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  1. Don't know if this was posted. http://theredzone.org/Blog-Description/EntryId/73496/Jets--Jamal-Adams---No-one-came-to-play--in-loss-to-Bills
  2. Embrace the Suck

    Man Cites Jets Sucking As Reason for DUI

    Hopefully it works out and sets precedent. It'll be the one redeeming attribute of being a Jets fan. "Your Honor, I did cheat on my wife. However, your Honor, I'm a Jets fan since 84." We'd be a protected class...
  3. Embrace the Suck

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    I vote they make a phone app and let us crowd coach on game day. Treat practice week like survivor and we vote for cuts.
  4. Embrace the Suck

    Jests SNY Pre/Post Game

    Wow, they brought up the butt fumble game. It's a low moment.
  5. and a chill filled the room...
  6. Wow, three guys caught holding on one play. Has to be a record...
  7. Wish we had a coach who was a db.
  8. Wow, pretty dysfunctional so far. Even for the Jets. So, how long has the bills starting qb been on their team?
  9. Embrace the Suck

    Jests SNY Pre/Post Game

    Ought to be an interest day on the show.
  10. Embrace the Suck

    How demoralized would you be if Darnold busts?

    A new walk away campaign. Maybe start watching college football. It's going to be flag football in a decade anyway.
  11. Embrace the Suck

    Caption this pic

    Todd "I need more impact players on D" Coffee in Hand "(long slow exhale) Right" Sammy D "(convulsing on the floor somewhere when the picture was taken)" Somewhere the football gods are laughing their sick butts off.
  12. That's naughty 😈... I'd just prefer they not be a part of the organization anymore.

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