thats why a lot of time, coaches punt if the attempt is over 50. Overall, he has been very reliable this year. I think you made this thread without looking at his numbers and now you're in too deep to admit you messed up.
  2. Should've signed Vince Young when we had the chance. Beastastic.
  3. But what about Boomer Esiason? Or the real wild card, Pat Ryan?
  4. No one expects their kicker to make a 60+ yard field goal.
  5. Sanchez is not "afraid" of living up to expectations. Sanchez isn't afraid on anything. The repetitiveness of the offense play calling is whats killing him. As for Rex, I'd rather have him talking up our players giving them confidence that an a$$hole like Belidick, or a total idiot like Sparano. And no, 90% of Jet fans will not agree with you irregardless of the outcome of the season. So again, **** off troll.
  6. Ok, why are you here? Seriously, **** off and go onto your own teams board.
  7. They knew what was coming. The repetitive play calling is killing us. They ran the same formation on the last play.
  8. Like I said in another thread, I'm not giving up on him until I see him for a full year in another system.
  9. I don't know if he'll ever be as good as Brees, but in a better system he could be a very capable QB who could get us over the hump.
  10. Strip play calling duties from sh*tty and give them to Callahan tomorrow morning. Let him open things up, maybe let Sanchez try a pass deeper than 7 yards with more than 3 minutes left in the game.
  11. Sound like Charger fans circa 2003. All the We want Manning talk. And look how that turned out. Losing a Hall of Famer for a whinny little prick who chokes when it matters.
  12. Not saying he won't play again, but what makes you think he'll ever be as good again? He is coming off of a very serious neck injury. Neck injuries can affect every aspect of a quarterbacks game. And we won't know what he's would be until he gets into games.
  13. I agree. I will not give up on him until I see him fail in another system. I Callahan is the OC next year and Sanchez shows nothing, then I'll give up and move on.
  14. Says who? You? And how stupid would you have to be to give up a first round pick for two years when your not guaranteed a Super Bowl or that he will even be healthy for every game?
  15. Schotty, still believe Sanchez can do it. Put him in another system, I think he'll succeed.
  16. You would have to be completely retarded to give a first round pick outright for damaged goods.
  17. Schottenheimer had better get his play calling duties stripped tomorrow this is ridiculous.
  18. So our defense shuts them down for the first 55 Minutes, but now they're getting run over?
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