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  1. This just in. Anyone who's ever worn a sideways cap is dumb since everyone this guy has seen isn't bright by his standards. It's a professionalism thing. College professors do not wear hats at all, because it's not professional when teaching a class. It's not because they're too smart for it. They have a professional image to maintain. I've seen tons of people, many of whom are intelligent and some of the most successful people in the world, wear their hats like that. I think it has to do more with age and fashion sense, than IQ. You probably think rap music is completely unintelligent as well. I bet you think anyone who listens to hip hop is by your definition, "not smart", simply because it doesn't appeal to you and you don't understand the culture. Sideways hats started as a form of rebellion and standing up against oppression. It's a lot deeper than you think, but nowadays it's mostly about fashion. In football, professional fashion means nothing. Talent and ability does. I mean look at Lady Gaga. She's one of the most creative and musically gifted people of our time and she wears some sh*t that makes me scratch my head. Does that mean she's dumb? Nope, it means she knows how to sell. In Plax's case, he's probably just trying to look cool. Intelligence and fashion = not related.
  2. I apologize, I messed the title up. It should say "preseason" games, because as far as I can tell they aren't reducing regular season games. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/6884942/san-francisco-49ers-oakland-raiders-end-preseason-rivalry-report-says Is this retarded or what? A few moron fans are costing the thousands upon thousands of others one of their most fun preseason matchups. I don't understand this primitive reactionist mentality displayed in society today. Why does everyone scapegoat and dodge the real issue? The problem is gang activity in the area, not the football rivalry. Goodell is a goddamned moron and if he thinks this is going to fix the problem, he's either extremely stupid or delusional. Why don't they beef up security? Bring in extra police, screen the people that they allow into the game. NFL = 3 ring circus where the clowns are in control of the whole show.
  3. OMG! Patriots are going to win the superbowl just like they did as predicted the past 3 years. LOL. Most overhyped team I've ever seen. The media can't seem to stop sucking Brady's cac.
  4. Seriously. It's not like she dresses like a sex object or anything... oh wait...
  5. Since when does wearing your cap to the side mean you're a thug? Because it's popular on MTV or whatever? Because some rappers do it? You're buying into that crap as if it means anything at all, beyond the youth imitating what they see on TV... granted Burress is 34, it ain't like he's an old man. It's just fashion and doesn't make a damn bit of difference in the game. I don't give a sh*t if Burress comes to the game wearing a giant penis on his head, if he catches balls, he's good in my book.
  6. Barcs

    Two TE Set

    In the few times we used the 2 TE set I saw good things happen. Looks like Rex learned a little something from Bellachick after all. We really have a chance to mix it up a lot on offense this year. Teams will have more difficulty planning for us on offense. I expect huge steps forward in the receiving game this year.
  7. Yep. Against the Bengals in preseason I expect nothing less than a blowout. If we didn't blow them out, our team is falling off.
  8. I take this back. Gholston did have preseason sack against the Eagles last year. Maybin's was still 100x better.
  9. Why does he care about Joe Namath? The dude is notorious for comments like that. Calling him a "loser" of that game, is beyond stupid when it has nothing to do with the game. But that's what these media clowns do. When good things happen on the field, they can't simply let it be, they need to dig deeper and desperately find something... anything to spread that negativity. Damn vultures.
  10. Totally, because the direction he wears his cap totally makes a difference in his play on the field. LOL. Seriously, who the **** cares? I care about how they play, not how absurd your opinion on fashion is. I guess some people just can't take the fact that there's nothing negative to pick out, so they'll resort to digging up meaningless stuff, completely irrelevant to the game.
  11. Yeah, those announcers were horrible. They couldn't even pronounce Ducasse right.
  12. Haha so Maybin had more sacks in one game, than Gholston over his whole career with the Jets including preseason. I think this kid could be legit. That was a nice sack fumble.
  13. Looks like Holmes alone needs to change his name. Holmes certainly is not alone. Plex looked good last night. I love the fact that he's big enough to stop jump and grab nomatter who's in the area. He will be a force.
  14. **** 1999. This is 2011. Compare the year to 2010 if anything. People love to live in the past. Lets think of some other bad seasons and compare them to this up and coming one, for no reason. THE SKY IS FALLING!!! They were comparing last year to that year in the 80s when the Jets started 10-1 and then lost all remaining games and first or 2nd round of the playoffs. It's just absurd.
  15. Aside from the obvious error switching Brady's and Sanchez's names that list looks good.
  16. That's stupid. Football is a GAME. Get over it.
  17. I joined F brad Smith haha. I love the names.
  18. Brad Smith is going to be the next Michael Vick. One thing I always disliked about the Jets wildcat was that he almost NEVER threw a pass.
  19. They beat the Panthers preseason! WOW HUGE WIN!
  20. We've got way bigger issues than who our backup QB is. Backup QBs don't win superbowls unless they are Tom Flukey I'm more worried about the offensive line at the moment. Like, are we going to waste money signing someone like McNabb to backup Sanchez? Besides we got McElroy.
  21. What is your obsession with Randy Moss? He had a terrible year. If the Jets sign him its a HUGE mistake. I mean, he couldn't get it done with Tom Brady OR Bret Favre. He's done. And what's funnier, is you're the one speaking out against signing older players like Plax and Mason, yet you endorse that clown after he had the worst season of his career. TO wouldn't be so bad, at least we've seen he can still be productive, but same is said for Mason, so I think we'll be good.
  22. At which position besides QB are the Patriots better? Backup offensive linesman?
  23. Careful about that. Logical factual posts aren't acceptable here. It gives the negative nancies less to hate and be angry about and we can't have that.
  24. thanks for posting the article instead of just a generic link.
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