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  1. I agree, but many of them run out of bounds on purpose to dodge people. I know you can't prevent people from getting knocked out, or occasionally running out to avoid contact but running out because you're a pansey and afraid to face the blockers, only to come back in some 70 yards down the field is a bit ridiculous, and defeats the purpose of having a field of play. If you intentionally leave the field of play you should have to come back in within say 15 yards from where you went out, or you can't come back in, period
  2. It looked to me like the only one who punched anybody was Jacobs. It was complete BS that they threw Wilkerson out as well. Haha I love the thread title. Yep I pretty much expected this. Bears gave him a shot, but their defense is solid and with Julius peppers around Gholston couldn't even warm the bench. It just sucks that we wasted so much time money and effort on developing him.
  3. I actually do think BB is overrated. Tom Brady is what transformed that team. Yes he's a good coach, but he's not this god like figure that everyone portrays him to be. Brady had rotating receivers all year last year and still put up some of his best numbers of his career. That's not because of coaching, it's because Brady is that damn good, even throwing to receivers he has yet to build chemistry with. I couldn't agree more.
  4. Miss one catch and throw the book at him. Personally I'd rather see Greene on the big running plays than being an LT type receiver.
  5. I honestly dislike the running out of bounds thing. It's dangerous. We have a field of play for a reason, and there's already a nice clear area right outside the sideline. They should ban that instead of doing crap like moving kickoff spots. Look what happened to that chowder guy last year. He ran right into our coach, who got punished for holding his ground on the sidelines where he's supposed to be.
  6. This is sad news. I thought Novak was better than Folk, or at least could provide leverage if Folk starts folking up mid season.
  7. yeah total yards in a preseason where people get very limited time matters and isn't relative to the play time at all.
  8. This is why it's bugged that they make season ticket holders pay for these games. I think they Jets need a bit more work before getting in sync fully. I don't see the harm in playing them for a bit. I know they won't, but with a short camp it'll be beneficial. Plus the Jets pulled their starters almost instantly in the 3rd, way before the Giants did. It's funny how they're like "yeah, the Jets will play starters into 3rd", which means 1 series. I don't even think the D got a 3rd quarter series. bah. I just want the real season to start.
  9. stopped reading right there. Oh yeah, that's ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING!! WOW!!! I wonder which part of the documentary Toscano gets on his knees along with half the media lackeys in the country to kiss Bill's "ring". It's funny how they act like everyone cares or that the Pats aren't over hyped constantly. SO SHOCKING!!! It's gonna be another disappointing year for the Pats and I CAN'T WAIT.
  10. LT isn't a powerhouse, but he can still move. I think he'll be fine. Don't cut him, he's a great leader and mentor for Greene and McNight.
  11. You're old, Namath. Where's your loyalty at? Jets legends shouldn't bash current players. We've got the best team we've had in a while. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I've heard him do it. Let it go, man. We can win the big game without you.
  12. They coulda had the damn game and been perfectly fine. LOL the usual. Media blows a storm out of proportion and makes everyone scared.
  13. That onside kick by the Packers at the end was a thing of beauty. I wonder if they'd be ballsy enough to do that during the season. Perfect kick and perfect execution. Even the 3rd string QB on greenbay looks good. Packers are going to be a force this year again.
  14. I really wanted to see this. Woulda been a classic asshanding. Stupid hurricane coverage.
  15. Most starters won't play vs Philly anyway. I'm just sad that all the over paranoia from the media ruined what could have been a great rainy slugfest between the Jets and Giants. Could have been classic. They didn't even play the Patriots game here because hurricane Irene coverage was on every damn channel before it was even close to me. I dunno, to me living in fear is not living. Why not broadcast the damn game? If people wanna sit glued to their TVs watching every single update and change they can put on the weather channel.
  16. Haha, I made this same prediction last season and put money on it, and of course the Pats blow them out with Brady only scoring a single TD. I do feel the Pats are on the decline, so this year I think you may be right. Dolphins will start this year 1-0. It will be the best record they have all year, however. As long as they don't lay down for them again, they'll give em a run for their money.
  17. Hey guys, I was just wondering what you all thought about adding a General NFL section. We all know the Jets section is very active, but it seems like it would help if we had a section for posting general NFL info that's separate from the Jets section. It just might help keep thing a bit more organized and have less clutter in the Jets section.
  18. If you let them on facebook, you should create your own account and be their friend. That should be the condition, because that way you pretty much know what pictures they put up and monitor their activity. Also you should set the parental controls, and ensure they only share pictures and whatnot with friends. You can also set the profile to not display ANY information to non friends. Obviously you can't control everything, but that's true about anything with your kids and their social lives. I really don't think it's anything to be worried about, however. It's no worse than having a cell phone or internet access in general. I have tons of cousins, ranging in age from 13-30 and most of them are on facebook and share family pictures and everything else. It's really harmless if you're not a complete idiot. OMG!! Teenagers have sexual urges when they begin development!??? This is groundbreaking!! I can't believe it. Now instead of messing around with each other sexually when they hang out, they can do it virtually. If I were a parent I'd much rather have that, then the real thing, but again, that's how adolescents are when they reach the age of puberty and you telling them not to, is only going to make them want to do it more. I personally don't use facebook that often, but it has good uses. It just gets a bad rep because everyone focuses on the few rare negative things that happen. OMG!!! I'm so afraid now!!! It's not like the picture itself showing the exact area the picture was taken in isn't enough!!! NOW THEY CAN TELL BY THE LOCATION STAMP!! OHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSS!
  19. I wish him well, but apple sucks. They got their biggest success from Microsoft's failure in Vista. haha. I can't believe how overpriced their crap is.
  20. Um, none? It's not like this thing is going to destroy the tri state. Paranoia rules supreme though. Please go stock up on can goods, the apocalypse is coming!!!!! Succumb to fear!!!!
  21. I'm down for that. Please aliens destroy this pitiful human race before they destroy themselves. Nah, I think that's a bit silly. Air pollution and crap like that is limited to our planet. It's not going to go poison the universe. Everything on this planet was originally here naturally. Don't get me wrong, however, I'd love to see an alien race come and destroy us. We are a terrible species, especially for this planet. Nothing more than parasites with egos. I'd gladly sacrifice myself if it meant saving the planet. Most people wouldn't, hence proof of my previous statement.
  22. What a great insightful thread. LOL. I'm just going to go make a thread called "Mason sucks", and just say "discuss" and we'll see how that one goes. If you feel the emotional need to create a brand new thread everytime you have a thought, at least put some effort and time into it. Explain why you feel the way you do and what caused it. Threads like this are useless and do nothing but get people angry at each other. There's no reason to have a negative tone in every post you make. If you want to have a discussion about Kerley, then name the thread, "Kerley: What do you think so far?". Not some biased garbage title based on nothing but a few missed catches that were difficult to begin with.
  23. He called him a phony in his book, which is long after meeting him. He might have thought that about him earlier, but he gave him the chance to prove him wrong, and he didn't so Ryan's suspicion is true.
  24. Brady is just saying that because overall the rest the football fans think he's a pansey and a coward. You know he's going to be calling for penalties every time he takes a legit hit.
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