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  1. Dump them both in the fryer Colonel Sanders. I often wonder how much player development is an issue, but clearly player selection has been sh*t too.
  2. Embrace the Suck

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    You aren't wrong. It's like the fitztragic cycle. No real beginning or end and everyone involved is responsible to a degree. Think of a school teacher. Sure the kids are the ones doing sh*t, but a competent teacher (the person officially in charge) has classroom management skills which deals with the children's inevitable foolishness and as a result you see less and less of it. Whereas sh*t teachers, of which there are many, have no control. Employees in general are children who need constant, guidance*, as few are real adult professionals. This goes more so for athletes.
  3. Embrace the Suck

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    He has a lot of competition in Rex and Herm, yet here he is as the front runner.
  4. Embrace the Suck

    Bowles Says Penalties Are Not On Him

    You know, it's funny, as an elementary school kid in the eighties I remember if the Giants ****ed up on the field Parcells would publicly announce he was gonna put boot to ass. Guess what, next week they'd be great. You set the tone Todd. You're the head coach, the boss, and not 'the fun coordinator' like some half ass divorced dad. They **** off and make dumb plays every week because that is the atmosphere you have developed and maintain despite denying your accountability for such. A 5th grader with average madden knowledge could probably coach a better game. Going back to Rex this team has liked, but not respected their coach. Respect is important, being liked is for locals who still think they're still in HS voting for superlatives. Mangini instilled discipline, Groh instilled discipline, and both were ran out of town because, well, the Jets.
  5. Embrace the Suck

    Kevin green

    No thanks! No more inexperienced defensive guys. You have outscore the other team to win in a league that favors offense. Keeping the score low or close doesn't cut it despite what defensive "master minds" tend to think.
  6. Embrace the Suck

    It's time...

    So initially I laughed. Then I remembered I follow the Jets and that the dick family could go that direction, based on god knows what.
  7. Embrace the Suck

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    Doesn't mean it isn't true. Geno is trash, but he also existed in a hot mess environment. Just because Geno has gone on to continue sucking doesn't mean his time here was one where he was put in a position to succeed, but failed despite great conditions. Again he sucks regardless, but the organization (GM and Coaches) did little to provide a productive environment. In all honesty it's time to start hiring HCs with some experience instead of breaking in crappy prospects as HC every year particularly those coming from the d side of the ball.
  8. Embrace the Suck

    Bowles, or Bates, or both?

    So as HC you are accountable for all phases of the game regardless of if it's your specialty, which by no means exonerates bates for his sh*tty game plan as the OC. This was always one, of many, of Rex's problems too. Bowles may not know the intricate details, but he sets the agenda during the week and on game day. A HC has to be able to see that what the OC or DC is feeling isn't working and provide less than gentile advice in real time at least. I thought the game plan was poor, I would imagine both were part of it, though I'll assume bates was more so as the OC. To start the game they weren't doing much to slow down the rush. It seemed like most of the passes were to the outside. I'm pretty sure we drafted a big athletic TE send him down the seem for easier throws that draws attention to the middle of the field and slow down the pass rush instead out splitting him wide. Run the ball down their throats and wear out their speedy ends. Keep a TE or an extra OT in and double up myles every play. The browns have talent. How could they not at this point, but they still had not won in two years prior to the Jets who always provide teams with those trend breaker games. When the axe swings I'd prefer there be no remnants on the coaching side.
  9. Embrace the Suck

    Get Off the Ledge Why Darnold will be a WInner!!

    Can't deny that. Hopefully Sam is good fortune and Bowles takes advantage.
  10. Embrace the Suck

    Get Off the Ledge Why Darnold will be a WInner!!

    No, I'm saying coaches often ride a great player's coat tail, contribute little to nothing themselves, and receive credit for it. If you define that as success then sure, I guess that is what I said. Otherwise, no, it just means a coach is fortunate as opposed to successful. I define success as a measure of accomplishment not luck. A crackhead that wins the lotto isn't successful they're lucky.
  11. Who would he throw under the bus otherwise when behind closed doors...
  12. Embrace the Suck

    Get Off the Ledge Why Darnold will be a WInner!!

    No, I'm not saying that what so ever.... I'm saying an elite franchise (T*B*) QB can elevate the perception of an entire franchise. That doesn't mean the coach is good or better. I can win blindfolded as a coach if you give me great players particularly at QB. It's like teachers who get the high functioning kids in class. The teacher isn't doing much, but the kids do well so the teacher looks good even though those high functioning kids will do great regardless of a teacher's competence.
  13. Embrace the Suck

    Get Off the Ledge Why Darnold will be a WInner!!

    And they were right about B*B*. Without T*B* he'd be a DC or unemployed. He was going nowhere fast in his second stint as a HC until the hit Mo Lewis and Shaun Ellis laid on Bledsoe*. I was cheering at the time not knowing the horror that was unleashed that moment.
  14. Embrace the Suck

    Get Off the Ledge Why Darnold will be a WInner!!

    No one should be questioning Sam in his third game at 21 on this hot mess of a team.

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