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  1. The INT's could stop with a new system. Most of his INT's come on passes of less then 15 yards, which are plays that the other teams defenses are expecting because thats all we run.
  2. So you cut him, for a QB that you don't know whether or not he'll even be good again? Thanks, but I'd rather take my chances exploring all options with Sanchez first.
  3. I think you are anti-Sanchez. You seem to carry a real vendetta against the guy. Instead of giving him a chance in a new system, you want to cut him lose and continue on the same path to no where with our half retarded, incompetent, OC and a broken Peyton Manning. And then when Sanchez becomes successful elsewhere you'll be on here, bitching and moaning about what a mistake it was to cut him.
  4. They had their chances, and they never showed anything close to what we've seen from Sanchez. Sanchez has shown he can win, he did that time after time last year. Especially in the two minute offense when you're never screws up, always perfect, genius of an offensive coordinator isn't calling plays.
  5. So lets give up on him then. And we can spend another 40 years looking for a QB. We've had dumb asses like you running this team for a long time, and thats why we haven't won anything. Go big and strike out.
  6. So the last two years who would you have gotten to be our QB? Who would have been a better option?
  7. But don't forget, the Hornets are owned by the NBA. So if David Stern wants this deal to happen, which he does, they'll trade him here for dirt.
  8. Aaron Rodgers struggled in 2008, go back and watch some games if you don't believe me. He missed on a lot of passes that he should've made. As for Newton you'll have to wait and see, just like with Bradford who everyone was already putting in the Hall of Fame at the end of last year. And who would you have started in 2009 and 2010? Who could we have gotten that would've done any better?
  9. My point with Brees is that for the first 3 years of his career, he was terrible. They wrote him off as a bust and traded for Rivers and Brees went on to have a good fourth year in San Diego. I can see it now, if we give up on Sanchez he'll go elsewhere and everyone on here will act dumbfounded as to why we gave up on him. And I get what your saying about the timing of having a rookie costing us, but we really had no other options, Favre wasn't coming back here, McDaniels wouldn't trade Cutler to the AFC East because of his ties to New England, and there were no other free agents or trade options. And to expect a rookie or even a second year QB to play lights out, throw the team on his back, and win a Super Bowl is a bit much.
  10. They went 6-10 and he struggled to come through when needed. They lost 7 games by 4 pts or less, 2 in OT.
  11. You've gotta play to learn. Next year, Newton is coming back to earth, guarantee it. Look at Aaron Rodgers, he wasn't that good in 2008 after spending 3 years behind Favre, but he got progressively better through playing. Benching is not the answer.
  12. So we should scrap Sanchez and start over? Yeah, that'll fix things.
  13. So how do you explain Drew Brees? Or Jim Plunkett? Aaron Rodgers didn't look too good in training camp back in 2005.
  14. The problem is with a neck injury, he might not have full range and arm strength anymore and it may never come back. If he retires, its not going to been just for the hell of it, its going to be because he can't physically play anymore.
  15. http://www.nesn.com/...50-percent.html And some of you around here still want this guy?
  16. The Jets forced 30 turnovers in 2008. That was 4 off the league lead.
  17. And yet we were only 20th in net yards gained per passing attempt. Go figure.
  18. Yes it has. After the 1990 season the Cowboys replaced Dave Shula with Norv Turner and it turned Aikman around.
  19. Put that into the perspective that they still didn't move the ball. He was still on pace to throw for less than 3600 yards and less than 30 Touchdowns, all on a fairly easy schedule. They constantly struggled against or lost to bad teams like the Bengals, Raiders, Chiefs, and Bills. They were not that good.
  20. Favre wasn't doing that great before he got hurt. His numbers through 11 games in 2008 were comparable with Sanchez's today and they were 8-3. They were likely going to lose at least two more games without the injury. They were not winning the Broncos game no matter what condition Favre was in, they struggled to win close games like that all year and they probably were going to lose to the Dolphins as well.
  21. We got to the AFC title game twice, and won 11 games last year, so it was better than with Favre.
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