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  1. Nobody should have been offended by my post. I didn't say anything negative about cancer or victims or survivors. I'm talking about the color pink and it's association with women, breast cancer and football. Read much? Guess not. Really?? So I'm being homophobic, YET YOU are associating homosexuality with pink and pansies? LOL You guys seriously need to grow up. I posted twice in the thread and it got 4 pages of non stop whining. Why can't anybody discuss a topic without getting emotionally invested? It's not like the pink drastically affects my life, I just don't see the purpose. I'm not saying color coordination is more important than cancer or prevention. I never once insinuated that and it makes me sick that anyone would think that. I didn't attack anybody, but everyone's attacking me. I guess that's why it was closed. At least it makes sense now. I didn't call ANYONE a baby or say anything negative about people who have lost loved ones to cancer. You must be a complete moron to even consider that. YES THAT'S AN ATTACK ON YOU, BECAUSE YOU'RE A DUMBASS. I was the one who was attacked. How many people called me heartless in that thread or said I know nothing about having a loved one with cancer? What I said was that it has nothing to do with the topic, and rightfully so. Everyone was acting like I slapped their dead mom in the face and attacking me as if I've never lost anyone to cancer or don't care about the disease at all. That is an absurd level of thinking. How old are you, for real? That's a good translation of his post. Essentially that's exactly what he said. Perfect example of people attacking me because I dared question the color pink. I'm sorry for you loss, but how does that make me heartless? How does asking about pink in football say anything negative about cancer victims???? I don't understand this association and why it warrants attacks on me. You sir, are a ******* idiot. I'm sorry for your loss, but you're a moron. Yeah, this site is full of emo clowns. You can't even have a discussion about a damn color and its association with football without getting called all kinds of unjust names because it somehow means I hate people who have died from cancer. Yeah. Enjoy ya'll. I think I came to the wrong place to discuss football. Here's another statement to piss off the idiots. 9/11 was an inside job. OH NOZ! That means I hate everyone that died on 9/11 and love terrorism! Shut up you stupid ****ers. I'm done here. Close the thread. Close my account. Whatever it is that you do. Thanks.
  2. I dunno, I just enjoy debates and whatnot and thought that could have been an interesting discussion, but unfortunately people get emotionally involved, lose track of reality, and crap hits the fan. I know cancer can be a tough subject to discuss, especially since virtually everyone I know has lost someone to it over the years. I've lost 2 and have one currently suffering. I wasn't trying to discount cancer survivors or the importance of cancer awareness. I think pink in football is ugly, and that isn't going to cure cancer or change the facts. There's a reason why no team in the league has pink uniforms. Everyone is aware of breast cancer, there's no reason this cancer thing shouldn't include other types of lesser known cancers.
  3. Anyone who supports the 1-4 comment has not been watching the games. I broke it down in detail above already, even though many people here don't have the attention span to read more than 2 sentences. People act like Romo placed the ball on the ground and let the Jets pick it up. It was a nice strip by Devito when we needed it most. Give credit where credit's due. That's the problem with you negative nancy types. You can't accept the fact that the better team won and only look for excuses. When the Patriots or Lions make a comeback and win it's pure skill, but when the Jets do it, they got lucky as hell and only won because "XXXX gave us the game". Please stop that. Mostly the big deal is interwebz tough guys that like to negatively talk about our team and backup up former players that say the same redundant nonsense. Pucker up and kiss that booty. I guess you couldn't just let it go. I'll say whatever I please about Namath, I'm sorry that it hurts your feelings enough to bring this up TWICE now LOL. The bulk of my post was addressing the 1-4 Romo claim, which is beyond absurd. But yeah I'll say it again, just to make you mad. Joe Namath can suck a fat ****. He hasn't been relevant since the 60s. He can die in a fire for all I care.
  4. Damn that Tanny for drafting Mangold, Ferguson, Sanchez and Revis. It's all HIS fault! LOL
  5. Why? . So one mod's opinion means the thread shouldn't have been created? Can't anyone handle discussing things like this without turning into emotional wrecks boohooing about me being heartless without even reading the context of my post. There were no politics discussed, it didn't violate forum rules. WHAT'S THE ISSUE??? My only point was that breast cancer is well known, and there are plenty of other cancers that effect men only but aren't even mentioned. Why not talk about all kinds of cancer awareness instead of just breast cancer, and why pink? People are so quick to let their emotions dictate their actions, getting bent out of shape for me bringing up a topic. Calm down, and re-read what I wrote. It's not that I don't care about cancer, and the fact that so many people thought I did, proves logic > emotion. Grow up, people.
  6. That is completely irrelevant and I knew a bunch of people would come with that emotional garbage. I've lost 2 relatives to 2 different types of cancers, so you can shut the **** up now. My point was the venue that they promote it, obviously I was semi joking about the manly men and all that. If they want to promote cancer that's fine, but why just breast cancer, and why by selling pink MERCH that makes THEM money. Why promote BREAST cancer in a sport dominating by men and a male fanbase? What about my uncle who's currently suffering from prostate cancer? Does he not matter? Guess not, it's just about breast cancer. There's other diseases and major issues. How many men are fully aware of the dangers of pancreatic cancer. Stuff like that never sees the light of day. I'm pretty certain that just about every single woman in America is aware of breast cancer and getting mammograms now. If it's just about awareness, then why limit it to something that only affects women in a male dominated industry? Rotate the cause or do something. When I watch football the last thing I want to think about is cancer.
  7. I'm a writer. Writing a paragraph for me is probably like writing 1 sentence for you. It ain't no thang. It seems to affect you, however. Interesting.
  8. I seriously think Joe is happy when the Jets struggle, because it makes him and his contribution to the team that much more noticeable. Namath is full of sh*t. Again, he's just randomly spewing nonsense. He doesn't work with the team. He doesn't prepare, he isn't in the locker room when Rex reams people out. Does he seriously think Rex doesn't care when they lose and doesn't yell at people who make dumb mistakes? Just because Rex won't publicly throw his guys under the bus? Joe's an idiot, and probably drunk when he said it. And some of you agree with this statement? L O ******* L. We've seen Rex get heated several times this season. You really honestly think he doesn't hold people accountable for their mistakes? Look what happened to Mason. Does Namath post on this site? I know I've heard that played out argument back all over the place. If it wasn't for a Cromartie mistake we'd be 3-2. If it wasn't for Plax grabbing someone's facemask during a catch we'd probably be 3-2. If it weren't for drops we'd be 3-2. If Mark didn't throw any picks we'd be 3-2 maybe 4-1. Stop using that stupid a$$ "if it weren't for Romo" argument as if nobody else makes mistakes in the league, including the Jets. No it's all because of Romo, even though he played a very good game overall. It's like how that tool Chris Collinsworth was running his mouth during the Baltimore game bashing the Jets. "See, it's like I said, Baltimore has to make mistakes for the Jets to even get close". What a moron. The Jets made the very same mistakes to give BALTIMORE at least 21 points and the win. People have very limited mental capabilities, and tunnel vision when it comes to the Jets, but on other teams, it's because they gave us the game. That win had nothing to do with Sanchez going 335 yards and 2 TDs. Nothing to do with Devito forcing the fumble. Nothing to do with Pool disguising his coverage to force a tough throw into double coverage. Nothing to do with Dustin Keller's TD and 61 yards, or Burress with 71 yards plus a TD, or certainly not LTs big plays. Let's pretend none of that happened. It was all because Romo threw a pick that led to 3 points. SHUT THE **** UP NAMATH YOU ******* NEGATIVE NANCY PIECE OF sh*t. And yes, you blind Namath supporters / negative nancies "They aren't as smart as they think they are" IS a jab and an insult. Why not some constructive criticism instead of constant hate?
  9. Saying the Jets offense struggled this year much more than the 2009 Jets is a complete joke. So what if the oline was better? Sanchez averaged less than 1 TD per game, and we had some terrible offensive games, even with a great line and running game. Our defense was amazing and gave us countless opportunities but we could never convert. Remember the Falcons game, the Bills game, Jags, both dolphins games? We sucked against bad teams and couldn't score to save our lives. As an offense, our run game isn't as strong and neither is the line, but our passing game has gotten miles better. We had 2 separate 3 game losing streaks. Even in our bad games we're putting up 20+ points. In 09 it was rare to get past 14. If we lose to the Dolphins and then Bills, I'll agree with you, but that ain't happening.
  10. It was a suggestion, not a personal attack. I didn't call anyone any names, just stated the obvious to anyone who'd recommend a female QB in lingerie league over the Sanchize. Yeah, it's best best to go get that done quick before it's too late.
  11. We are well aware of breast cancer, thanks. We don't need professional MALE athletes running around dressed like pink pansies. This just shows that Goodell is a complete tool and willing to do anything to get more female viewers. It's obvious this has been his goal since he took over. He's softened the game and made the defense less relevant. Football is a MANLY sport. Mostly men watch it, although there are plenty of female fans, but promoting breast cancer awareness in football is just as stupid as promoting testicular cancer or prostate cancer in the WNBA or on a baking show. Lets be realistic here. Wasting money making athletes wear pink doesn't stop breast cancer. Try promoting it on a venue that actually makes sense, where women can learn about it, like the Oprah Winfrey show. Get rid of the pink. It's ugly and hideous and changes absolutely nothing. Like how many people that watch football have never heard of breast cancer?
  12. Matt Moore doesn't stand a chance against our secondary. If we can keep Bush under wraps we'll be straight this game. Everyone's going to pick against the Jets because it's the hot trend. Those idiot media parasites do nothing but follow trends. "Oh, they lost 3 in a row? They're terrible, they will lose to the worst team in the league with a backup QB" Lollercoaster. Why aren't the media reporters holding the Eagles to the same standards? They are 1-4, projected to win the superbowl, yet they are still favored every week, and rated high in the power rankings. Talk about blatant bias.
  13. Please go off yourself, and do it quick.
  14. Why don't we just get rid of this account? It always posts things that are already posted, and it's late every time.
  15. I'm not so sure about that. If we can't stop the run, we don't stand a chance, especially if we fall behind. We do need to get that line working better / replace hunter, but that move couldn't hurt at all.
  16. Please listen to Holmes! I definitely want to see more deep shots. It worked pretty well last year, but it really does start up front with the line. He's dead on about that.
  17. That comparison is like 40 years old lol. Fords have just as many bells and whistles in some of their modern cars. It takes a real genius to use his pedals and steer a wheel. I can't imagine that!
  18. This is a good move. I feel that Mason was holding us back. He looks slow, out of shape and struggled to run some basic routes. He never really got in sync with Sanchez, and looking closely, he's probably responsible for at least 2 of his picks. He was just out of place on many snaps. Kerley looked a lot better in the slot, and I feel it's more conducive to our future to let him develop. He's got huge potential. Forget old man Mason. It was a worthy risk bringing him in, but it didn't work out, unfortunately. That's how the business works.
  19. No timeouts left, means most likely Sanchez will make the call. I'd much rather see that than a Schoddy play when that much is on the line.
  20. I thought Newton has looked good, especially for a rookie. He'll be fine. He'll be outplaying Sanchez by year 2 at max.
  21. If we lose to Miami, then the season is over. There's no excuse for that at all. We need a big rebound win against them to propel us to a victory in SD. We should be 5-3 by the time we face the Pats again and we'll beat them in the home game like usual. We HAVE to beat the Bills, and the phins, however. NO BS. I saw a big improvement against the Pats vs. the prior 2 games. We should be alright to knock off the phins.
  22. ^yes they do. that's their job. My bullsh*t alarm is screaming right now. Several drops?? Huh? He's barely gotten targeted and the throws have been off most of the time because Sanchez rushed to get it off. His endzone grab was a really tough catch. Holmes isn't superhuman, he had no chance on stopping that pick. I want proof of Holmes "several" drops that were perfect throws this year. Go ahead. Who really cares if Holmes said it to the media, you know he said it to the team. He was correct in what he said. I didn't realize that analyzing the situation and telling it like it is was a bad thing. You know Rex is our coach, right? As captain you need to point out what's wrong and try to help the team fix it. He's perfect for that.
  23. Yeah, that was atrocious, but Springsteen still makes me wanna cry when I hear him. I thought the NFL was trying to avoid risque people like that since the Janet Jackson over reaction. It would be hilarious if Madonna showed a titty. Halftime is usually get the 2nd batch of food ready time anyways.
  24. Yep, our passing D is the one part of this team that's playing excellent football overall. Cro did have one terrible game and made an error that pretty much cost us the Raiders game. My concern this game is stopping the run. If we can do that, Brady will be feeling pressure all game. I'm not worried about the Pats defense, especially if Mangold is back. Revis is playing his a$$ off right now. He's still the best player on our team and it shows. We'll see good things from our defense this weekend. I'm sure of it. My guess is he'll be matched with welker most of the time, while cro floats between Chad Johnson and Branch. I won't be surprised if we see Wilson covering Welker every now and then in the slot.
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