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  1. No, it was the Indy game in 2000. The last one Miami won.
  2. LOL, they had a playoff game blacked out in 2000. How the hell do you get a playoff game blacked out?
  3. Can't wait until next year when all of you Phag fans are saying how Herman Edwards and Carl Peterson are the answer and they'll win.
  4. Really? A week ago everyone wanted Vlad cut and now, off of one game, he should start?
  5. What's with ESPN and the new looney stats?
  6. Lets see what your saying when Henne plays a real defense and throws 3 picks. Remember last year when all of you Dolphin fans thought you were going to the Super Bowl because you beat Minnesota and Buffalo?
  7. Bruschi has some anger issues he needs to work out.
  8. If we had a Kerry Rhodes type player on this team...
  9. If Sanchez had a game like that I'd be pissed the offense put up, essentially, ten points and could not sustain a drive. And for the record, I was not overly pleased with Sanchez last night, but Henne was not that great tonight.
  10. Over 100 of those yards and one TD came in the final 5 minuets when NE was letting them move to wind down the clock. And the other TD was a 9-yard drive set up by an INT.
  11. Some defense Miami has. When was the last time the Jets gave up 600 yards in a game?
  12. I wish we had a CB tandem as good as Miami's. Best in the league.
  13. In his third year Drew Brees completed 205 of 356 (57.6%) for 2,108 yards with 11 TD's to 15 INT's for a 2-9 record. They drafted Eli Manning first overall the next year and traded for Rivers. If Rivers didn't hold out in to start Brees' fourth year who knows where Brees would be now because he sucked until his fourth year.
  14. NYJets90


    Revis, Trufant, McKnight, Leonhard, Folk, and Plax.
  15. You really think we would lose to Oakland or Jacksonville?
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