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  1. I'm well aware of that. I know 3 games is a small sample size although it's about 1/5 of the season. We'll see where his number lie later on, but again, his completion % (the main thing everyone bitched about last year) is getting better. Baltimore's a good defensive team, so we'll see how it goes then. Alls I'm saying is he's heading the right way, especially in completion %. If he keeps it up we'll be good, and it's hard evidence that you can't blame Sanchez for this loss, as the title name suggests.
  2. ^How is what Namath said constructive in the LEAST? He pretty much said the team isn't as good as Rex claims. Is he trying to make our players feel like crap? He didn't talk about how they can improve or even specifics of what went wrong. Like, do you or Namath honestly believe that the Jets think they are the best team ever and have nothing to improve on?? Really!?!? Stupid comments are stupid. There's absolutely no reason to think that Rex isn't trying to make the team improve EVERY WEEK. Just stop it with that nonsense. Namath's an idiot.
  3. BUMP. Still curious what the Schotty defenders have to say about that ^^^. Maybe I'm missing something or over analyzing the game. Please somebody explain this.
  4. LOL. yeah lets make a separate topic about the same thing.
  5. That's false, considering how much time will be taken off the clock with a FG attempt, plus the onsides kick. No chance we have the time to run the whole field again, barring some crazy last second 50 yard play. Your argument ignores both distance and time. Schotty's clock management has been terrible. When we were down 2 TDs with 11 minutes to go, we should have been trying to save the clock, but instead we blow our load on run plays and pretty much go three and out instead of passing on a 1st and 20 to keep the clock not moving. Had we done this and gone 3 and out, at least we would have had another minute on the clock by the time Sanchez was deep in the red zone. Then we could have kicked the FG, but with the time remaining it was a MUCH longer shot. It's not just about getting to step 2. It's about getting to step 3, which is score again. Your scenerio only accounts for getting to step 2, but from 2 to 3 is near impossible going the entire length of the field with no timeouts and 20 seconds left. I also didn't help that ehe defense let them score another field goal in between possessions. If you score (which we were 1/2 yard away from doing), we get to step 2, and only have to move the ball 20-30 yards to get in FG range. Much easier and much more likely, plus we almost pulled it off.
  6. LOL. The dolphins are 0-3. You have no right to make any comments whatsoever about the skills of our QB. How many playoff games has Henne won? How many crazy 4th quarter comebacks? Durrr, let's see here: Chad Henne: Qb rating: 82 (20th overall), comp% 56, TDs 4, INTS 3 Mark Sanchez Qb rating: 91 (14th overall), comp% 64, TDs 6, INTS 4 Besides the one extra pick, Sanchez is having a much better season than him. Henne's stats are just as bad as last year, while Sanchez has significantly improved. Looks like Henne hit his ceiling already. Shut up, Taylor.
  7. Joe Namath is a sad depressing man these days. Only time he ever makes comments about the Jets is when he has something negative to say. I can't wait until we win that superbowl and shut him up. He thinks he's above everyone because he won that one superbowl and nobody else has done it on the Jets yet. Sorry Namath, you are nothing special and your career stats are mediocre at best. Please support your former team instead of looking like a complete ******* a$$hole. The way we played on Sunday had nothing to do with Rex saying positive things about the team. Do you honestly believe Rex didn't completely rip into them after last game? Stop judging Rex by only what he says to the stupid media. Sometimes I wish we never won superbowl 3. If that were the case Namath wouldn't even be worth mentioning anymore. He's seriously not even a top 50 QB. His ego is just too big. He was the one that made a superbowl guarantee back in the day and now that Rex is making similar comments he's taking it personally. **** off, Joe. Go root for the Patriots.
  8. Mark Sanchez: 2010: QB rating: 75 (27th overall), comp% 55%, yard/attempt 6.49, yds/game: 206, TDs per game: 1.1 2011 so far: QB rating: 91 (14th overall), comp% 63%, yard/attempt 8, yds/game: 295, TDs per game: 2 Just saying. He's the least of our worries right now. He's not elite or anything yet, but he's come a long way since his rookie season, and even last season and he's still getting better. I don't even need to post the 2009 stats. We all remember how he did that year. Schotty hasn't improved in 4 years, but Sanchez has. I think it's pretty obvious where the issue lies. Our defense will be back next game. I guarantee Rex will motivate them to play with that fire again. Last game, I feel the Raiders simply had a better gameplan and made better adjustments throughout the game. We adapted late again and we ran out of time on both sides of the ball. Defense gets first blame, but coaching wasn't far behind it.
  9. hmmmm, so if they don't run at Harris, how's he going to get tackles again? Did he whiff on any yesterday? I don't recall him missing any tackles, I thought Scott missed a big one, however. Our entire line was bad on Sunday, not just Harris. Rex will rekindle the defensive fire, just like he did after the 45-3 Patriots loss last year.
  10. but the phins have the best cornerback tandem in the league???
  11. Well at least he won't be dropping any more passes. :/
  12. How does one look like poop when he still completes 65% of passes, a stat that includes a bunch of EASY drops that should have been completions. His efficiency is better. When the offensive line is getting manhandled and the receivers aren't getting open, what can you do? He got sacked 4 times. Lemme guess, that was his fault too. A completion is still a completion. I don't care if he's throwing it to Matt Slauson. It doesn't make his throws any less accurate. The receivers weren't getting open, the line wasn't giving him enough time, plus Schotty is an idiot. Despite all that he still has a good game.
  13. Very simple. We didn't have enough time left to run the whole field again. We already earned the tough yards, so we should go for the higher score. If we got that TD we could have done an onsides kick and gotten into FG range in 1 or 2 plays. We kick the FG and then onside kick, we have to go the entire field and score in <20 seconds with no timeouts. The 1st scenario is much easier and more likely to succeed, although they are both long shots. One is just much longer than the other. Anyone complaining about not kicking the FG there, needs to learn the basics of football and clock management.
  14. Plays like what? Throwing 369 yards and having 3 TDs with a horrible o line? He was also a 1/2 yard shy of a 4th TD. Having a 62% completion percentage despite terrible play calling and dropped easy passes? Sanchez did his job, although I'll agree that pick was bad. The defense did not. Schotty could have been much better. The offensive line was bad. Sanchez played much better than Tom Brady yesterday. Blaming him for the loss is silly.
  15. I didn't say Schotty cost us the game. I said he sucks. Defense cost us the game, but offense could have been better. It doesn't matter how much talent we have or the fact that Sanchez had a very good game despite the o line woes. 1. He ignores successful plays from the 1st half. The pitches to Greene that gained nearly 10 yards each play. Remember those? Schotty didn't. A good OC knows to stick with what works, but this clown completely ignored that when it mattered most. 2. Get Holmes involved. Hello? We gave this guy a 50 million dollar deal. Give him more than 3 throws per game. Design more plays for him. This guy can make huge catches, but only if you give him opportunities to make the big play. There's no excuse for that at all. 3. Why is Schotty STILL running mostly screen plays and run plays in long yardage situations? 1st and 20 down by 2 touchdowns with 11 minutes to go in the game? The calls? Run, run, screen pass. We do it every time, teams know they are coming. Schotty once again gives up on the offense, to make the punter closer. 1st you shouldn't be running out the clock when we're down 2 touchdowns. 2nd you need to gain 20 yards. PASS THE BALL. At least try for the 1st down. It's nauseating watching him do the same stupid crap over and over. Be aware of the clock, and the situation. If anyone can refute or explain anything I said above, I'd love to hear it. Nothing would make me happier than seeing this guy kicked to the curb. He's clearly holding our offense back and it's a shame Rex doesn't realize it. We are CHOCK FULL of talent. Sanchez had a good game despite him. I know the defense is more at fault, especially Cromartie for this loss, but Schotty needs to get better. We should be scoring 30+ every game with the talent we have. Sanchez pretty much had to take the game into his own hands, with that rushing TD, and he was 1/2 yard shy of a second one.
  16. I'm sorry I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but we're behind 2 TDs and he's doing run plays and short screens in long yard situations. WAKE THE **** UP SCHOTTY. He's cost us at least 3 drives. Forget the refs getting in Cro's head early with fake penalties to take him out of the game, and his botched plays. Schotty is holding our offense back. All the plays that worked early have evaporated. WHY?
  17. Does this faggot ever shut up? OMG He talked to TWO ENTIRE PEOPLE who say we may be in trouble. Raiders are blowing us out this Sunday OH NOOOOOZZZ!!
  18. If anyone deserves a punch in the face it's this ******* clown. Cimini is a TERRIBLE NY reporter. Who the hell cares if Sanchez ate a hotdog on the sidelines during a blowout??? Only Rich would remember something so stupid and bring it up 2 years later. People get hungry. They eat. Other QBs ate on the sidelines last year, and none got criticized for it except Sanchez. The funny thing is I bet nobody even cared EXCEPT Cimini. He's probably the one who started the criticism in the first place.
  19. I hope the Pats are 2-2 when they face us. Any loss for them is good for us, since normally good teams like the Chargers choose not to show up when they play the Patriots. It doesn't mean more if they are 4-0. To win the division, we need them to lose more than 2 games.
  20. Which math is that? The math that shows a higher completion percentage in his first 2 games than his average last season? The math that shows 100+ QB rating in the post season last year? Nah, he hasn't improved at all since his first game. LOL.
  21. Mangold is a beast. You could tell even right after he got hurt, he wanted back in. I'd rather see him better for Balt and NE, than have him risk making it worse against Oakland, but it would be sweet if he was back for Balt. Some people were even saying 4-6 weeks, but I doubt it. He'll be back for the Pats at the absolute latest. If Mangold doesn't go to Oakland, then who's going to make funny faces at the camera when they interview Sanchez?
  22. +10000000. Hunter has had a rough time getting back into the swing of things. I wish he was playing like he did in the playoffs, but his focus seems to be off. Everyone's so quick to jump on players for low production without analyzing the whole situation. Nobody was saying they weren't a fan of Greene in the Patriots game when he scored the game sealing TD. If our o line gets better and Greene's production still sucks, then I'll be concerned.
  23. LOL those seats are FAR from free. Lets be realistic here. Tickets are overpriced, and even the cheap seats aren't that cheap. If fans are too disloyal to stay at a game that THEY paid for, why should they care if someone else takes their seat when they bail early on their team? You want to prevent people from doing that? Stay at the game instead of being a clown that leaves early. I remember last year at the Texans game, half the stadium must have left only to miss the Jets make an awesome comeback. Tisk tisk. It's not like a person sitting in an empty chair effects you in the least. They just get a little more enjoyment out of the game and it helps with crowd noise as well. What's the big friggin deal???? Anyone bothered by a fellow Jets fan getting a better view of the game needs psychological help. If you want to blame someone blame the idiots that pay big dollars for the seat and then don't watch the whole game. Most people in the cheaper seats can't afford the expensive ones, so it's really not a big deal. It's like how an airplane can upgrade your tickets to first class if the seats are open or they have a screw up. Don't be all self righteous because you make more money than others. That is the worst form of selfishness.
  24. Barcs

    The Colts

    The Colts could tank this season and get a #1 draft pick plus have Peyton come back next year. Part of me thinks that has been the plan all along. If Peyton's out for the year, they might as well. It won't exactly be fair, but it happens.
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