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  1. Who the hell says dweeb anymore? The 80's are long over.
  2. Didn't we go through the whole "is this 1999 all over again" thing last year?
  3. Like I said before, don't be surprised if trading is halted early Monday afternoon. This will be ugly.
  4. We're about 10.2 Million under the cap right now.
  5. Boy if you thought Thursday was fun, just wait until Monday. I'll bet trading gets suspended. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903366504576490841235575386.html
  6. The Fed won't allow that to happen.
  7. Revis Mangold Brick Harris
  8. It still sounds like a joke. They'll never make this mistake again.
  9. If Ryan Clark doesn't like the whole lockout, then maybe he should go to his Union and tell them to negotiate in good faith. They wanted this and your naive if you think otherwise. The league was making concessions in the negotiations, but it wasn't good enough for the union. They went into the negotiations with the total intent of decertifying. And if the players don't like what the owners are giving them then let them go do something else. No one is forcing them to play this game. I'd like to see what these players would be doing and what they would be making if not for those greedy owners giving them millions to play football.
  10. I read Thanksgiving @ Denver and Christmas eve vs the Giants.
  11. Good, the uncertainty has made this one of the worst off seasons in my lifetime. Just get this over with.
  12. I was more impressed with Braylon last year than Santonio. I still haven't gotten over that dropped TD in the Miami game. Plus Santonio seems to have some fumbling problems.
  13. Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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