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  1. It's not against the law to be a jerk, but bringing a weapon into the stadium on the anniversary of 9/11 is VERY illegal and VERY stupid. I'm not big on the whole standing up for national anthems and taking off the hats, but on 9/11 you have to, simply out of respect.
  2. Wow. Like are you serious? 1985 mentality? Ground and pound did well for us the last 2 years, where have you been? It IS important to establish the run, however. When the figures are lopsided it can limit opportunity for both running and passing plays. I'm sure that's what Rex was talking about if you didn't quote mine that ONE LINE. FIRE REX! IT'S ALL HIS FAULT WE MADE THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP IN BACK TO BACK YEARS WITH AN INEXPERIENCED QB! HE LIVES IN 1985 AND WE'RE 1-0! NOOOOOOO!
  3. Great thread. Yeah it disturbs me when people try to blame Ryan for our FEW losses in recent times. It's all his fault, even though he turned our d into a powerhouse and was working with a rookie / 2nd year QB.
  4. Misleading stats are misleading... I hate the whole, "OH this hasn't happened since 1980" so it suddenly matters. Stats like that are selectively manipulated, taken from a selective time period, usually to somehow say it indicates reality. It does not. The Cowboys haven't blown a 14 point 4th quarter lead and lost EVER, until the Jets. Jets never won in Pittsburgh, until last season. Guess who lost the 1st game last season and still made playoffs? We did, so the Colts AND the Eagles AND Atlanta. What matters is how good the team is RIGHT NOW and whether they have a realistic shot of making it. Trying to figure a percentage is bad logic. Chiefs, Falcons, Giants, Cowboys, Steelers and Rams have a decent chance of making it. 1 game is 1 game.
  5. I love it. I'm done with anyone who plays bad in one game. WOW. Shonn Greene didn't have many plays called his way, because we were behind most of the game. BENCH SANCHEZ, START BRUNNEL! BENCH PACE, BENCH REVIS HE GAVE UP A CATCH! Just an FYI, you being "done" with a player, doesn't bear any sort of relevance or reality on the game.
  6. One thing is for certain. This year's opener was much better than last years. We still have a little rust, but we're alright and we'll get better as the year goes on. We started slower last season.
  7. Come on! I thought they discontinued those ugly uniforms. I want green and white damnit!! Oh well at least we'll still look better than the Jags.
  8. Ehh, I'm not THAT worried. Our d line is still a bit flimsy, but they'll keep improving. Our tackling definitely needs to get better, Jones-Drew isn't as forgiving when it comes to missed tackles, if we whiff on him, he'll hit the paydirt. I guarantee they'll run screens on us all day.
  9. Al Michaels is a prick, and purposely deepens his voice to sound more manly and "NFL like". I never liked that guy. He was like that with Michael Vick the entire season, so don't be surprised when he or Jaws or one of those guys can't mention his name without mentioning prison virtually every play. It's just what the media loves to do. Spread the negativity. Expect to hear about it all season long.
  10. What's wrong with getting Sanchez warmed up earlier? Last year he constantly struggled until the 2nd half, but if we give him more opportunities early, I feel he'll be ready earlier in the game. I didn't mind the playcalling this game at all, besides a few silly 2nd and 10 runs. For once Schotty was decent aside from the few routes that were less > the 1st down marker when it was 3rd and they need the 1st.
  11. If you've been following Revis, you'll notice that he tends to do this a lot. He'll give up an early catch or 2 almost every game. I wonder if he does it to get insider their heads and make himself seem human. Revis is a genius and yeah, his pick essentially saved this game for us. A shell of his former self? Yeah he was injured early on, but he still shut down almost every receiver to face him.
  12. premature thread is premature! Lemme guess, they'll be 1-4 when they face the dolphins now, right? Please. We do have a tough one coming up against the Ravens (who looked amazing yesterday), and then the Pats, so at worst I'd say we'll be 3-2, but I think we beat the Pats and so will the Dolphins tonight.
  13. It's funny actually, it seemed like Sanchez confused Plax with Edwards, when he threw the typical deep route over the top play that he did so well with Edwards last season. Plax is more about the behind throws where he can turn around, jump up and grab it even with defenders around. That's his specialty. Mason didn't look so great last night. I think he'll need a few more games before we see much production out of him. He looked a bit rusty at first, as did Plax. I think our offense did decently considering how good the Cowboys' defense was looking.
  14. Gotta give some of the credit to the Cowboys line. They played a great game, and don't forget Greene did not get a lot of plays called for him since we were more pass heavy last night. LT has to run it sometimes to keep the defense honest, and not think he's just there for the pass. Same with Greene conversely. Greene is no Peterson, Foster or C Johnson, obviously, but he'll be fine in this system. He had a few nice runs last night, but we were behind most of the game, so later in the game he didn't get many calls. I was very happy the way we utilized LT last night. When we play teams who aren't as tough up front, I guarantee Greene will run all over them.
  15. Yeah, I feel even better this year than I did last year too. The anticipation is driving me nuts!
  16. He brings a good point, though, as much as I hate to say it. There's no reason the Cowboys won't be emotionally invested in the 9/11 stuff as well. I mean they consider themselves "America's team" and 9/11 was AN AMERICAN tragedy not just a new york tragedy. Both teams will want to win for the 9/11 victims. I don't think it changes the outcome, however. The Jets will win because they are the better football team. Cowboys won't prime until mid season.
  17. http://davedameshek.nfl.com/2011/09/08/shame-report-a-hooded-coach-kicks-off-this-edition/?module=HP11_cp I always enjoyed this show and now I like it even more. SHAME!!!
  18. Bahahaha! Artificial crowd noise. Anyways you can't blame the fans for not buying the tickets. Sometimes fans of opposing teams want the tickets and order them ahead of time to ensure they get em, plus the prices are outrageous. You want more home fans and less away fans? Lower the damn prices and watch them actually sell out fast (This goes for Jets and Dolphins). It's easy for someone like Bart Scott who makes ******* 9 million a year to tell us to buy tickets, but the average fan can't afford them anymore. That's the sad reality of the situation.
  19. Rex said that he'd like to have Braylon back for the right price, but Braylon got offended because he wasn't offered a Holmes caliber deal and signed with whoever he could. Jets would have resigned him for 3 mil in a heartbeat given the opportunity. Edwards just wasn't willing to make it happen. We'll see what lies ahead.
  20. I agree, we do need new helmets. When you see the Packers helmets, even in the probowl, you can tell because they are yellow and noticeable. All the others look the same. Boring grey with a team logo. We should make our helmets bright Green with bigger logos, so people will recognize!
  21. I hope Francesca shows up in a Cowboys jersey and gets his a$$ whooped. Guys, this is typical media blowing crap out of proportion. The 49ers incident is completely unrelated to football rivalry, it was about gang violence. Of course they'll ignore that to push whatever fake agenda their putting out these days. **** Francesca. That's because Jets fans always focus on the negative. If I were Rex, I would have said, "hell yeah I want them to get their a$$ whooped", just to get a rise out of those clowns. I would also mention that cornball talk show hosts and reporters are prime targets. The sad thing is that the media actually believes that most people are zombies, unable to think for themselves. Rex says jump, we say how high! And you know, I understand that Rex and the Jets want fans to be loud and crazy, but they always play crappy at home. I remember that Packers game I was at, with such terrible offense, how do you expect people to cheer? The fans will be louder when you start playing like you should at home.
  22. Like Holmes, Keller, LT and Greene? I can name at least 20 teams that we're better off than right now. I know the shortened preseason hurt, but it hurt tons of teams in plenty of other ways. Sure we have a rookie and 2 other new veteran receivers, but our best guy is still here along with Keller and both know the system well. It's not like Plax and Mason are new to the league. I'm pretty sure they'll be able to adapt. We brought in seasoned veterans for a reason. We couldn't have kept Edwards, regardless, so considering the money they had to work with they did pretty well and like I said, Holmes, Keller, LT and Greene know the system and can catch the ball (even though Greene is better off running). I call a cat a cat and a dog a dog. A retarded uniformed opinion is a retarded uninformed opinion. Calling Holmes an underachiever considering his accomplishments is beyond absurd and saying that Plax and Mason are has beens is only partially accurate. Mason had a decent season last year as a #2 / #3 receiver (better than our #3 last year) and Plax is a question mark. A question mark that could very easily end up turning into a dollar sign if he plays decently. We brought in Mason to help Sanchez, as a #3. Obviously his best days are behind him, but if you think he can't still catch the ball and make plays, you've got another thing coming. You are ignoring the fact that SANCHEZ is more important to our passing game than any of those guys. SANCHEZ. You know, the guy who organized Jet West camp and practiced during the lockout. Yeah, that guy. Yes it can help to keep the same guys and build chemistry, but keeping Edwards around wasn't realistic and Cotch wanted to leave. We didn't have much of a choice. Yeah, I hear ya. I care only about winning. I just feel that being angry at the situation isn't going to change anything. It is what it is. It could have been what it could have been. Doesn't matter. I do feel that Sanchez is going to make the necessary improvements this year to bring him up near elite status. If that happens we could have Joe the plumber as a wide out and be fine.
  23. All I know is I'm glad I have Rodgers on my fantasy team. I was kind of expecting both defenses to play a bit better. Brees made the Packers D almost seem like swiss cheese. Jets vs Cowboys will be the exact opposite. ALL defense. Now I regret passing on Sproles for fantasy.
  24. PEYTON LIKELY OUT FOR YEAR!!!!!** **accrding to random football talk host. Nobody likes to learn from the past on here. Let's just assume it's true and title the thread as fact. LOL
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