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  1. He was free to go to the VIkings, which is what he wanted in 2008.
  2. What are you talking about? Don't you know that we must cut everyone who isn't a Hall of Famer by his third year?
  3. He didn't want to come here to begin with, what would make you think he would want to stay here?
  4. He wanted to prove to Green Bay he could still do it and he wanted to do it in a system similar to Holmgren's in the mid-90's and in the NFC North. Plus I've heard he hated NY/NJ.
  5. Favre was not coming back here. It was the Vikings or bust in 2009.
  6. We had too much money locked up in Pennington in 2006 and 2007 to go after Brees or Schaub, Garcia wouldn't have won anything here, Favre was either playing for Minnesota in 2009 or he was retiring, Josh McDaniels wasn't going to send Cutler to the AFC East and risk alienating Belichick, Hasselbeck is injury prone and would've been a big risk, Campbell was at best equal to Sanchez in Washington, and Josh Freeman isn't very good and he'd be even worse in Schotty's system. There is no one else that we could've gotten. And in a better system, Sanchez could very well be the future of this team.
  7. There are some big name FA's this year provided they get that far. LaRon Landry and Michael Griffen at Safety, Mario Williams at Linebacker (BTW Houston cannot afford to stick him with the Franchise Tag), Matt Forte at Running Back, VIncent Jackson, Marques Colston, Stevie Johnson and DeSean Jackson at Wide Receiver, just to name a few.
  8. And if you were the GM who would our QB be? I see all this complaining that "we didn't win the Super Bowl because of Sanchez" but yet no one seems to be able to throw out a better alternate who would've won it.
  9. You are all going to be disappointed when he hits free agency and the Jets do nothing because we have a Quarterback.
  10. If we were to go after a WR in Free Agency next year I might lean more toward Marques Coleston because of his size on blocking (6'4" 225). DeSean, at 5'10" 175 is too small to do what Braylon or Plaxico do blocking.
  11. Because Asomugha was supposed to be as good as Revis, which isn't something that you can realistically ask every cornerback to be. Just look at Aso in Philly, he's closer to Cro than Revis.
  12. but Cromartie usually yields them for the other team.
  13. Not if we had Eli years one and two. Sure we could win with a QB in years six and seven.
  14. The Packers and the Falcons, costing me over $1700 today.
  15. He's a Giants fan isn't he?
  16. Who's defense is better? Plus winning % apparently has nothing to do with it because Sanchez got us to back to back AFC title games and he's still not good enough.
  17. Could you imagine this place if our first round QB put up numbers that averaged out to 7-16 for 100 yards and 1 TD per game and that one TD was a 60 yard screen to the RB? If you think its bad here now, this place would be in total chaos.
  18. Yes, the more you throw the more mistakes. And the few times Tebow throws, they're incomplete. So Sanchez has more INTS's because he throws the ball, Tebow doesn't. And if you think "Tebow time" will last, you're insane.
  19. Tebow is averaging 16 passes a game and has a 45% completion rating. Sanchez is averaging 34 passes a game and has a 56% completion rating. Sanchez > Tebow.
  20. But then he would probably be in New England.
  21. Packers win by 8 and I win $130, will kind of make me forget the Falcons disaster.
  22. Apparently he's ok and back home. http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20111202/NEWS01/312020066/Muhammad-Ali-home-and-doing-well-after-being-hospitalized-friend-says
  23. Neither were as funny as the botched kick from the 20.
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