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  1. Thank you. Finally a response that doesn't say the generic "no injuries". Well no friggin duh. Lets talk about what we DO want. I could list what I don't want until the cows come home. I'd personally like to see the offensive line play better, and for Sanchez tear it up first half. The line held us back last game, and Sanchez took a beating.
  2. OMG OMG!!! Cotchery caught a TD in a preseason game against 2nd and 3rd stringers!?!? The sky is falling, we should have kept him, now it's over, we're destined to finish last in the division now. Cotch is easily top 5 in the league. THANKS A LOT STUPID FRONT OFFICE! YOU GUYS SUCK NOT FORCING HIM TO STAY.
  3. Yes he does lol. Our entire defense is built around his ability to excel in single coverage. Yes we won games without him, but yes our defense sucked during those games, the offense did really well. Wasn't the first Jets - Miami game like 35-28? It was extremely rare all season for our defense to give up more than 17 points.
  4. Sanchez has done nothing but improve (with a few exceptions)since he joined, and Rex has done nothing but made this team a superbowl contender. If he improves over last year, there's no reason to call for his or Rex's head. They've done good things since they've arrived, and even if we don't win the superbowl, if we improve the offense and maintain the same defense, it's a step in the right direction. Our core is set for years to come. Obviously we want to win a superbowl, but as was mentioned above, it's very difficult and there is a certain degree of luck and circumstance involved. It's not like Rex sucks cuz we don't win the superbowl every year. We've come close, twice now. We'll get there.
  5. Ummm, Woody's backup played better than he did and Revis wasn't 100% until more than halfway through the season. Are you friggin serious? Did you miss the 2nd Jets-Patriots game that happened 2 days after the injury? He's the QB of our secondary and calls all the signals for defense. OF COURSE THAT DERAILED US. That's the main reason we played such bad defense in that game. So, to restate. You are wrong. Revis, Calvin Pace and Leonhard were all significant injuries. Your team might have been hurt worse by injuries, but such is the nature of the beast. Besides Revis is better than anyone on your roster, therfor its a bigger loss for us than your little piddlywink players.
  6. Goodell is a disgrace to this sport. Anyone who puts him on blast has every right to do so. I feel like this season will be a horrible year for officiating and overall watering the game down. I'm glad Vick didn't go to Buffalo, though. That would be a completely different team right now.
  7. I apologize for not being dumb enough to fall for your obvious side talking and point dodging. You should consider running for political office. Football obviously isn't your forte.
  8. No, you idiot. NM stadium was never Giants stadium.
  9. I hate the term "super bowl or bust". It implies that if we don't win it all our team is ruined forever. Our team relies on Sanchez improving EACH YEAR. People said that super bowl or bust crap last year, but ignored the development of Sanchez as if it was irrelevant. If we're winning a superbowl it starts there. Either way, that should be our goal.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean. We had a bunch of backups at critical positions playing with the starters in that game. Sanchez went 5/6, with a gaping hole on the o-line, without Plax. Nothing to improve??? huh???? That's a much higher completion percentage than he had most of last year. What is this "one hole to plug" nonsense. Did you even see the amount of free agents we had? We had tons of holes to plug. Only in the secondary. 2009? We have rookies every year, man. Last year it was Kyle Wilson, before than Sanchez and Shonn Greene, 2 rookies who helped carry the team to the AFC championship. This argument has been done to death on here, I'm not even going to respond to that nonsense. Wrong again. Santonio Holmes and David Harris were the main priorities. Then Cornerback. I don't understand any point you're trying to make here. What are you actually saying besides whining and complaining in a rambling rant? 8th in sacks isn't good enough? Just because it wasn't any ONE player racking up the stats, doesn't mean we didn't have a pass rush. We don't have an elite pass rusher, but our blitzing schemes are very good. That's how we generate pass rush, plus Calvin Pace wasn't 100% for most of last season. We'll be fine at pass rush. It's created because of Revis and Cromartie staying in single coverage, which opens guys up. Our issue was the redzone last year, NOT PASS RUSH. We were 8th in sacs, 3rd in overall defense, but we were 11th in overall offense. It's blatantly obvious that our issues last year were on the offensive side of the ball, in particular the passing yards, in which we ranked 22nd in the league. Sorry bud. You are wrong.
  11. What has been going on for 2 summers? He's only had 2 summers in the league and 1 was extremely short. Did you forget Slauson? The dude struggled last summer and the summer before but he ended up just fine.
  12. What a terrible comparison. Eli's tooting his own horn saying that crap. 25 picks? Hello? That's more than Sanchez in his rookie year! What an egomaniac. He's not even in Peyton's class. I'm not saying he sucks or anything, he's a good player, but not elite. He's got the potential to be, however. We'll see how he does this year.
  13. You mean like DWIs, bar fights, and 4 am car accidents?
  14. Strange. I care about all 3 of those, and without them, we won't have the best record in the AFC... sooo?
  15. Preseason games aren't about winning or losing. They're about giving the young guys a chance to shine and make the team as well as test various combinations of players and schemes. We were one dropped pass away from a win, regardless. We'll be aight.
  16. It absolutely can't hurt to give him a shot. If he fails and sucks, we cut him. If not, he might actually help us this year or at least be a decent backup. I guess we'll see.
  17. It's just too funny how he struggled in his FIRST preseason game of the year with a shortened training camp and everyone suddenly hates him. It's not an easy position to start at as a rookie or even sophomore. Give the kid some time. Slauson was pretty bad at the beginning of the year as well, but towards the end he became very good. I think he'll develop just fine, and I'm very happy that the Jets business decisions are up to the front office and not a bunch of emotional fans.
  18. More importantly, how is his down field blocking?
  19. Man, that really sucks for those teams. All that money to spend that they could be using to get top notch talent to make a playoff run but the owners prefer more money in their pockets... Why don't they just jack up ticket prices like Woody did?
  20. I really don't think it was Smith who blew the coverage. You gotta understand as a safety, you aren't always in coverage. A lot of the time, the CB gets beat then the safety comes in to turn a big gain into a small gain. I rarely see Eric Smith miss those. Just because he's not stuck to the guy like glue, doesn't mean he's even supposed to be there. Obviously he's no Revis or Cromartie, but I like Eric Smith's smashmouth style, he just needs to clean up his penalties. Pool is a little better in coverage, but he's not really anything special, to be honest. I think they'll both get near equal playing time this year. Our team is deep, so "starter" might not mean much in this defensive system we have. He'll still play.
  21. Yeah, I hear ya and definitely understand where you guys are coming from. Jail can be a life changing experience. Was that recently that you pulled him over, or was that before the jail time? I hope you gave him a ticket.
  22. Yeah because bench pressing totally works your biceps lol.
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