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  1. Yeah I see what your saying, and I agree it can be good to run on the 1st down, as Greene did and was successful. On that 1st and 25 I believe he ran for 10 yards making it a 2nd and 15. From there it was a short 2 yard screen pass, and then an interception, if I'm remembering this correctly. I know Sanchez isn't completely blameless, but if we had a 3rd and 7 or better that pick probably would not have happened. Again, I'm not blaming Schotty completely, I just feel he needs to pay more attention in long yardage situations. 3 straight running plays on 1st and 15 is not smart and most teams see it coming from a mile away. Sanchez and Schotty need to be on the same page. Sanchez needs the execution (which he did for the most part, other than the picks, 63% competed is good). It's not always execution, but it's not always Schotty either. I think they should share the blame instead of everyone putting Sanchez down. So Sanchez is improving, he's still got a little ways to go, but Schotty does not seem to be getting any better in the past 4 years. I'll admit sometimes he comes up with genius plays, but it's not the norm. Also lets not forget that the Jags best part of their defense is stopping the run. Their weakness is in the secondary and that should have been exploited on the long yard situations.
  2. They had a much better defense and overall team back then too. It's not like the current receiving core is loaded with talent or anything. Tom Brady makes them, last year they had a whole musical chairs thing at WR and still had a great record. Their o line is solid too, so I can't discredit that. Let me modify that statment Tom Brady plus the oline make that team. Tom Brady plus one good linemen out = .500 record at best.
  3. I'm not blaming him for everything. I realize it's also the oline and Sanchez, but Schotty still needs to help them succeed. We need to do better on 1st and 2nd down so Sanchez isn't always forced into those 3rd and longs. Go for the 1st EVERY DOWN, not just on 3rd and long, or at least try to make the 3rd down manageable. You completely missed my point. I'm concerned with the 1st and 2nd downs. If we're going to take pressure off Sanchez, we need to get him in 3rd and manageable situations. We seem to do nothing but screen plays and run plays on 1st and 2nd when you have 15+ yards to go. Every play is a risk, even a run or screen pass (especially for us because we suck at screen plays). You risk fumbling, so don't tell me it's ok to play it safe, and throw in the towel. That is not safe, especially when Sanchez is trying to make up for penalty yards and Nick Mangold is out of the game. That was my exact point. 1st and 2nd downs have been bad in long situations. I'm not saying go for the 25 yard pass every time, but even a few short reliable 7-8 yard passes there, get us into a 3rd and short. Sanchez bailed out Schotty several times last game. Running the ball isn't the best option for long yard situations when our pro bowl center is out. That's football 101. I could see doing a run on 1st, but 2 out of 3 downs in those situations doesn't make sense to me and the defense seems to read us like a book the majority of the time when we do that.
  4. Ummm, take away Brady and that team goes under .500. They are a 1 man show.
  5. Barcs

    Nnamdi Who?

    Eagles would have won if Vick stayed in. Their defense didn't look so hot, considering the talent they have. Our defense is much better than theirs.
  6. The way I see it, we are winning DESPITE Schotty. I know you can't blame him for everything, but sometimes I feel like he just gets angry at the offense and puts them into a position to fail. Schotty's primary job is to put our players in positions to succeed, but he doesn't do it. 2 sequences I can think of were the drives when Hunter had the penalties. 1st time we were 1st and 25. The play calls? Run up the middle, screen pass. 3rd and long, Sanchez gets picked off. Schotty did not put Sanchez in a position to succeed there. Later on there was another penalty and it was 1st and 15. The playcalls? Run, run, run. Complete bailout, Schotty throwing in the towel for the offense. I have no patience for that crap. What do you think 30 of 32 other teams in the league do in that situation? YOU PASS. You should pass every down on a 1st and 25. Sanchez should not be forced into 3rd and longs every time that happens. Don't forget that Holmes was playing beat up and wasn't his usual self. Saying the Jets didn't look good at all is dishonest. 200 yards and 2 TDs ain't bad. We had MUCH worse offensive games last season and yes we are improving.
  7. Honestly, I feel the Jets should have another pass heavy game. I mean last game, Sanchez had 335 yards and 2 TDs against a tough cowboys defense. With the Jaguars beat up secondary and decent run defense, we SHOULD pass more. We still have to run to keep them honest, but I hope to see Sanchez open up like he did last game, but protect the football better and make less mistakes.
  8. Poole is a good player, though. Part of me wants him to start over Eric Smith. He was responsible for the pick Revis got that set up the winning field goal last Sunday.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the Dallas stun gun was planted in there specifically so they could beef up security. I mean they do need it, but I just hope it doesn't mean they stop letting you bring in snacks and drinks, or mess up the tailgating.
  10. Saints vs Bears. Saints favored to win by 7. I highly doubt that's happening. Bears will at the very least beat the spread.
  11. WOW. That's gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Espn actually made a picture of Michael Vick as a white man? Shwaaaa? I agree 1000%. If there are aliens watching our planet, they probably look at us like silly little savage monkeys, or left here a long time ago. I would too.
  12. Another receiver for Revis to shut up this weekend. It seems like there's someone flapping their gums every week about crap like this. Guarantee he won't be talking after a 2 catch, 17 yard performance this Sunday. Like, did you even watch Revis last game? There's no question he's #1 or 2 in the league. He pretty much won us the last game. That's like saying Peyton Manning is overrated. It's not just because he's in NY. Even our own NY media hates the Jets, but you can't deny how he pretty much makes our defensive system. Without him, we'd be substantially weaker on D. Even the biggest Jets haters agree that Revis is one of the best corners in the league. Need evidence? Watch his mic'd up special with his matchup with Bryant.. or ANY game from the last couple years.
  13. bahahahaha! You mean the guy who organized the Jets west camp, the VOLUNTARY workouts to get extra practice in during the lockout? Yeah, he did nothing the whole off season and his debut this year was worse than last years, right? Oh wait. I definitely blame Schotty more than Sanchez for our failures. Some of those play are utterly retarded. 3 and 12 WR screen play? WHY!? 2 and 10 run up the middle for 2 yards? WHY? There's a reason why Sanchez plays better when he calls his own plays.
  14. Lemme teach you a secret trick. There's this wheel thing on most mouses and a scroll bar on the right of the web page. If you're too lazy to read a post that is in depth and requires the focus of someone older than 12, simply use these amazing computer features to not read the post. I know this groundbreaking technology is new, but here's another great idea. Don't hit the Reply button. In fact, if you click a post you aren't interested in, hit the backspace key and it instantly goes back to the previous page. You don't even have to respond telling the person that he's dumb for writing too much. I mean seriously, that's like saying somebody is fat when they weigh 120 pounds. "You're so stupid, you describe things in depth and write a lot!!! YEA! That'll show him!"
  15. LOL this poll had to be made by a Pats fan. What stupid poll choices. Can't we just not watch the special because we don't give a crap about BB's life? No it has to be because i'd like a foursome with ugly celebrities. Someone ban this clown. Here's a new poll: Are you a Pat's fan? 1. Yes, I'm an idiot 2. No, I'm smart Same thing.
  16. I personally feel if there's less than 3 minutes, try the onsides kick. I WISH we did that in the Steelers game instead of punting it away and never having a chance. Relying on a good defense does work as well, but it's not guaranteed that the defense will always get a 3 and out. I don't really like that strategy most of the time, unless its against a weak offense. It seems article refers to doing an onside kick every time, but in the NFL you can't get away with that. Onsides kicks usually do not work in the NFL. I couldn't imagine doing that every single time in college level or above unless your team is absolutely dominant on special teams.
  17. Go watch the anatomy of that play. It wasn't just Romo making an error, it was the Jets setting up a trap to bring double coverage over to Dez, late, which enabled Revis to step in front of him and get the pick. They were TRYING to force a pick and it worked perfectly because Poole disguised his coverage so well. He's the one who made that play happen and should be getting more credit than he is. Even if the Jets don't make that pick, it probably would have been an overtime game.
  18. I personally hate twitter, and don't like drama queens like Chad Johnson, but honestly, what's the big deal? It takes literally 10 seconds to send a tweet out. It's not like he's sacrificing practice time or tape studying time. He's also not saying anything negative. Whoever that clown is, needs to can it, unless he's a coach on the Patriots. If he's not, he has no right to open his mouth saying what Chad can and can't do.
  19. Yep. That was one day after our defensive signal caller got hurt as well. Our defense was miscommunicating the entire game. The 2 TE sets aren't anything new. They ran them all last season as well, including in that 45-3 game. The difference is we adjusted and prepared for that in the playoff game and it wasn't an issue. You guys ignored it then got surprised when they bit you in the a$$ again this year. Guess who else is doing 2 TE sets now? Yeah that's right and we're going to sh*t all over you.
  20. Bahahaaha. The Dolphins sure know how to exaggerate. First, their CB tandem is the best in the league and now CHAD HENNE is as fast as Michael Vick. Next we'll be hearing about how Reggie Bush is the next LT.
  21. Taking draft picks is like trying to predict a horse race. Sure you can take the one who looks good at the time or has performed well in the past, but there's no guarantee he's going to go the distance. Gholston looked like a prize horse, but ending up being a gimp. Such is the nature of the beast. There's always a certain element of luck involved.
  22. No wonder Edwards took such a low ball deal from the Niners. He's got 14 mill coming in... or not.
  23. Yeah the Pats killed us with their TEs in the playoff game. Oh wait...
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