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  1. Our OLine had better bring its A game next week or it'll get real ugly real quick.
  2. Jesus Christ, another week of this crap
  3. Barber's going to be walking back to Chicago as a Free Agent.
  4. You've gotta be ******* kidding me.
  5. Marrion Barber is a complete idiot.
  6. At least we have a week to prepare this time. Last year he went down on a Friday before the Monday NE game.
  7. Not enough. That bastard Brady cost me at least $1,000 by throwing that pick late in the game in the endzone and not winning by at least 9.
  8. If they do go after a WR, I would rather someone bigger and someone with their head on straight like Colston.
  9. Not sure about Cincy and Houston, but the other 2 should go the Jets way. The Jets could very well hold control of their own destiny by tomorrow night.
  10. If the Jets, Saints, Texans, and Packers win tomorrow, we control our own destiny. All that should matter to Jets fans right now.
  11. None of it is good enough to overcome the irrational hatred some around here have for Sanchez.
  12. He was the Offensive Coordinator for the Steelers from 83-89. In that span, they ranked 22nd, 8th, 13th, 20th, 25th, 15th, and 28th in yards gained and 14th, 8th, 9th, 18th, 20th, 13th, and 24th in points scored. His QB's in that span were Cliff Stoudt (1983), Mark Malone (1984-1987), and Bubby Brister (1988-1989). His Running Backs were Franco Harris (1983), Frank Pollard (1984-1985), Ernest Jackson (1986-1987), Meril Hodge (1988), and Tim Worley (1989). He was also the Coordinator in Detroit from 1994-1996. In that span, they ranked 15th, 1st, and 20th in yards gained and 6th, 2nd, and 21st in points scored. His QB's were Dave Kreig (1994), and Scott Mitchell (1995-1996). Barry Sanders was his Running Back all three years. So, stat wise, it was a mixed bag, however those teams didn't exactly have a lot of talent outside of Sanders in Detroit.
  13. I was hunted once. I just came back from Nam, I was hitching through Oregon, and some Cop started harassing me. Next thing I know I had a whole army of cops chasing me through the woods. I had to take them all out, it was a bloodbath.
  14. Your right, he lets the crappy plays happen. As the Head Coach, it is up to him to put a stop to the ultra conservative, ultra predictable play calling and let Sanchez regularly throw past the first down marker.
  15. So he looks bad until Schotty gets taken out of the equation, gee, wonder why?
  16. Would be nice to not have to play catch up in the fourth.
  17. In the two Minute drill he calls the shots, not shotty, and he has a great record in doing it.
  18. When the game is on the line Romo costs the Cowboys games that they have in hand with fumbles and other mind bogglingly stupid mistakes, while Sanchez wins us games once he starts calling his own plays. Stafford puts the ball up half the time and hopes Calvin Johnson catches it, and he's still banged up all the time. Alex Smith does less for the 49ers than Sanchez does here. Palmer's been worse than Sanchez. Matt Moore hasn't done much. When they've relied on him to win, he hasn't. His stats in their last five games are: @ KC- 17-23 244 3-0 W vs WSH 20-29 209 0-1 W vs BUF 14-20 160 3-0 W @ DAL 19-32 288 1-0 L vs OAK 13-25 162 1-0 W Do not see how that is "significantly better". Kolb, Bradford, and Freeman have not played well. Bradford and Freeman feasted on bad teams last year and this year reality has caught up to them. As for Kolb he was never that good and I don't know what Arizona even saw in him.
  19. Romo blows it constantly, put him in Schotty's offense forget it. Stafford has trouble even staying on the field. Flacco, and Smith are not better than Sanchez, Matt Moore sucks, Palmer is getting old, and Freeman, Kolb, and Bradford have accomplished nothing compared to Sanchez. Freeman feasted on bad teams last year and the other two have done nothing. Tebow hardly throws, not what we need in a QB.
  20. Ok, Fitzpatrick, Moore, Grossman, Romo, Vick, Flacco, McCoy, Stafford, Ponder, Orlovsky, Gabbert, Freeman, Tebow, Cassel, Palmer, Kolb, Bradford, Jackson, Smith.
  21. If all answers are indefensible then why did you even bother to ask the question?
  22. To get his salary off the books and to avoid a situation like the Packers went through with him the year before. It became clear he wasn't going to be a Jet so they decided to wash their hands of him and move on to draft a QB.
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