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  1. Thanks for the PSA you heard on TV... Homemade masks, which is what I've seen most people wearing, aren't stopping anything more than large globs of spit when you cough that directly hit the mask. Whereas all the small particles that are suspended in the air and travel aren't stopped by most masks. The masks people are wearing don't create an air tight seal on your face which means you aren't stopping anything more than snot rockets and luggies.
  2. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/04/democratic-ad-twists-trumps-hoax-comment/ Trump never called the virus itself a hoax, he called the democrats politicizing of corona virus their new hoax. In fact he spoke about the corona outbreak in china in the state of the union address so clearly he didn't think it was fake. Having said that... I guess when governors, mayors, and their health teams are telling people to go out and mingle and the risk is low you get actual outbreaks. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/16/nyregion/coronavirus-bill-de-blasio.html https://abc7ny.com/new-york-city-coronaviris-coronavirus-news-update/5978615/ Clearly you must be informed and anyone who disagrees is misinformed. I know the virus is real, the response to it is what most people are questioning. Parroting your favorite news channel doesn't make you informed, in fact generally it makes you less so when you blindly depend on people spoon feeding you information without thinking critically about what they tell you.
  3. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexledsom/2020/05/10/hydroxychloroquinenumber-of-prescriptions-explode-in-france/#2fdd012c180f I guess the French aren't paying any attention to the patients for which they have prescribed large amount of prescription for hydroxychloroquine... Yes, Trump (like all politicians) does say some dumb things, absolutely no denying that. As for hydroxycholorquine I know two actual people who had corona and they were fine soon after being prescribed hydroxycholorquine in late March early April (two people is statistically insignificant yet they are fine now after taking hydroxychloroquine). As for clinical testing it goes to who do you trust? I see plenty of drugs on TV that have been tested clinically yet they, don't work very well, have nasty side effects, and were approved as effective and safe... For instance an antidepressant that may cause you erectile dysfunction or to think about suicidal thoughts (I guess clinical testing doesn't always mean what we'd like it to). Wearing masks particularly homemade masks does very little. At best they stop you from spitting on someone when you cough, but it won't stop you from inhaling anything unless you have a proper mask rated for biological contaminates which scarves and bandanas don't count as. You might as well duck and cover during a nuclear blast. Homemade masks at this point are more about virtue signaling than being safe.
  4. Well if people are outside, most people go out more when it's warm out, and are being bombarded with UV rays they are less likely to transmit it as when they cough the virus when expelled is also bombarded by UV rays and starts breaking down as opposed to everyone being inside and breathing recirculated air that may be infected for starters. A big problem right now is most people are stuck inside, previously due to it being cold in the north east but now more so because they've been told to stay indoors. Why do you think NY reports 66% of its cases are from people sheltering indoors? The big problem isn't surfaces as they are showing it doesn't transmit very well from surfaces the big problem is inhalation. I'm going out on a limb and guessing that if Trump didn't mention hydroxychloroquine and heat/sun light as making a difference most people wouldn't be taking issue with those possibilities.
  5. I think people/experts don't like to admit that they don't know things so the experts are guessing and pushing their guesses as fact. I'm sure some are blatantly disingenuous and misleading others to profit from it, but not the people actually doing the front line work, a lot of them are complaining about the loud experts too. Many of them have complained that they aren't being allowed to use meds that are working due to politics. I have no doubt that people would use a crisis for their own benefit, just look at any politician at pretty much any moment.
  6. It doesn't end... People develop an immunity to it like any other disease that doesn't just disappear. It becomes part of the norm. We develop testing and treatment and life goes on. This isn't going to have a happy ending where your favorite news channel tells you it's officially over never to be seen again. Nothing will be eradicated for good as it doesn't work like that. This is relatively normal it's just that the virus is 'new'.
  7. The NBA gets a few billion per season from the TV rights. TV rights are the only thing fueling the large guaranteed contract they have. https://www.si.com/nba/2014/10/06/new-nba-tv-deal-worth-24-billion
  8. Some of them, but not all of them. Science like religion can be manipulated to bamboozle the slow people. Scientists can be political and greedy too.
  9. Correct, and when it's warmer out people get more exposure to UV rays. I don't know why people can't figure this out other than the news pushing the end times.
  10. No it isn't the flu, but it isn't some magically fairy either. It's susceptible to ultraviolet radiation like most things. It isn't the Highlander of viruses.
  11. Exactly, and people who blindly parrot what they hear TV often know the least, but are often the loudest.
  12. Manish is your typical pat myself on the back American who isn't very good at their job which for a brief moment you wonder who they are related to or blew to get said job.
  13. Yeah, a coach that wants players that fit a system which the whole team is playing with, what a dunce... I'd much prefer signing random talented players who don't fit a scheme every year then wondering why the Jets never get better when the team has constant turnover and never plays as a team.

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