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  1. Yep, those idiot refs are always looking to screw the Jets and this game was probably their warm up for the season. The game is really going to suck this year because refs, when in doubt, are going to call personal fouls on every single hard hit. The hit Pool did yesterday was 100% legit. No helmet to helmet. He hit him with the shoulder. What, should he not run at full speed to try to make plays!??? Should he stop mid play and risk injury??? Refs are complete idiots. That fumble was called instead of the forward progress rule. The refs bailed out the Eagles offense at like 7 times last game, and most of the penalty calls were bullsh*t. I'm sorry, but if this continues I'm going to find a new hobby. I'm not going to watch our defense play great football, but the other teams continuously bailed out by the refs and given free 1st downs for no reason. If they want to water down the game EVEN MORE, then they will continue to lose fans. Officiating was overall PISS POOR last season, so I know it's hard to say it can get worse, but it will. And seriously, they need to update the challenge rules. If a ref can review a play he should be able to make the right call based on the play. Why have it so selective of what you can challenge and what you can't? Why are teams forced to be victims of terrible officiating? "Oh sorry, we know it's obvious, but it doesn't matter. We have video replay only for calls we feel is appropriate regardless of what actually happened". Seriously get rid of the damn replay rule if you aren't even allowed to change your call based on what you see. Sorry for the rant, but that game was simply absurd. I know Ducasse screwed up and those were legit penalties, as were a few others, but the majority of the defensive penalties were BS. It's obvious teams with good defense will be targeted this year in a pitiful attempt to increase scoring in games. Goodell can die slow.
  2. Falcons are a bit over rated. They have a decent QB and all, but lets not forget how they busted out early in the playoffs or that they had one of the easiest schedule's in the NFL. Falcons will NOT make the superbowl, although this is the first person to actually seem to acknowledge that the Jets could make it. At least no everyone's blind. I think Eagles or Packers make it from the NFC. It's funny that they have the Dolphins at the bottom of the division, even under the Bills.
  3. yeah, it's enough for you but now I'm screwed. Ah well.
  4. Ok, I don't see any place to enter the draft and now it's giving server errors. Yahoo sucks.
  5. If this happens in the regular season, I'll be worried, but part of me feels they were trying to work the new TE system and get Sanchez reps with it. I don't think he's going to ignore Holmes being open, once the regular season starts. This is similar to how he targeted Plax more than anyone in the first game. I think they're just trying to give reps with certain people. Receivers getting separation (especially Holmes) IS NOT an issue. I personally didn't think Sanchez was nervous at all. He threw the ball away a few times instead of taking a sack or worse. That is a veteran move. If he was nervous he might have made those situations much worse than they were. I'm happy to see Mark throw the ball away rather than force a bad pass or get sacked resulting in loss of yards or a turnover.
  6. What were his justifications for the reasoning behind this sudden drop in wins? We COULD have a slow start this year, but 7-9? You gotta be kidding me. Our defense is virtually the same, with the exception of some young linesmen who are learning the ropes. Our offense hasn't changed much, Plax for Edwards is pretty much a wash, Mason for Cotch is a big upgrade. Sanchez has improved each year in the league, so why is this guy suddenly so down on the Jets? It makes no sense at all. But I LOVE it. Bring that hate. It will only help us prove the doubters wrong and make them look stupid like we did the past 2 years.
  7. LOL. Visa thread title fail again. no wonder i didn't see that first. Great argument. Amazing points, I can't argue with that. That's cool. I just figured it would keep things more organized since we seem to have a lot of other team fans that come here and whatnot. Most other fan boards have it set up that way, but it's no biggy.
  8. I don't agree. Rivers first 2 years in the league he was a backup, Sanchez didn't have that luxury. Brees spent 1 year as a backup before starting and having very similar stats to Sanchez's his first 2 starting years. I do agree they are better at this point in their careers, but this year is the defining year for Sanchez. Besides isn't Sanchez in the top 6 in most categories in the preseason? Our talent level hasn't changed all that much from last year. I like the fact that Sanchez hasn't throw any picks yet, but the real season is what matters. We shall see.
  9. Nah, we should really just trade for Peyton manning.
  10. I'm much happier with Cromartie. If we signed Asa, we might not have retained Pool, Smith and others. The Jets secondary is still better than Philly's. Revis is better than Asa. Cromartie is better than Rodgers-Cromartie and the other guy.
  11. I haven't really followed Rob Ryan over the years. Is his defensive system pretty much the same as Rex's or does his kind of have his own thing going? Have the Ryans worked together in the past? I hope Rex wears the wig and keeps it on the whole game.
  12. Johnson deserves the money, but he's going about it the wrong way. Why not show up for camp when they already told you they'd give you a mega contract (or at least begin the negotiations) when you show up? If anything this is going to hurt the team as a whole. I disagreed with Revis doing that last year. It just makes me laugh when I hear that these guys hold out of contracts because the millions they make per year just isn't enough to pay the bills. What a riot. These guys act like they have it hard, retiring in their mid 30s with enough money to feed their grandchildren's grandchildren. Our NFL contract situation needs to be fixed to avoid crap like this. If you hold out of your contract, you should be held in a breach and be punished, either by terminating the contract or by suspensions. I'm great at my job, but if I tried to go on strike for more money, they'd laugh and fire me. The whole system is a big joke, just like the amount of money they all make. Many people put money into fantasy leagues, so you can't blame em for wanting the players back. Johnson should be happy that so many fantasy owners want him.
  13. Whatever you say, old man. My response wasn't to you only, it was to everyone who bashes Sanchez (including Namath). My response right below your quote was the only thing I was responding to you about because those stats are bugged. I'd even say Sanchez had a slightly better first 2 years. He had a worse first year, but a much better 2nd year than him. I know it's not EXACTLY the same as it was back then, but I mean accuracy doesn't really change all that much. You either put the ball in a good place to be caught or you don't. You mentioned you can't compare them, but then immediately said Sanchez doesn't have as many yards per attempt and yard per completion as Namath did. So you can't compare stats. EXCEPT THE ONES THAT HELP YOUR CASE LOL. Anyways it's not about your points, I just don't see why so many people rag on Sanchez when the one guy that got us to the superbowl had a worse 1st 2 years than him. I wasn't attacking you, I was defending our QB. What I said about a run heavy offense is true, and a lot of QBs go for the quick 1st down rather than longer passes these days.
  14. But he was on a pass heavy offense, the exact opposite of our team over the last 2 years. What about completion % and interceptions? Do those become irrelevant all of sudden? Yards per completion is NOT as important as converting the first down, even with smaller yardage. Namath: Yr GP ATT COM YDS COM% TD INT 65 14 340 164 __ 2220 48.2 18 15 66 14 471 232 __ 3379 49.3 19 27 Sanchez: Yr GP ATT COM YDS COM% TD INT 09 16 364 196 __ 2444 53.8 12 20 10 16 507 278 __ 3291 54.8 17 13 So Sanchez has better comp% numbers (you know the ones that everyone complains about) than Joe Namath in his first 2 years, plus way less picks. Namath 37 TDs to 42 picks, Sanchez 29 TDs with 33 picks on a run heavy offense, virtually the same in TD to INT ratio for the 2 years combined and very close yardage numbers. Could you imagine how badly people would be calling for Sanchez' head if he threw 42 picks in his first 2 years or even 27 in a single 14 game season? So if Namath was able to get better and bring us to the superbowl, what on earth makes you think Sanchez can't?
  15. haha you're right. They got us now. That could prove devastating!!!
  16. why do you think our team is going to get worse this year? We were 9-7 Sanchez's rookie season. You really think we're going to regress back to that? You think every NFC east team beats us and most of the AFC WEST?? Really?? I see us splitting those division and splitting with the Pats AT WORSE. that's 11-5. Ravens are iffy. Chances are we will split NFC East, and go 3-4 AFC west. Our schedule is easier this year than last year. 1 Sun, Sep 11 vs Dallas 8:20 PM NBC Tickets 2 Sun, Sep 18 vs Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS Tickets 3 Sun, Sep 25 @ Oakland 4:05 PM CBS Tickets 4 Sun, Oct 2 @ Baltimore 8:20 PM NBC Tickets 5 Sun, Oct 9 @ New England 4:15 PM CBS Tickets 6 Mon, Oct 17 vs Miami 8:30 PM Tickets 7 Sun, Oct 23 vs San Diego 1:00 PM CBS Tickets 8 BYE WEEK 9 Sun, Nov 6 @ Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS Tickets 10 Sun, Nov 13 vs New England 8:20 PM NBC Tickets 11 Thu, Nov 17 @ Denver 8:20 PM NFL Tickets 12 Sun, Nov 27 vs Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS Tickets 13 Sun, Dec 4 @ Washington 1:00 PM CBS Tickets 14 Sun, Dec 11 vs Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS Tickets 15 Sun, Dec 18 @ Philadelphia 4:15 PM CBS Tickets 16 Sat, Dec 24 vs New York 1:00 PM FOX Tickets 17 Sun, Jan 1 @ Miami The toughest matchups this season will be Philly, NE and Ravens. I don't see us haven't much trouble with the rest although we all know any given sunday. Oakland and Chiefs had an easy schedule last year. I doubt they duplicate or improve, plus Oakland lost Asamoguhasldkfjasf. Easy wins for us. Bufalo, Miami - we should sweep, but who knows... miami seems to play good against us so it may be another split. Giants I see a win, Redskins, easy win, Denver, easy win, San Diego, tough win, but a win nonetheless. Dallas could go either way because it's so early and teams are still inexperienced, but I see us edging them because of better D. Jaguars, another easy win. 9-7 is unrealistic with that schedule, but obviously neither of you actually analyzed it, hence the failure to back up your doomsday predictions.
  17. Why does every new thread here have to have a negative spin in the title? Jets seriously need to win it all this year so we can shut these negative people the hell up. What's wrong with "Do you think the Jets can handle the Cowboys new defense?". or "Cowboys defense will be a tough task for Sanchez". But no, it's "The jets are losing to the cowboys, sanchez will complete 52%, and Rob won't let Rex win"? Shwa!?!?? Yeah Rex won't beat Rob twice!! That's an awesome argument based on reality. How about this. The Cowboys are learning a new system with a new coordinator. They will struggle early in the year to find their beat, they'll be very formidable once they do. Lucky for us, we get them early in the year, while they're still adapting. I still don't think Romo Austin and bryant can beat our secondary that often. It'll probably be a game similar to the Ravens game last year, but with less mistakes. Low scoring, but we should have the edge in almost every category.
  18. It depends. Can Vince Young block downfield?
  19. So guilty until proven innocent? Sounds like the NFL way. Plax is a risk. We all knew it. It could potentially pay off huge, and that's the gamble the Jets took this year. I feel that we will get decent production out of him once he gets used to it again. Yeah, he's right on, saying he doesn't think Plax will last the season??? That's not even the same as saying its a risk, it's the much more negative route. I can see why you condone it. What's really funny is that the negative nancy types are supporting these comments. I feel someone with his status should support the team and not put down players trying to do the same thing he once did. He should be consulting with them and helping them get better on offense. Sure, he can say whatever he wants, it just makes me lose more and more respect for the guy. Saying crap like Revis couldn't do anything against him, or the Edwards drops balls or that Sanchez stinks. SANCHEZ HAD A BETTER 2nd YEAR THAN YOU BY FAR, NAMATH. I think our team right now is better than the team that won SB 3. Maybe not offensively YET, but defensively definitely and overall yes. Once we pull it together on offense, we'll be a powerhouse on both sides of the ball.
  20. Sanchez wasn't amazing but he still played more efficiently than Manning. The fumble could have been avoided, but Manning threw 2 picks. Sanchez threw none. Sanchez threw a TD, Manning threw none. Manning had more yards, yes, but they only scored 1 FG. Our defense looked pretty good, and so did theirs. I kind of expected a low scoring game like that with the defense these 2 teams bring. Sanchez is like top 6 in every category this preseason, other than total yards. He didn't suck. Stop making threads with negative titles bashing our players, please.
  21. Woah woah woah!! Easy there. You can't just make a thread and present all kinds of logical facts and stats to back up your argument! THE SKY IS FALLING WE'RE 9-7 AT BEST!!!! Smith and Cotchery made our team!!!
  22. Silly thread title. That's like asking, "Would you take an upgrade over Mangold (Sanchez, Holmes, Keller, Cromartie, etc etc etc)?" Well duh, any upgrade is a good thing, regardless. But as far as drafting someone to replace him, I don't think it's necessary, yet but we should always have our young guys building on the 2nd team. Bart Scott is still solid.
  23. One of them was Dustin Keller. I can't remember who the other "interception" was to.
  24. Schotty made some TERRIBLE calls last night. For example, the first run the 2nd team offense got they were backed up in their own endzone and run it all three plays. I know you wanna buy some room, but seriously, throw the damn ball on 3rd and long or at the very least TRY a play action fake on 1 down. Don't throw in the towel, Shotty!!! Give the guys a chance to dig themselves out, as if it were a real game. Those are the types of situations you WANT to practice and see what you can do. I thought those calls were atrocious and not conducive to team development in the least. We should have put the 1st team in for that sequence... This guy is getting on my last nerve.
  25. 12 is a good realistic number based on who we're playing and Sanchez getting better.
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