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  1. Embrace the Suck

    Does anyone get the feeling Gase likes firing people

    I get the feeling he's decisive. It also helps when you're getting rid of other people's crud. Lee was never anything until he had some ints last year. Leggett was hurt and meh otherwise. The scout, don't know his name, but our scouting has generally sucked. These seem more like common sense moves rather than those of a power mad adrenaline junkie.
  2. Embrace the Suck

    19' Cheerleaders before the final cut..........

    Seeing as the Jets never had them till the last few years it never was something I noticed anyway. However, if you put a product on the field aspire to put the best product on the field. Of course that wouldn't be very Jets like. In all honesty would prefer a reply and 'analysis' as rather than a cheerleader in a puffy coat and earmuffs.
  3. Embrace the Suck

    19' Cheerleaders before the final cut..........

    Ah, wtf Jets... Can't they offer a better dental plan or something? How can a professional sports team not get above average attractive women to sign up for a cheerleader position? Don't get me wrong, there are couple attractive women in that photo, but they're outliers. I know I know, I'm shallow and they're being hired based on the content of their character. Come on Jets, this isn't west side construction politics.
  4. Embrace the Suck

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Probably why things have been quiet. They may have taken care of that already or are in the process of doing so.
  5. Raising the bar for all future jets gm's, now I'm spoiled. Getting rid of trash and looking to trade an overrated soon to be big contract, I think I'm getting dizzy.
  6. Embrace the Suck

    Tony Pauline Tidbits

    Mac seems to have basically wanted things to magically fall into place so he could take credit or never have to claim responsibility when they didn't fall into place. What an inept coward he was.
  7. Embrace the Suck

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    They're all dart throws. Give me a young, talented, hungry guy any day as opposed to an older set in his way guy who can't adapt with a track record of mediocre ineptitude if at all.
  8. Embrace the Suck

    Are you still looking forward to the season?

    Are you still looking forward to the season? Yes, yes I am, more so than probably ever. Franchise QB, dramatic off-season events, a head coach that doesn't see the offense as a burden, how could someone not be looking forward to the season?
  9. Embrace the Suck

    Gregg Williams dead man walking?

    First, have some class and cue up the Benny Hill music instead. Second, who knows? Maybe it's a you stay on your side of the ball and I'll stay on mine type of thing. Then, after practice, they go out drinking and crack jokes about coffee*boy.
  10. I prefer this. One visor to rule them all. He can delegate scouting and contracts by setting priorities and expectations while letting others do the ground work. But all the organizational ships must sail in the same direction, and it seems they weren't until the last couple days. For better or worse Gase is now the Godfather and the new Gm will be Consigliere. I think HBO hard-knocks would be interesting to say the least with this crew.
  11. Ahhh, sad face. 😪 The Jets do seem to always impress, even if in their own way, sadly.
  12. Embrace the Suck

    Jets will fail

    Don't mind if I do. Screenshot it up. It'll be funny to see you gloat about the Jets apparently sucking at that point.
  13. Darnold, hopefully, but he was a long time coming for sure.

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