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  1. I was referring to the obviousness that he has injury issues, as opposed to being sarcastic towards you. Plus, considering that it's a dead spot for news in the summer even the obvious is better than nothing.
  2. Wow, snap! Didn't know it was a problem till now....
  3. No, it's dumb to assume the CB will give the space and the WR will make the RAC for a first down. Particularly when he used to run plays short of the sticks all the time with the same results.
  4. Must be nice to get by on a family name. Actually probably not, but I'd bet it makes finding employment much easier.
  5. https://gamepass.nfl.com/packages?redirected=true&icampaign=gpd-edi-NFL_WaysToWatch_Page_GP
  6. Best trade ever.
  7. I've already paid ten fold in depression, anxiety, torment (******* Giants fans), and the awful lows of being a Jets fan for thirty years.
  8. Embrace the Suck

    July Madness sign up

    Is this a fight club?
  9. Well the curse of Mo Lewis naturally would lead to LB draft issues. I didn't say there weren't other curses. Curse of Dennis Byrd leads to not being able to draft Linemen that can consistently rush the passer. Curse of blair thomas I'm sure you can figure it out. Just pick any TE we've drafted and insert his name after the words "curse of".
  10. Curse of Mo Lewis. The Jets haven't been able to draft good lbs with any consistency for a while now.
  11. Embrace the Suck

    Body found at home of Giants star Janoris Jenkins

    He's "woke" 👌. I think that's what the kids say when they think they know more than they really do.