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  1. This kind of makes Namath look like a dick
  2. That Bart Scott speech afterwards had me pumped up all week.
  3. Yeah I'm on my phone and it's not cooperating.
  4. To be fair, he hasn't played in almost two years. I'm sure he has some rust to shake off.
  5. For real, I'm not sure why people are saying Mac "won"
  6. We could still potentially draft Lynch and resign Fitz. Assuming Fitz doesn't completely choke, the fans will give Lynch time to learn from the bench. Fitz isn't Bradford, he knows he's a stopgap guy.
  7. You'd rather cut a player than trade him? I guarantee we could get a third for Mo in a heartbeat. There has to be more to the Norman situation.
  8. The Eagles chairman just said they're taking either Goff or Wentz, stop speculating.
  9. It all comes down to what "significantly less" means in terms of picks. I DON'T want to give up what LA did, but if it was in the neighborhood of Mo and 2 1st rounders Macc would have to consider it. I agree with you on Macc being the right guy to make these types of decisions, if he really likes Wentz and the Ram's take Goff he's got to go get him.
  10. Maybe, but depending on what it takes to go up to #2 I'd take the chance. I'm tired of wallowing in mediocrity.
  11. I think he's worth more than 28 or 29 overall. I like the idea of two 2nd rounders for him, this draft is apparently pretty deep.
  12. You might, I'm saying Mac might have really wanted Wentz. If Wentz goes to the Rams and the Jets don't believe in Geoff there's no reason to go up too #2.
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