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  1. I don't think Ellis has a poor attitude like that. The team comes first. You have to be realistic and understand that you can't play the game forever. It's not about job competition, it's about retirement. Ellis only has another year or 2 left in him at best, so it makes sense to teach the younger guys. Why wouldn't you want your team to be better? Wouldn't feel nice to retire knowing that you helped create someone in your image that excels and helped your former team win? What if Ellis helps him, learn the game well and he helps the Jets win the superbowl next year? It's win win for both players. Anybody that would purposely misguide a player to fail because of his own selfish ambitions to play longer despite the fact that he's slowing down, has does not belong on any team I'd root for. That is piss poor attitude not grounded in reality.
  2. The Jets already play in Jersey, why not, right? I'm tired of sharing a stadium with those Giant chumps. There's way too many Giants and Eagles fans in jersey. It's a market that the Jets can take!
  3. Awww. That brings a tear to my eye. Ellis deserves another year, just for his performance against the Pats in the playoffs. I think we should try to get him and big Jenks back for cheaper if possible, even if it's just to mentor Wilkerson.
  4. This is where the Heat exit the playoffs. I know everyone and their mom thinks the Heat are the best team ever, but they still lack the chemistry to beat Boston in a 7 game series. The Heat struggled to beat ANY good team this year, because like the Knicks they lack depth, and Bosch is so over rated its not even funny. Boston in 6. Ya'll can circle jerk to the Heat next year, because they probably will win it all... just not this year.
  5. Great points there, Jason. Yes, I wasn't trying to say that Zac Randolph or David Lee is better than Stat or Melo, or trying to compare a 20 point scorer to Melo. I was saying that 3 guys had more statistical contributions put together than Melo did alone, same with Felton over Billups. I was just demonstrating how the Knicks have been down this road before, getting rid of future all stars and completely rearranging the team. It just gets old after a while. That's why I hope it's DONE. I'd think building a team around 2 all stars like Lee and Randolph would produce decent results, at least a few years of making the playoffs, but then again you don't need to arrange the entire team to do it. Signing 2 mega stars you ensure that most important role players are scrubs, and while Stat and Melo are amazing players, you can tell the chemistry isn't there. BTW I never said we shouldn't have gotten Staudamire. He was the best signing the Knicks have made in 10+ years. Staudamire, David Lee, Gallinari, Chandler and Fields is a great start to any team, and the chemistry was there. My main point about the trade is that there was a very good chance we'd have signed him anyway. If you really don't think we gave up too much, then hey, I don't know what to tell you. The stats paint the picture for me and that's really all that matters. Nuggets get better, Knicks stay the same. How does Melo give you that option when his defense is far from great? Remember what happened in the clutch of game 2? He lost his man and that was all she wrote. I don't remember Gallo ever doing something that blatantly bad. The knicks didn't overachieve under Van Gundy, besides during the playoff run where they were 8th seed and made it to the finals. Other than that fluke run, they under achieved considering the talent they had on that team. I'm not upset that we got Melo, I'm upset that we gave up too much. Melo was destined to head our way during the off season. What could have stopped him?
  6. That's better. Sorry, one of my biggest pet peeves is when I take the time to explain my points in detail, and someone responds to it all with a simple one liner that doesn't do it justice. I just enjoy having debates and discussions on these things, that's all. Gallo and Mosgov weren't amazingly great on D, but were still better than Melo on the defensive end of the floor. It's not short sited. Chandler and Gallinari also are capable of scoring in the high 20s. That doesn't mean jack. What matters for the season is the average, which is why the stat is calculated, rather than "what a player has the potential to do every once in a while". There's no other fair way to compare. Consistency is important. If he's blowing up for 40 point games often, but only averages 26, that means he also has a bunch of bad games, where he scores like 10-15 at most(like the first Celtics game). You can't judge him based on just the high scoring games or just the low scoring ones, but his overall performance. The bolded statement is irrelevant because you're talking about a player scoring that would be there whether we made the trade or not. That person wouldn't make a difference because we're comparing the production of Melo and Billups vs Chandler, Gallo, Mosgov and Felton. They don't even out. And we never will have serious aspirations until we fix the glaring big man in the middle problem, which is what I feel should have been done instead of rushing to get Melo. There's a very good chance we would have gotten him anyway. See I don't agree with that at all. Have you watched the Knicks for the past decade? Sprewell, Marbury, etc etc etc, we constantly rearranged the team for superstars and only had one decent run during that entire time period. Most of the time we under achieved. Chemistry is way more important than most make it out to be. We will never have a championship contending team until we have a team that stays together for more than 1 or 2 years. I mean sure, the Knicks PROBABLY have a decent future, but we have the same exact issues we had before the trade and not much has changed overall, except we lost our big man who was just starting to come around and 2 future all stars. I'm not saying the trade was bad, just that we gave up too much, especially when we had all the power. I'm just tired of the Knicks franchise doing the same crap over and over. What about Jamal Crawford and Zac Randolph? David Lee? We HAD superstars but we ditched them all to clear cap room. If we kept Crawford and Randolph, just for another year, we would have most likely had a playoff run. It just gets old after a while, ya know? Like I said, I'm giving them a pass this year because they were kind of thrown to the wolves without being able to develop proper chemistry, but I damn sure better not see this repeat itself yet again. Next year will be the true defining year for our team. If another monster trade happens I stop watching. That's all there is too it. As a fan I purchase jerseys and other memorabilia, but what's the point if the player is off the team in a year, regardless of how well they played? Too much money and emotion invested in a franchise with no player loyalty or respect for its fans. It wouldn't surprise me in the least of Stat or Melo is gone within couple years.
  7. Nice response. Well thought out. Very nice job of addressing my points there.
  8. LOL, that's gotta be the silliest stat I've ever heard. The first team to ever go 1 and 1 all the way to 10 - 10. At least the cubs can say they did something now, haha. Next they'll be like, "We're the first team to have #12 playing first base on a Tuesday with a dirty hat to catch 2 outs in the 6th inning at 6:52 pm".
  9. Yeah, really. The Pats should have psychically known that Brady would replace Bledsoe while injured and outshine him out of nowhere. He was a backup for what, 2 years? I'm surprised how many NE/Boston fans are on here. I don't mind, it just seems a little strange. The last thing I would ever want to do is go sign up on the Patriots forums.
  10. I'm surprised about the Gholston comments. I didn't realize that Rex knew him before the Jets drafted him. Yeah, he's a bust. One of the few we've had in recent times.
  11. I'm aware of the injuries, but regardless, Boston didn't even play that well and still won the first 2 games. I'm not saying Mosgov, Chandler or Gallo is better than Melo individually. Offensively, that would be silly, but on defense each player individually IS better than Melo. Collectively, the four players traded would have a better impact OVERALL than Melo and Billups, IMO. There's more to basketball than offense, and I still disagree with trading our entire base for one superstar. Billups isn't as good as he used to be. He still makes big shots and is an amazing mentor (Look how much better Tony Douglas has gotten), but he's starting to slow down and Felton had a better year, despite being traded and having his role reduced. D'Antoni (who can't even pronounce his own name correct lol) isn't to blame for that. Jeffries was brought in because we lost a huge defensive presence after the trade. He knows the system and is great on defense. He's probably better than almost everyone else on the team on D. Unfortunately, yes, his offense sucks. But that's what happens when your players are hurt and you traded the core of your defense for an offensive powerhouse. You are going to have players like that getting clutch minutes, because who on our team really even plays good defense besides Tony Douglas and Turiaf? Turiaf's a back up, not even a real starter. If we addressed the issue of getting a big man in the middle, instead of trading everyone for Melo, our team would have improved instead of gotten worse/stayed the same. That was our main weakness before the trade. Rebounding. Scoring was not. That's why I'm so confused why the Knicks got so desperate instead of being patient and trying to get a better deal. They should have played it like the Nets. Melo had the Nuggets management in his pocket because nobody would trade for him without an extension, and since he wouldn't sign one with anyone but the Knicks, he was locked in. We didn't HAVE to trade everyone for him, not to mention there's other GOOD free agents coming this off season that we could have used to help build the team instead of undoing the progress we made during the first half of the season. I'm not saying the trade was terrible or even bad, but we gave up too much. I don't think you can argue against that. I'll take a well balanced team anyday over a team with 2 superstars and a bunch of scrubs. Watch what happens to Miami next round. Chemistry is too underrated in sports today. D'Antoni hasn't had the same group of guys under him for more than 4 months since he became coach, so it's a bit early to judge him. Melo alone will not score more than Gallo & Chandler together. Melo averages 26 PPG, while Gallo and Chandler were both right around 16. Were they really expecting the offense to get better, with a 5-6 point differential in averages? Am I the only one who noticed that? The numbers don't lie.
  12. Well, unfortunately our streak of no post season wins in like a decade continues and the fact that we got swept proves that we gave up way too much to get Melo. I feel our team played better team basketball (and better basketball overall)before the trade. Our team chemistry, rebounding and overall defense has been pretty bad since. Melo is almost soley responsible for the game 1 and 2 losses. How are you going to not cover your man with 10 seconds to go in the game when you need to foul? Why would you take the final shot of the game when you've been cold as ice the entire game, and make it an unnecessarily long 3 pointer when all you need is a 2, and Stat was on fire? I know this is the best year we've had in a while, but we practically traded our entire future away. I think management was too desperate to sign Melo that they didn't even consider that we need rebounding and defense to actually go far in the playoffs. We needed to keep either Gallo or Mosgov, and I feel we should have played it like the Nets did, because we could have still signed him in the off season.. but instead the Nuggets got better after the trade and they at least won a playoff game this year. I hate to sound like a negative nancy, because we did decently this year, but in reality we were still just a little bit over .500. Boston played their C game in the first 2 games and we could barely handle it. I'm just tired of management drastically shifting the team every single year. Can we please have a year, where the majority of players stay on the team from one off season to the next? There's probably more ex-Knicks in the league than any other team. We've traded or dumped every single all star caliber player we've had in the past 6 years. I just pray that they don't do the same bs next year to try to get Chris Paul or some other superstar. It's just disappointing. I thought we were past the whole Isiah Thomas crap, but it doesn't really seem like it. Ah well, there's always next year.. I hope. D'antoni is a good coach, and you can tell by the difference in the way we played last year. I feel he has a good system and can develop players well, but when the entire team changes every year it's difficult to do something like that. Ok rant over! Sorry for the long post!
  13. Forget Tom Shady. I can't believe they are still riding him like this after he chokes 2 years back to back first game in the playoffs. When he wins a superbowl without cheating, I'll MAYBE start to respect him, but so far he's just a little girl who whines and complains when the refs don't lay out the red carpet for him.
  14. Hillis killed it on my fantasy team this year. Who will officially get the madden curse? My guess is Vick. He had a better TD to INT ratio than every other QB and made some fantastic plays this year.
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