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  1. Chris can go to their mom since she owns a third.
  2. I've never been interested in a SB. It's just something to do.
  3. BB* is a schmuck who is lucky that Brady* is who he is. Aside form being a cheater he's also a pretty good QB who brought Tampa to the superbowl while the pats* were under .500. Brady and Gronk got tired of BB* acting like he was the guy making it happen year after year.
  4. I figured we were rooting for the Chiefs because they have a better chance of beating Brady*. I can't say I really hate the Bills like I do the pats* and phins.
  5. No trade clause. Should rent some google ad space to post fire Max ads for that contract.
  6. Why is that? They hired a coach he wants to play for. They have the cap space and picks to still put a team together. They could be good pretty fast with a franchise qb and the resources they have available. People talk about state tax, but rich people seem to find a way around or to minimize those all the time, and he is in fact rich. He may also have off the field reasons for wanting the Jets. The Jets can probably be considered one of the more 'progressive' teams in the league.
  7. It happens that he wanted the coach the Jets hired anyway. Problem solved, and it wouldn't take much to make him feel involved.
  8. I like where your head is at, and your heart is in the right place. Realistically a low ball, with DW forcing the Texans' hand, is the #2 and change. Most people would be fine would with that. I don't think they can realistically accept less than 2 #1s and save face.
  9. lmfao.... Do you have a time machine that allows you to draft him a couple years back because that is what you're talking about.
  10. https://www.ufc.com/news/ufc-fight-island-where-ufc-fight-island-fight-island-schedule-and-more

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