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  1. Namath's an emotional tool these days. He doesn't matter. Hasn't since the 70s. Ravens are much harder to beat than the Pats. Expect our offense to look good this weekend. Our d will be improved.
  2. Keep talking Cromartie. Please cut it out, ya'll. Cro talked crap before the playoff came, he played well and we won. Don't buy into it like it matters lol.
  3. Yeah, Joe hasn't been relevant since 69. He openly criticizes the jets, but then gets angry when a team captain comes forward and explains why they lost. He can go die in a fire. He's the ultimate hypocrite and he's retarded ta boot.
  4. The defense did lose us the game, but the oline looked bad as well. They may not be connected but both are true. Sanchez had to scramble most of the game and still did pretty well despite it. If the line (Hunter) doesn't get better this week, it may just be that time to start Ducasse. At this point, what can we really lose? I hope Mangold plays tomorrow. It will make a big difference.
  5. Guess you missed the last game? Cro's the fastest guy on our defense lol.
  6. The Steelers pretty much gave that game to the Ravens. Didn't big Ben have 4+ turnovers?
  7. This kind of thing can go both ways. Some people stand on the big plays and exciting times, 3rd downs, etc, and there's nothing wrong with it. But there's some people that are just stubborn and will stand the whole time, regardless of the people behind him. I was at the Jets Packers game last season and this one guy (Jets fan of course) stood the entire time, and when someone asked him if he could sit down, he started standing on his chair out of spite, blocking the views of like 3-4 people at least, a few of them were elderly. I was one of them because I'm short and couldn't see and this guy was 2 rows ahead of me and like 6'4". Thank goodness someone complained and they told him to knock it off. Some people just feel like they have some sense of entitlement where they have the right to stand and therefor must stand the whole time regardless of other people. It's not fair to people who aren't as tall or people that may be handicapped and can't stand for long periods of time. Nothing wrong with standing, but show some respect to the people behind you. If someone can't see and asks you to sit, then do it. Don't instigate problems with your fellow fans. I never understood the whole bottle cap thing? Is that just so you can't throw a full bottle at someone? Pretty stupid, if so. I shouldn't have to worry about spilling my drink the whole time because someone else is paranoid as hell. A cap on a bottle of water, and you can plop it anywhere and not have to be bothered with it.
  8. Why didn't they ask him why he ALWAYS does runs and screens in long yard situations? I really want to hear an explanation for that decision.
  9. ^Try reading the thread, this is just for fun. Loosen up a bit. You're acting like I just boned your wife. My main point this whole thread is that Namath broke out year 3 and Sanchez could very well do the same, showing similar progress. Namath's career was nothing special. He had that one great year then declined. Most analysts wouldn't put him in the top 50 QBs of all time. It's kind of hard to do when they only had that format not even 10 years. It's about yards per game, and plenty have outdone Namath in that regard. I know the rules have changed and it's not an exact comparison, but to me that indicates the RECEIVERS had to fight much harder to get open and make catches. It wasn't really a big difference in QB skill. It was more about the receiver and his ability to get open downfield. Do you think Namath would have broken that record without Maynard or Sauer? They averaged 100 yards and 80 yards a game respectively! These days its rare for a WR to break 100 yards a game average even with easier rules, let alone 2 from the same team coming that close. Only a handful have done it this decade.
  10. I couldn't agree with Rex more. Namath's comments were a bit silly, considering he isn't consulting, advising or working with the team at all, he honestly doesn't know enough to say that the Jets think they're better than they are. They are confident, but since when has that ever been an issue? Those of you bashing Rex for responding, Rex is going to be himself and he's going to respond, guess what? It doesn't affect our team for him to take 20 seconds of an interview to address the comments that HE WAS QUESTIONED ABOUT. Namath took the low road, by throwing an uninformed cheap shot at the team, instead of talking about how they can improve and Rex was 100% dead on.
  11. Sometimes I really wonder about some of these Jets fans. Lets see how the season goes before even considering draft picks lol.
  12. I don't put cop out choices in my polls, sorry. Vote yes or no, or don't vote. And of course it's all people talking about comparing then to now. I wasn't saying to compare the damn years exactly, I'm just using it as a measuring stick for Sanchez. You can tell by the stats alone that they threw down field much more often. Obviously take it with a grain of salt, BUT IT'S JUST FOR FUN. That's not really fair, because there have been a bunch of QBs after Namath that have thrown more, thus setting the bar higher and outperforming Namath. Sanchez doesn't need to be the best ever to win a superbowl. The way I see it, Sanchez doesn't need to have better stats than Namath to win the big one, since our defense is so good. It will be an interesting year, however, and like Namath I see Sanchez breaking out this year.
  13. Again, I see yet another game that will be pass heavy. I know the Jets will try and establish the run again, but the toughest part of the Raven's D is up front. I expect a lot of play action fakes. If Mangold is in, we should ground and pound it early, but if not, we should get Sanchez on a roll early. This is going to be a hard fought game and we need to earn it.
  14. With all the Namath talk lately, I figured now would be a good time to introduce a little game I like to play. Since Namath is the last Jet to win a superbowl, Sanchez will need to perform close to his level to do it. Namath's career stats could be a good way to see where our QB is in his development and his ability to bring us the big game. I compare them on a year by year basis. For example, Namath's rookie year vs Sanchez rookie year. Now before you say "Baaahhh, you can't compare then to now". Actually yes I can, and I'm doing it now. I'm not saying it's dead on 100% accurate. It's really just for fun to kind of track Mark's progress. Before the 2010 season started I predicted Sanchez would have a better year than Namath did and I was correct. Their rookie years were similar, Sanchez had better completion percentage, yards per game were similar, but Namath had more TDs in less games and less picks, plus slightly higher rating I'd say Namath gets the edge for the rookie year. 2nd year it's not really close. Sanchez beat him in completion percentage, and had a way better TD to interception ratio, plus a much higher rating overall. Sanchez wins year 2, although Namath had slightly more yards per game. Now is year 3. I didn't post those stats up there to mislead, the year is far from over. Namath exploded in his 3rd year for 26 TDs and 28 picks. Almost 1 to 1, and just under 2 TDs per game, plus had 286 yards per game. His completion percentage and passer rating was better but still lower than Sanchez' first 2 years. This is a tough one to judge. I don't know if Sanchez can maintain that 295 YPG for the rest of the season, I feel like he'll even out somewhere around 250. If he gets anywhere near that amount of touchdowns I will be a very happy man. 2 per game isn't that unrealistic. It's still a long way to go, but my guess is Sanchez will beat him in completion % and rating, but not the amount of TDs and yards per game, athough I feel he can and hope he does. 3rd year was Namath's breakout year, and I'd love to see a similar type of year for Sanchez. Namath won the superbowl in his 4th year. What do ya'll thinK? Statistically speaking, will Sanchez take that next step and stay on par with Joe Namath? Will he surpass him? Won't be close? Humor me.
  15. Those stats can be misleading, depending on certain scenarios, but I do agree that Hunter has looked bad. I've seen him catch penalties, blow blocking assignments and get manhandled. Where's the Hunter who played for in the playoffs last year? Was he just lucky, or has he really deteriorated that much over the course of 6 months? I'd really like to see us trade or somehow acquire somebody better to fill that spot. I don't trust Vlad yet, but it really needs to be addressed before Sanchez ends up on the IR.
  16. I'm glad they brought Maybin back in. He looked good in the few games he's play and has shown great speed around the edge. I thought he played well enough to earn a spot and this is justified. Part of me wishes they addressed the Oline instead, but who knows, maybe Mangold will play this week.
  17. I was just agreeing with the thread title. Like i said, if he keeps it up, he will be miles better this year. If he doesn't, then hey, I was wrong. So far he's looked decent, but this game against the Ravens will be a sort of measuring stick for him. If he's still in the same place statwise next week and we come away with the win, I feel he'll be THAT GUY for us this season. It's still early, like you mentioned, but so far so good. I wouldn't call Oakland's defense a pushover, our receivers couldn't get open almost the entire 2nd half. The cowboys as well. Both of those teams came with very good defensive gameplans against us, however. In the Cowboys game we adjusted a little bit better, in Oakland we did not.
  18. Last I checked, games are won on the field, not in the media by what coaches or others say. Joe's ignoring the real problems and looking for a scapegoat aka Rex. Sure he's got a right to say whatever he wants, but it's not constructive to the team. The guy's won the big game before, his comments can weight heavily on the team. How about some advice? Some consultations? Anything? It just doesn't seem like the right way to motivate us to a win. Namath should be on the phone with Sanchez after every game.. but then again, I don't wanna see Mark throw more picks than TDs for his career.
  19. Namath isn't the greatest Jet ever. At least his stats would disagree besides the 1 superbowl, which I admit, weighs heavily, but looking at his career as whole, it's not that impressive barring that one year. A legend for winning the superbowl, yes. Best Jet ever? No. But why couldn't Namath actually give the Jets advice on why they lost, instead of acting like a pompous a$$hole and essentially saying they suck because they think they are better than they are? That's not even close to the reality of the situation. He sounds like some of the "sky is falling" people on here with comments like that. I'm not saying that's his agenda, but his agenda clearly isn't helping the team. If it was, he'd be on the phone with Rex or Mark Sanchez giving advice and pointers, instead of venting anger and frustration to the media. Yes all of us were disappointed in the loss, it doesn't mean our team is a complete fraud. We still have some work to do on both the lines, but he's essentially blaming Rex for the loss, simply because he has confidence in the team. That's absurd, considering this guy has played football before and outta know there's way more involved in the game than hype speeches and motivation. When a former team legend continually spews negativity about the team it can be a downer. It's not like some average fan criticizing them. It's Joe ******* Namath, and honestly it makes him look like a prick. It was obvious to anyone our problem was defensive errors last game, along with a weak offensive line. It wasn't because Rex says the team is one of the best in the league in public. Namath took the low road here, and it's obvious. Call it like it is, Joe. Don't look for scapegoats.
  20. This would be the ultimate fail move. Palmer is a mediocre QB at best. Henne is better, and is still developing. They should stick with him or at least replace him with someone who has potential. Palmer is a bitch who whined his way into retirement to stick it to his team when he's had what, one decent season with them? Nobody should be interested in that clown.
  21. the other 2 Joe Namath threads weren't enough? Yeah Joe has been rubbing me the wrong way in recent years.
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