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  1. It has felt as if he's on every night this year and he never stops yapping. If he talked less he'd be better.
  2. Jets win, but only because they're out of the playoffs and they get a lower pick. Ravens look themselves in the mirror for losing to the Jets and stomp their way to the super bowl.
  3. Yup, and if you take away the Sam mono the Jets might be in the playoff race. This off season will be very telling with regard to whether the coaches and gm have a clue. If they build up the oline as well as some quality depth in general they could easily be a playoff team next year. Sam has been brilliant at times and is coach-able. When Sam has struggled you've often seen worse than usual line play. Gase will be on the hot seat, in the eyes of those who matter, next year if they aren't strong out of the gate.
  4. A mediocre non impact player that wants top tier money. Shocked I say, shocked. Glad they sold that ticket when the opportunity was there. Normally the Jets would give LW franchise QB money then get burned.
  5. Love your enthusiasm! Honest question... Is Lamar sitting out the game?
  6. If you aren't cheating you aren't trying. I only hate them due to them* being rivals.
  7. Except when a win costs you three 2nds to get into a better draft position to draft a player you want. Or just about any other time the draft is around and the Jets are under .500.
  8. Jerry Jones is pissed and will look to make a splash in the off season. He'll make a play for Adams if he becomes available and more teams will sniff around too as he isn't a washed up scrub.
  9. Yeah, Gase must have tampered with Tanny's ACL two years in a row when Tanny wasn't looking. Then messed up his shoulder the following year.
  10. No, I'm not. His salary was less than people thought he would get and when traded his bonuses will accelerate so he will cost less to the next team.
  11. Gase won with Tannehill at QB. The problem was Tannehill was generally injured. It's not a secret.
  12. No, it isn't laughable because he's an established young star player and teams know the Jets' oline is subpar at best. He'll have takers if the Jets are looking to move him. So yeah, context...

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