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  1. GDT: Colts vs Jets MNF

    Richardson you ******* Donkey
  2. On the bright side, that helped our draft position
  3. Geno TORE ACL

    This kind of makes Namath look like a dick
  4. That Bart Scott speech afterwards had me pumped up all week.
  5. What a shame

    Yeah I'm on my phone and it's not cooperating.
  6. What a shame

  7. What a shame

    My god you're annoying.
  8. Cromartie eviciting his own mother

    To be fair, he hasn't played in almost two years. I'm sure he has some rust to shake off.
  9. Came here for funny jokes/puns, was not disappointed.
  10. For real, I'm not sure why people are saying Mac "won"
  11. So far, I love this draft

    You pay for insider?
  12. This is what I dont understand.

    We could still potentially draft Lynch and resign Fitz. Assuming Fitz doesn't completely choke, the fans will give Lynch time to learn from the bench. Fitz isn't Bradford, he knows he's a stopgap guy.
  13. Josh Norman is a FA

    You'd rather cut a player than trade him? I guarantee we could get a third for Mo in a heartbeat. There has to be more to the Norman situation.