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  1. I agree. It's false advertising. "Welcome to the Meadowlands in NJ. A state in which two teams who train, play, and rest their corporate HQ claim to be a NY teams". NY isn't even that impressive anyway. The place is living off its past glory as it descends into the violent sh*t hole it once was prior to Mayor G., and I doubt the ratings would be affected at all. No one watches the games to see the "big city" skyline as they cut to commercials.
  2. That's because Saleh doesn't come with fries or a drink. Nor can Saleh be super sized.
  3. I like that Coach Saleh talks about how the org is taking steps to become far more functional on and off the field than it had been previously. The draft being some of the fruit of this labor. I like that he presents energy, and enthusiasm without being an imbecile blowhard. He's seems like an intelligent person who truly understands you can't just slap makeup on a pig, talk it up, and expect good results. He understands that the product on the field is a direct result of what goes on off the field prior to the moment.
  4. Nice zone D they swarmed well to the ball carriers.
  5. Scratch Curry, he won't be making the team. I think they get 43(+-5) total. Edited for the fact that there is actually 17 games now. Also, keep in mind that the team will be trying to control the clock with a stout run game; which hopefully cuts down on the opportunities our guys have to rack up the sack numbers.
  6. Yeah, but I hear Joe D is going to be on the hot seat unless they have an amazing season.
  7. Keep in mind the Feds take 162k + 37 percent on anything over 539,901 regardless of where you play.
  8. Clearly, there's reason for optimism. Obviously, the team still needs to play, gain experience, and get better. Fortunately the Jets finally have, on paper, a solid/functional roster composed primarily of young aspiring players. Unfortunately, they all need experience as individuals, and as a team on the field before they become a great team. At least they should be fun to watch, and inspire some genuine hope they'll get better. As opposed to wondering how many over priced retreads are going to be cut as soon as another losing season has ended.
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