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  1. The second step is realizing you don't give a rat's behind what those random people post anonymously anyway. The random guy calling him lazy probably spends eight hours a day on the couch eating new formulations of mac'n'cheese on a daily basis.
  2. No such thing as reverse racism, only racism, which can be committed by anyone. No one group of people have a monopoly or are excluded from that act or thought pattern.
  3. Wait isn't this cultural appropriation? I for one am offended. Actually, I'm fine with a female Bond, I say they go further and write the character as gay, but she should have been hot (obviously physically attractive) as opposed to sort of manly (just my opinion) looking. A hot gay female Bond would have been just fine. They could have still employed Bond girls too.
  4. I'm genuinely interested in what this kid is watching.
  5. No, not so. Many are former players or sons of, such as at least our last two.
  6. Was it a fall? Presumably he shot his way out of a bad place and is in a much better position now having done so. I've done that career wise and I'd do it again if I felt it necessary.
  7. I agree, highly talented people don't always take direction very well, particularly if they feel they know better. We've probably all blown off a boss or two at some point when it was obvious the boss had nothing to offer and was clueless (particularly middle managers). Peyton being Peyton will say the right/pc things if asked publicly, but to reach out unsolicited in support of a guy is something else.
  8. That would be a novel as opposed to an article and thus too long to post here.
  9. So he isn't a former athlete (Bowles), and he isn't here due to nepotism (Rex). He's here because he chose to live and breath football and he worked his way up from the bottom. It's a good start.
  10. Haven't gotten to the first summer under Gase, but we have a clean slate redemption thread for fans with regard to Gase.
  11. Yeah, it's called the edit function. Sam deserves a better throw on the run rating than he gets.

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