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  1. Sam and a guy who can consistently kick extra points. The Jets are now unstoppable.
  2. A team that hadn't won in almost two seasons with a rookie QB and mid season coaching change had trouble against good teams. Really, never would have guessed.
  3. A strong oline brought us to back to back AFC championship games. It almost sounds as if we won them when you say it. People should take note that as the oline fell apart so did the Jets.
  4. Um, Mayfield did ok last year as a rookie despite a midseason coaching change. Who is Mayfield's coach this year?
  5. That doesn't make him a fraud. His success in fact speaks otherwise. However, I can see people under him wearing thin if they are insecure and soft. I myself would prefer a strong leader who doesn't coddle the people under him and calls it like it is. Once people stop being honest with themselves and those around them that is when you see organizations sink as everyone becomes complacent while patting each other on the back.
  6. Would you expect them to tank any potential trade value if they agreed with the fans? I don't hear tough love from many coaches these days. Plenty of posters, not me as I don't watch college football, said Hackenburg would suck and what do you know despite being drafted high second round...
  7. Yeah, and I mentioned him in the post you down voted for disagreeing with you. Yes, I did forget to mark him down as a FA signing, and instead made comment to having Bell (which is great), but also having no o-line. Prior to this year was the offense ever really a priority the last decade? One FA period is a very small sample.
  8. To prove or at least hypothesize the depths of human stupidity.
  9. Pitt has a good oline and good skill position players at WR. They've had time prior to this year in their system. What strengths would you game plan to? Would you accentuate the fact that the oline can't run or pass block? How about being on QB three with no online? How would you mask that? Maybe run more? Wait no teams are keying on Bell...
  10. Correct and not contributing like on other teams. A guy who retired and a guy who was given away for almost nothing this year to help the oline. OK, the midget slot wr. Aside from that not much in terms of FA signings to help the O. Is it? The oline is hot garbage that can't really block anyone. The starting TE is out. The WRs are trash in general. Bell is great but teams are stacking the box every play in part because QB #3 is on the field. So yeah, it's currently clearly devoid of any real talent on the field. Yeah, Gase is making some poor choices, but let's not act like things are kosher otherwise or that he walked into a functional situation. The offense hasn't been coached up or bulked up talent wise for really a decade now. Once Mangold and Brick were drafted they road that gravy train until the wheels fell off.
  11. Maybe he was thinking about the team. Maybe he was an overachieving wing-man that night. Oh wait, physical contact in my GIF am I offending anyone's delicate sensibilities? You know, the kind of people who feel the need to try and force their simplistic morality on others and have them censored because they feel their safe space is violated and the world revolves around them... 🙄

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