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  1. Ah Ok. I was trying to figure out which guys you have as under achieving and which guys you have as has beens. Either way I still don't agree. Holmes was great for us last year. He put out virtually the same stats as Edwards in 4 games less, with a 2nd year QB and run heavy offense. He's not an under achiever. There's a reason he's team captain right now and has a mega contract whereas Edwards does not. Holmes has been on run heavy teams his whole career. At least read the counterpoints before just repeating the same argument. I already slaughtered the "under achieving / Holmes isn't top 10" arguments. Holmes ain't the best of all time, but few can rival his clutch SB catch or his catch in the Pats playoff game last season. I know you're still butthurt about Edwards, but let it go already. Plax isn't a has been, he's a question mark. If he plays even somewhat decently, it's well worth it, and that other has been had a way better season than our #3 last year. Saying we replaced our receivers with has beens and underachievers is beyond retarded. Your understanding is definitely off. Every team is going to be affected by the short preseason. Let's see what they can do in the regular season before jumping to all these conclusions.
  2. Haha yeah. That's the ONE thing that's unrealistic about that movie series.
  3. Old people need to shut up and deal with it. That's how technology advancement in a society works. Besides, it's 10 times easier for them to do something online rather than walk all the way to a mailbox when their bodies are wearing out and if they are mentally incapable of learning to use a computer, I'm sure they have staff to help them in their retirement communities. It took forever to get my grandpa using a computer but he finally does now (with assistance).
  4. The only reason Santonio hasn't been top 10 consistently is because he's been on run heavy teams his entire career. His athleticism and ability to make those sick impossible catches and get yards after the catch, puts him in the top 10 skillwise, regardless of his stats. Last year we ran a 1a and 1b receiver set. Holmes wasn't always the primary target, but this year I'm pretty sure he will be, depending on how Plax plays. Plax is an underachiever? Where do you get that idea from? He's won a superbowl against an undefeated Pats team, probably would have had 2 if not for the incident. Mason and Plax are solid veterans that if anything will HELP Sanchez much moreso than young guys. These guys have played in the big games, they know what it's like to have pressure. I think they will do nothing but improve Sanchez, especially guys like Mason. Most critical throw of the year? Which one are you talking about? Both made critical catches, but Holmes made game changers and game winners. Not saying Braylon wasn't good, but saying he had the most critical catch, while negating the bunch of amazing Holmes catches and TDs that won games is a bit short sighted. To me, the most critical throw of the year was against the Steelers when we blew that 1st and goal sequence and where was Edwards then?
  5. Ehh, I disagree. Last year they had a flukey season. Many of those wins were simply from teams laying down for them. I don't care what anyone says, claiming the Pats were in a rebuilding year last year is bs. They have all their best players, one thing they didn't have was a solid receiving core, but they have Brady so they're fine. 1. They are switching to a new defensive scheme this year. That means most of them are learning a new system and could very well stuggle early, but even with the defense last year, they were still one of the worst in the league. I don't honestly think Haynesworth changes the D THAT much. He helps the run defense, yes, but overall not a big impact. Players like McCourty who thrived with interceptions last year will be quieter, since people know he can do that and also because of a new defensive scheme. His coverage overall wasn't great, however, the pats still gave up more yards than just about everyone last season. Sean Ellis is hurt and doubtful he'll make even close to the same impact he did on the Jets last year. 2. You can praise their off season moves all you want, but the Jets had a much better off season. Chad Ochocinco is over the hill. TO outplayed him last season by a large margin. I know Palmer isn't the greatest QB but he had no problems getting the ball to TO, while Chad was never open. He's not going to improve the offense that much. Brady and the o line are the only things that matter on that offense. Everything else is interchangeable when you have a QB and line that good. Thinking the Pats will do better than 14-2 this year, is silly. They will be 11-5 at best. That's what they should have been last year. Maybe man for man they improve slightly, but there's no way they have a better record this year.
  6. With all the technology out there like smartphones, echecks and online banking, the post office is essentially useless. I can't even remember the last time I used snail mail for anything. I have a mailbox and get nothing but junk mail. I'd honestly rather not have one. There isn't a single thing that can't be done online that is sent through mail, and honestly it's terrible for the environment. There's no reason to have it in a digital society. The post office should have been working on getting their system online over the past 10 years instead of just waiting for business to pick up and putting a band aide on it by increasing stamp prices while the rest of the world passes you by. It's no surprise. I saw this coming 10 years ago. It's an unrealistic unnecessary service. But I won't be surprised if the government decides to waste more money and bail em out and then we're in the same situation in another 5 years.
  7. MTV is probably the worst nickname for an NFL player, yet. Please stop it.
  8. haha, it's funny when people complain about posts being too long. The whole purpose of this site is to have discussions about the Jets. When someone gives it in depth, people get annoyed, but when people post silly trollish one liners, they respond instantly. Seriously, learn how to read. It ain't difficult. I agree with the OP. 12-13 wins and a divisional title should be expected this year. I can't possibly see our team not improving with the talent we have. We might be late bloomers on D again, but we'll be near the top almost all year and then eventually get #1. It's very doable. we certainly have more talent on D than 2009.
  9. At least the Jets are ranked over the Pats for once. Tampa Bay at #10, though? No way. I see the Lions and even Cowboys having a better season than them. If Manning doesn't miss more than a game or 2 the colts will be better as well. What about the Bears? They are way better than Bucs. Freeman's a decent QB and all, but the Bucs had an easy schedule last year. Don't expect that to happen again.
  10. That's silly. He's been retired like 5 years now, right? We know he's a great running back, but you can't just retire and come back 5 years later as if nothing happened. He should have played 2 years longer on his career instead of busting out early like a wuss. He'd be useless playing today.
  11. I heard Gholston's available. We should sign that beast.
  12. They really shouldn't trade Wilson. You know he's going to be targeted a lot this year. It's only his second year, I feel he can step it up and show us what he's made of. My guess is he'll get at least 5 picks this year. Revis will rub off on him this season and you'll see a nice transition from young un to grown man. It may take a little bit, but he'll get there.
  13. If Idhedigbo beat him for the safety spot after we let him go, why on earth would we want the guy he beat? I'm happy with our safety unit right now. Smith, Pool and Leonard > fairyweather.
  14. Thanks for changing the name of this intentionally misleading thread. I knew from the second I opened it last night, it was most likely false. Why do people use twitter as a source? It's not reliable... ever. It's for 15 year old girls.
  15. I know it's a rule. I just don't happen to like it. Yeah, the poor defenseless receiver trying to score a touchdown. The game is fast, you can't expect guys to just stop mid tracks to avoid a big hit when, if not landed they could score. Why even bother playing if you have to slow down and risk giving up big plays to preserve penalties? But regardless of that, you absolutely can blame the refs for failing to blow the whistle for the forward progress. There was also another PI call I believe when the receiver was not even touched. I know a few of those they purposely didn't show replays so it wouldn't be obvious. I know I'm ranting and it's the preseason, but I just hope I'm not spending this season shaking my heads at bad calls again. It's not like bad calls were rare. They happened almost every single game and essentially helped cause some losses for us last year. Honestly I just hope the Jets still play balls out, even if it means a few extra penalties. If you hit someone like that, it can affect them the entire game. It should be done. Man, that hit was a thing of beauty, though. Reminiscent of Eric Smith's hit on Welker. Keep teams' offense nervous when they play us.
  16. Just like I said before last season, it all depends on Mark Sanchez. Sure we changed a few things around, but the rest of our team is good enough. If Sanchez improves again we should hit 12+ wins and get to the big game. I have confidence in our team this year. We might start a little slow, but we have a very good chance to win that division and be one of the top AFC teams this year. I believe it!
  17. I don't think we need a pass rush specialist, we have rushing specialists all over our defense, including Pace. Our style of defense creates rushing scenarios, which don't always favor OLBs. We have a large variety of blitz packages and Maybin will only help with this. We don't need Maybin to be better than everyone else. We just need him to do a decent job, so we can put him in in certain packages and give us a little more versatility with the potential of making a big play, or simply stepping in for starters when they are hurting. I mean, we're replacing Gholston with him, essentially, and that's already an upgrade. What's the worst that could happen? He sucks and he's gone next year? Even still it's way worth the risk, even if he only plays as a backup. Nobody's expecting this guy to be the next Clay Matthews, and nobody's saying this guy is the future of the Jets, but he's got potential and looks better than the previous guy we had.
  18. That is definitely an epic fail. If you're too pretty, then why is your BROTHER doing the homework for you instead of other boys in your class? Sounds like they're promoting incest lol.
  19. woops wrong thread. will edit soon.
  20. Well, he was on the Bills, who's defense was absolutely terrible last year. Worst running D in the league, 9th worst overall. Good job by Rex & Tanny picking out this guy out of the pack.
  21. Neither. Our run game is good enough as is with Greene, McKnight, LT and Kerley (not really running back, but multi purpose). I think we should save a few spots to patch up our backup o line, or maybe even get a guy to help with the d line.
  22. After last night, he's definitely making it. Overall he had a very good game. 2 sacks (more than Ghost's entire career) plus good pressure. This guy is 10x was Gholston was.
  23. AWESOME POST! What a great argument you make. Great job explain all of your points and saying why you feel that way.
  24. Ducasse was terrible, Wilson wasn't that bad. He did have a mistake or 2, but he was with his man for the most part. Ducasse, however, playing in his most important game as a Jet to make the team, didn't have focus or maybe had too much pressure, and couldn't handle it. I doubt he's going to be cut, but yeah our protection was BAD yesterday and consequently our run game was bad as well.
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