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  1. How do you just give up like that? Let Sanchez throw one deep to Plax or Holmes.
  2. Matt Moore, Curtis Painter, Charlie Whitehurst, Kevin Kolb
  3. And another brilliant play called to back them into a 3rd and long. Genius.
  4. No, not entirely. If the Broncos didn't know what play was coming than Sanchez may have had more time and wouldn't have forced it.
  5. Can't bench Schotty and Sanchez hasn't made too many mistakes you're just blowing a lot of minor things out of proportion. The bad offense still resides mostly on Schotty.
  6. Wow, awful all around. They knew what was coming and he didn't even see how covered Plax was.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot he changed his name. They should totally sign him just for that. Well that and he can't possibly be any worse than Mulligan.
  8. How about Ron Artest? He did say he wanted to play Tight End for the Jets back in December and with the lockout, he has nothing better to do. http://espn.go.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/34711/ron-artest-wants-to-play-te-for-the-jets
  9. Well Chad Cascadden was doing the Channel 11 pre-game here in NY and Hugh Douglas was covering Rugby for BBC America last I saw so Johnny Mitchell was all thats probably left.
  10. These announcers are the worst part of this game. They have no clue what is going on.
  11. What a horrible game Conley is having. Cut him now and let him get home on his own.
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