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  1. That's a good sign. Saleh is ready and willing to play the young guys, knows there will be some growing pains as he alluded to, but understands the benefits of getting through those growing pains and developing the players (something some people on the board have dismissed as a HC's responsibility in the past). His charisma should go far in helping that process as he calms the team, the fans, and the owners with his words of wisdom week by week.
  2. I don't think they would care, yet. However, a knock off Brady Bucs jersey might draw some colorful emotion during that game.
  3. So the Jets are starting 1-0 this season, sweet.
  4. Currently there is nothing to judge but potential, as I stated previously, due to them having just been drafted. Who had a bigger impact on the team? Abe or Mangold?
  5. By a mile. Chad was good, but had an average arm even prior to the injury. Becht, so yeah moving forward. Ellis, was solid nothing spectacular. Abe made splash plays, but was often a liability against the run as he was always rushing hard up field and guys would run right past him as he took himself out of the play (liked him better as a 3-4 rush LB). Of course trading Abe got the Jets Mangold, so there's that. On paper, based solely on potential, this quartet should be much better or rather impactful. A QB with a big arm that is very mobile and may have the Rain-Man thing going for him.
  6. For once the coach and GM have their ships sailing in the same direction. When you don't have opposing forces with different visions or intent jockeying for position you can start getting stuff done properly. Instead of some piecemeal "you get a pick now I get a pick" BS during the draft.
  7. I understand that. I was just adding context to the accuracy of scouting grades as you provided one as a show that Sam still has potential. He could potentially do very well with Carolina as he wasn't provided much here.
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