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  1. We have Del Rio, Haley and Sparano fired in the last week or so. Did I miss another HC?

    Who is next? Ralph Wilson is too much of a pussy to fire Gailey so the AFCE is all set. How about Caldwell in Indy? That guy is horrible.

    Caldwell will be gone as will Turner in SD, probably Spags in STL and Morris in TB, Coughlin will be if the Giants miss, and possibly Wisenhunt in ARZ.

  2. Bullcrap! Now we have to hear all about the Giants greatness..... When the Jets won by a fluke over Dallas it was a mark against them, Giants win like this and they will be all over the covers. $*&$&*%*& hate them!

    Oh, this will be called a gritty win that saved the Giants season. They'll have that retarded hillbilly Super Bowl bound and in the HOF tomorrow.

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