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  1. Folk isn't that good. I'd be happy if we sent him back to the Cowboys. If they really think they are missing him, they are delusional. There's some 30+ kickers in the league that had better stats than him last season. The green bay game was way more than just that, plus it was one of the windiest days of the year. I can accept him missing in that weather.. but there were plenty of other games where he completely bricked a 20 yard chip in or a 30 yard easy one. If he was just missing 45+ yarders I wouldn't be concerned but he misses extra points as well. In GB we had a dropped endzone pass by Cotch that was dead on target, plus those 2 BS picks that should have been dual possession or were taken away after the man was down.
  2. This is basically what you call paranoia. Changing the time of a game because people are afraid to drive in rain and wind? GTFO. I never understood the irrational fear of weather that most people have. It's not like we're going to be in the middle of a major hurricane. We're getting a small piece of the tail end of it. People need to man up and stop being panseys. It's like how you go to the supermarket when it rains and everyone huddles under the the awnings like prissy drama queens, waiting to get picked up, when I just walk to my car because hell, I don't fear water water. It's not deadly. Stop being so damn paranoid, people!!!! Grow some balls.
  3. So far I like it, although I can't find the option to display more posts per page. I don't like going through 7 page topics, when you can easily condense it to 2-3. I'm sure I'm just looking in the wrong place.
  4. Seriously???? They are afraid of having players with tatoos or piercings??? LOL no wonder these idiots never go anywhere. That's almost as bad as the sideways hat thing. Let em dress and style themselves the way they want. It doesn't change their performance on the field. I would have told the guy to go **** himself and signed with the next team.
  5. See at least when Rex Ryan makes SB predictions and talks about his roster being the best, it's actually a realistic possibility. With these guys it's nothing more than a joke and everyone knows it. Holmes Plax and Keller will abuse them in the passing game this year, just watch.
  6. The funny thing about all this, is where I live we never have earthquakes. That's the first earthquake I remember my entire life. Well it sure reminded me what an alarmist, reactive society we live in. The day after the earthquake all kinds of emails went around work about earthquake procedures and safety tips, you know, so 10 years from now when it happens again, we'll be ready. That's like giving somebody advice on gambling when they get back from Vegas. So silly.
  7. No surprise here. Bush is good and has the potential to be one of the top guys. Who even came close to giving him competition?
  8. Yep. Both corners are injured for year now. They are in trouble.
  9. Nobody's angry about this. We just realize he's full of crap. He does suck. It's funny.
  10. Kerley seems to have the moves and mobility. He just has trouble making catches in traffic. It's not necessarily his fault. The passes he's missed haven't exactly been easy grabs and some were very close.
  11. Oh yeah, no question we should def shoot for it. I just don't think we NEED home games to win it all. Sure it would help, provided we don't stink up the joint like we often do at home.
  12. Apparently they are both idiots. What a lazy, defeatist solution. Get on top of your gang violence and crime. You can't just go around banning sports events or any event where any violence happens. It's the gang members, not the average fans or party goers. It's a damn preseason game. Wouldn't you expect the rivalry between fans to be much worse during the regular season games? What are they going to do then?
  13. We gave this guy so many chances, its not even funny. He failed each time, we even switched him to DE thinking it would suit him better, but he lost the job. Not because Ryan dislikes him, but because the other players are BETTER. After Ryan hyped him up last off season and said he would be going places, it's kind of messed up to say he didn't give him a chance. He definitely did.
  15. Same here. If there's a way to screw it up, Schotty will find it. He'll pick the opposite of the logical play to call, just to try and throw them off guard, but the defense will read it like a book because they know Schotty is predictable and always calls those plays.
  16. Why does the new CBA apply to actions that happened before it was ratified or when players weren't under contract? That doesn't make the least bit of sense. That's like if I made a law today that said nobody's allowed to post article links without the article and then went back over the past year and arrested everyone who's ever done it. I'm pretty sure its illegal for a contractor to hold someone responsible for something he did while not under contract. Goodell = trash. I don't wish death only anybody, but if this guy fell down the stairs and died, I wouldn't care in the least (hell I'd probably celebrate).
  17. I guess it's been a few days since his last article bashing the Jets, so he was getting desperate and pulled this out of his a$$. Nothing new about this. Unsubstantiated speculation, nothing more.
  18. The home playoff game isn't as important as you guys think. I say this because over the past 2 years the Jets have been a much better road team. I don't know if it's just that the hostile environment motivates them or if it's just luck, but I feel home field is over rated, plus after breaks our offense seems to struggle (ie bye week last year) Not that I don't want home playoff games, I just don't think it's the key. The key is winning in the playoffs. Homefield advantage really only plays toward field goals. If we score touchdowns, that edge is nullified. Good teams usually get homefield anyways, but the bottom line is we need to out play and beat our opponents regardless of where the field is. It shouldn't effect our play for the most part.
  19. haha that's pretty funny and I actually got to the Jets answering honestly except for the facial hair. The dolphins one is hilarious.
  20. The running game looked pretty beastly, but yeah the passing game was off aside from a few nice shots to Manningham.
  21. Well, the Texans haven't exactly been a force in the NFL since they were brought in. It's not surprising that one of the best teams in the past 6 years owns them. I think Peyton's injury >>>>>>>>>>> his ability to beat the Texans. Curtis Painter sucks, yes, but keeping Peyton healthy and getting him to 100% HAS to be the Colts main priority.
  22. I think it's more about Tanny than Woody. Sure Woody has a say, but Tanny and Rex are ultimately the ones who make the call on what players to pick up or cut.
  23. I agree and I've suggested this a few times, but it falls on deaf ears each time. Negativity brings everyone down. There's absolutely no reason to be angry or negative about our team this year. Sure they aren't perfect but they're looking pretty good thus far. I don't mind discussing the strengths and weaknesses, but seriously some of these posts get out of hand and turn into sky is falling threads. I would be all about having an official negative thread for people to whine and complain about the front office and everything else that isn't perfect about our team this year.
  24. Eh, The Dolphins aren't bottom 5. That's a bit ridiculous, and I'm pretty biased toward the Jets. I'd say the Phins are in the middle somewhere. Somewhere in the 15-20 range. It all depends on Henne, though.
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