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  1. Burn them in a satanic ritual for the upcoming season. Go to the local butcher for the goat's blood. That's what a truly devoted fan would do.
  2. Why? Cole is a vet who's been playing. Mims is a second year player who got drafted in a year plagued by covid. Reps, film room, all that good stuff that rookies had less of last year. It's not a bad thing that Mims doesn't have to rush to be the guy as there is other talent on the team now.
  3. You get the pen you dress for. If Zach wanted some flamboyant feathered fountain pen he should have communicated that with his choice of clothing. Fly Guy, former Pimp of the Year, that's a guy you break out that pen for.
  4. Well, they did hire him, and then let him have one more FA and draft period knowing they were going to fire him. So there's that. If the Johnsons were telling JD to try to hold onto the money, yes, it would be their fault and it isn't convenient.
  5. Yeah, and they made a lot more, and he still held out. In fact, it seems worse to have done it back then.
  6. Revis held out as a rookie too... Did you understand then when he was unproven and accomplished absolutely nothing on an NFL level? Adams wasn't on the last year of his contract. He wanted a new one halfway through his rookie contract. Seems like semantics...
  7. You should probably wait for some actual information prior to extrapolating the worst possible scenario about his character. I doubt offset language is a concern of his since as you mentioned he isn't coming from a economically poor family.
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