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  1. No, because we are tied with the Bengals in Conference record and we both have one conference game left. But we can narrow it down to just the Bengals with a win and a Raiders and Titans loss.
  2. and yet its been the most valuable metal for thousands of years.
  3. If we stop shooting ourselves in the foot then we could definitely beat New England.
  4. According to Rex, he is supposed to be our top pass rusher. We haven't gone after other pass rushers because, aside from his contract, he's always supposed to have a breakout year. Fact is, he's just too slow. And no, he isn't paid as much as the top pass rushers, but I can't figure out how he got this still large contract in 2008 on his Arizona resume in the first place.
  5. How is he "as over paid as half the league"? Half the league doesn't make as much as him. And what exactly did he do good yesterday?
  6. http://www.pro-footb.../P/PaceCa20.htm He had more than 66 tackles once in his career. You're combining tackles and assists, they stopped doing that 20 years ago.
  7. He has 48 tackles, not 66. And yes, he is way more overpaid than Santonio. As a "pass rush" linebacker, his best season was 8 sacks. He is making 6.1 million this year, 7.3 million next year, and 11.5 million the year after, how does he deserve that pay for his stat line?
  8. and as for yesterday, all I remember about Pace was a late hit and him falling flat on his face several times.
  9. He has 4.5 sacks this year. How does that justify what he is paid? He is invisible almost always.
  10. And can someone tell me what the hell Calvin Pace did to earn the deal he got? He is completely useless and can't even be cut without a cap hit until after next season.
  11. If we get in at #6 we're likely headed to Houston. I like our chances of beating them with Yates at QB. Then we would go on to play the #1 seed, lets say Baltimore. The defense held their offense to 13 points last time out and our offense suffered from missing Mangold. A run is not out of the question.
  12. Why is there no hope? The guy has only been playing football for a few years, not 20 like most in his age group because they don't play in down Haiti, plus he came from a small I-AA school. We knew he was a project when we drafted him, I'd give him another season at least.
  13. I think Cincy is the only team still in contention we have a one-on-one tie breaker over.
  14. Even though the Raiders have collapsed, we still hold the one on one tie breaker with Cincy. Still #6.
  15. Even if we don't win the Super Bowl, I still want to be in the playoffs.
  16. Head to head match-ups don't count in a three way tie. We win over the Bengals based on common games and the Raiders in conference games. http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine/_/results/311218007~2~311218021~1~311218022~2~311218024~2~311219025~1~311218013~1
  17. Even though Oakland is winning and Cincinnati won today, we still win the three way tiebreaker over them. So if we are in a threeway tie breaker with them after tonight, we still hold the #6 seed.
  18. LaRon Landry and Michael Griffin are FA's next year, we should take a look at them. Also should look at what we can get in a trade for Cro. If Mario Williams hits the market, gotta grab him. Probably stuck with Pace another year. Ben Grubbs would be a good replacement at RG for Moore, who cutting would save us 3 Million off the cap. The only Free Agent RT is Kareem McKenzie, either have to draft a Hunter replacement or hope it clicks for Vlad.
  19. Wayne Hunter again, really, Vlad can not be any worse. Might as well put him in, at least he has some upside.
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