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  1. They had better comeback and blow KC out.
  2. Lets finally beat this damn team. Its been 41 years since the merger and this is the only team we haven't beaten. Lets get it done.
  3. Listening to WIP today, very few have any faith in the Eagles winning tomorrow.
  4. If daddy gets a HC gig, then I think he'll leave to be with him.
  5. No it isn't, it's only 155K over the league minimum salary. And it's very small compared to what Peyton would make. And when you figure that he took the cut this year, where did you get any conclusions about Peyton from?
  6. Really? You think he shifted 525K around for Peyton Manning?
  7. Is Mark Sanchez progressing? http://www.snywhyguy...ez-progressing/
  8. Speaking of wasted draft picks, Vlad looked pretty good yesterday. Maybe he can amount to something after all.
  9. Caldwell will be gone as will Turner in SD, probably Spags in STL and Morris in TB, Coughlin will be if the Giants miss, and possibly Wisenhunt in ARZ.
  10. Oh, this will be called a gritty win that saved the Giants season. They'll have that retarded hillbilly Super Bowl bound and in the HOF tomorrow.
  11. Obvious who the Fredo is in the Ryan family.
  12. And the choke is complete. Just like last week.
  13. Why didn't they just let them score and save the timeout?
  14. and now comes the Cowboys choke. Edit- and it begins with a 35 yard punt.
  15. http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine
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