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  1. I vote (C) - Low expectations. The Jets are below .500... What's this over achieving stuff you speak of? Are we stomping our feet for beating the Browns? Getting rid of half the board's savior in Fitztragic was obvious addition through subtraction as a 38 year old journeyman is well was making a decent showing in his place. Both are on thin ice and Coffee in Hand's only benefit of doubt is that he didn't choose his own coach. As for coach Bowles who know's. He seemed pissed in the post game hopefully it's no more Mr Nice Guy time, but I don't know. They're in year three, and nothing seems to have been built systems, culture, ect. Young talent is questionable obviously Coffee in Hand has a big part of that too aside from wr R.A. is their any real talent that he found and wasn't the best player that fell to him? I wouldn't cry if both were let go. However, the new freaking GM picks his own coach.
  2. Geno Smith starting QB for NY Giants

    Yes, because the Jets are slow, in a dysfunctional organization sense. It's a chicken sh*t move to wait so someone can say "you can't blame me for going with the young guy at this point" and in return get few data points to work with.
  3. Geno Smith starting QB for NY Giants

    There's a person who gets it.
  4. Jets Organization

  5. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    Eh, I wouldn't get too far ahead with Mo at his point. His first sack came when another active defender flushed the qb out of the pocket towards Mo and Mo literally just reached out and grabbed the qb. Hopefully his uselessness has passed, but I wouldn't get too excited yet.
  6. All those draft picks browns 0-8

    Sure, ignore the fact that the Browns are and have been a sh*t organization which makes bad picks. Any chance that if they don't blow those picks they're a better team?
  7. Offenses Changing Due To The Spread

    Wow, what a mind blowing concept... As a coach adapt to what you have... Just more proof that it's not what you know it's who you know.
  8. Until they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.
  9. Where the **** was Bowles? Every little tick tack issue you see the jerkoff coach of the patriots having a fit. Did Bowles protest at all?
  10. ******* travesty. The refs stole this game.
  11. Is ASJ the best TE I've known as a jet? 30+ years as a fan.
  12. They need to speed things up and play with some urgency as the clock isn't their friend.
  13. http://theredzone.org/Blog-Description/EntryId/65976/Patriots-CB-Stephon-Gilmore-ruled-out-Week-6-with-concussion
  14. Time to bench Mo for the season

    Oh, ok. Popularity vote, forget his impact or lack there of during games, we're just going with high school politics. Got it.
  15. Time to bench Mo for the season

    When was he not J.A.G.? He was a steady player that was maybe above average. He was never a force when it mattered. From what I remember, and I may be wrong, he would have great games against sh*t teams and performed disappearing acts against good teams. Also one thing I have noticed is that Jets fans almost always look at their guys without any context. We're used to sh*t play so anytime a guy isn't absolute dog sh*t we want to rush to Fitzpatrick them.