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  1. Priorities vary. For all we know he's the good looking one in his family.
  2. Such as? He was already playing corner. So he isn't a box safety who's never spent time in coverage. FS is a very different position than CB. It's generally easier. FSs are CBs who can't turn their back to the QB and play. Just as CBs are WRs that can't catch.
  3. I was actually thinking this the other night. I don't think he would have any holes in his game as a FS. I would love to see them try this out in camp.
  4. College, just like K-12, has been watered down dramatically. The bulk of students at most colleges simply jump through hoops and build up debt only to complain later that they can't find a job or pay their bills. The amount of useless degrees out there is staggering. I have a masters and work with people with their doctorate so I'm not some jealous person who knows nothing about college. Even the PHD people are often rather dim as they simply spend the time and money to placate their ego, but that doesn't equate to ability or IQ. Schools don't fail people anymore, and college teaching jobs are based on popularity (class enrollment). More and more students complain about teachers who hold them accountable. Maybe you should check out some articles about the state of K-12 education because that's where college student come from.
  5. In what world does your scenario exist? Because it isn't one based on reality. You'll notice only the Jets have spoken with AR because the market for AR is solely the Jets. If GB had other suitors for AR they'd broadcast that to generate a bidding war, but they don't have other suitors. Also, AR has the threat of retirement to serve as his no trade clause. GB has no leverage in the real world.
  6. Big name colleges aren't what they used to be. Even then they were more about rich people networking as opposed to academic greatness. The exception being the "nerds" who spent their 4+ years in a lab inventing technology while not getting invited to parties. Just listen to the older people in congress with multiple big name colleges on their resume as they aren't that bright.
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