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  1. Who's the cute sauced chick behind him?
  2. Yes, they should spend as they do have that Franchise QB. No, they shouldn't spend like a drunken sailor, and hamstring themselves in three years for immediate gratification headlines. Also, they have a lot of holes to fill with quality players so they can't just splurge on 2 or three guys. One could argue the entire O-line and RB stable need to be rebuilt. WRs needs a solid addition. Dline - LBs - CBs too. They have to spend smart just like they have to draft smart. How have big name acquisitions played out in the past and present? The days of having 20+ million in spare cap are over though.
  3. Embrace the Suck

    Williams and his Defensive Philosophy

    Not a flattering video for the former coach and it's no surprise he's gone.
  4. Embrace the Suck

    Williams and his Defensive Philosophy

    Not too sure about that. When Rex was with the Ravens he had stacked teams and that D was already assembled prior to his arrival. When he got to the Jets he had a team that was already decent.
  5. Embrace the Suck

    interesting piece on the chiefs from wsj

    It's a matter of people who think statically versus dynamically. Static people cling onto cliches and the past, they are slow to adapt.
  6. Embrace the Suck

    Darron Lee wants new uniforms

    He can have one if another team makes the right offer.
  7. Embrace the Suck

    We are at 1 million page views for the month

    When do we start the profit sharing?
  8. I'd coach college get some experience being the head honcho and go from there.
  9. Embrace the Suck

    Congratulations to Chris Herndon

    This transcends coffee in hand's draft record. Mitchell, Brady, Becht ect ect...
  10. Embrace the Suck

    Congratulations to Chris Herndon

    Jets rookie TE making the rookie team. Pretty sweet considering the history of the next big thing at TE for the Jets the last 30 years.
  11. Embrace the Suck

    DC Williams... IT"S OFFICIAL

    Oh yeah, I forgot about bounty gate. I like this hire more and more. The man has an undeniable, we'll call it passion, for defense. Can't Wait!
  12. The Pats*, degenerates as they are you can't argue with results aside from some controversy of which I'm sure their fans lose no sleep.
  13. I like it. Does that behavior remind anyone of any other coach or team?

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